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  1. seems like a great addition to the lineup hoping to get to the park next week and check it out
  2. Did they say how many trains it will run? IM sure they will have at least 3 or four for the amount of riders this attraction will have
  3. Any updates on Infinity Falls, I haven't heard much about it, Park says opening spring but news channels in Orlando now say summer
  4. I was wondering the same thing about hulk, I know its one of the main attactions at IOA but I was there last week and the headlights were out on 2 trains and the speakers on my train sounded like the speaker box had blown and was distorted
  5. Anyone heard anything about Christmas town tickets for the park it seems very late for busch gardens not to offer a discount on tickets for this event for passholders last year end of july I snagged a good deal and even going to the site now nothing is showing yet
  6. I know its been in the thread but how long does it take to get from LA attractions downtown to Magic mountain on a normal day? In the process of scheduling a spring trip but ive heard mixed stories on the LA traffic Weekdays/Weekends
  7. Apollos chariot on 3 train operation stacking breaks bite hard
  8. Apollos Chariot in 3 train operation when stacking
  9. They may also being doing the maze in darkastle while they do refurb on the other parts of the ride I love this attraction but maybe a little bit of TLC on paint and what not would be a good thing or maybe it will be open for Christmastown this year
  10. They have also added a huge flat screen tv in the station to show the loading time and all seats locked red and green was there on Saturday and 3 train dispatches were under 45 seconds using the new screen helps the people boarding but also the ops to move faster
  11. I think a wing-coaster would be a good addition to the park, they have most type of rides now so they could use the new coaster for the new land/country
  12. Did anyone else get an email about a dining plan for busch gardens for $80.00 until august 31st I says 1 entrée a side and drink for $80.00 doesn't seem like a good deal like cedar fair or six flags
  13. Anyone have an information on the 3rd magnum train, I have been to the park over the past month and 3rd train is always on the transfer, I have yet to see 3 train operation and normally magnum doesn't really have a line but recently seems to be longer and longer
  14. Apollos Chariot bites hard if in 3 Train Operation another was shockwave and of course sidewinder
  15. I have been a dining pass member since the first year I live close to SFA prob 20mins or so, I often go 1-2times per week for the water park and the meal I have used each lunch and dinner + snack since march. I see some people who only use lunch credit often not getting the full benefit of the program.
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