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  1. I passed on at least two of those S&S slingshot upcharges (VertigGo, Thrill Shot) while they were still operating. Anyone here have the chance to ride one? I'm a sucker for slingshots now, so I regret not trying these at least once -- alarming tower collapse at Cedar Point aside.
  2. It's not one ride, but as someone who nauseates easily, hang-time becoming a praised, deliberate coaster feature stinks for me. I also think it's just less fun than ripping through inversions -- there's a reason people miss the pace of old B&Ms. When lumbering slowly upside-down is the point, I wish the whole idea would stay in the realm of wacky flat rides. Yes, RMC stalls are cool-looking, and at least they're change-ups on otherwise relentless layouts, but your jojo rolls, wing coasters, slow Gerstauler loops -- no thank you.
  3. Crazy! I both love this and don't think that I'd stomach it -- I get dizzy just watching a Time Traveler pov. I'm glad that parks are biting on this design and having Mack develop original layouts, too. Very creative. I'm calling it that Cedar Point is quietly taking notes.
  4. Awesome report, it makes me want to go right back. I also missed out on Maverick (and a bunch other stuff on a HalloWeekends Friday), but these pics remind me of what a great time I had anyway. Love that Corkscrew simple triangle graphic!
  5. Iron Dragon has Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth presented by Snickers written all over it. Kidding aside, I've had a good time at Six Flags parks lately, but under no circumstances do I want Cedar Point or Knott's in particular to be touched by anyone. And in my books, Peanuts > Bugs.
  6. A Copperhead Strike-like coaster with airtime and a few inversions would look good there down the road. Well that's one less iconic "clackety-clack" Arrow in existence, but I admit that my rides on Vortex were brutal. Once in a while I can find a seat that's not so bad on those old Arrows, but I had no such luck with Vortex. Some of these bigger parks have been doing a purge and/or retool of their lineups in recent years, and I don't altogether mind it. It's sad to see classic-ish coasters go, but if the goal is for riders to have fun while these coasters cost money and cause pain, I'm no
  7. I don't know, I think Steel Vengeance is the most beautiful-looking coaster I've ever seen -- especially at night. I understand where you're coming from with the B&Ms looking good, though. I'm sure Orion will look great. I didn't ride Steel Vengeance opening year because of its one-train ops, and then it was removed from Fast Lane Plus for a time, and finally because the weather forecast was awful over three straight weekends near the end of the season and I ended up not going. Sometimes it's a lot of little things that aren't the fault of a ride's visual presentation.
  8. Having seen POVs, I braced myself a little bit in anticipation of those moments, but to my surprise they barely registered with my body. The elements might feel different when sitting on the ends of the train, but my middle-ish rides were extremely smooth and jolt-free. The trains also contoured my shoulders pretty well, so I didn't get a whole lot of laterals. Everything was just comfortable. Who knows, perhaps after being the wrong size for lots of Arrow loopers growing up, I'm finally just the right size for a coaster seat. In contrast, while I still love Raptor, that snap into the brak
  9. I was also at the park yesterday evening, which included my first Steel Vengeance rides! Some quick hits: Steel Vengeance: Relentless, imposing, so smooth, and such a wild, fun blur of an experience. The airtime over the first two big hills (the top hat and outer-banked hill) felt like pure flying through the air and had me laughing hysterically. The airtime is bananas. There's so much happening so rapidly that it's difficult to recall individual moments. The first drop, which would be the signature of most rides, is just one part of a larger ensemble that defies clear recall. The whole c
  10. Yes. Yep, plenty of people still prefer MF, and I'm sure Maverick and even Magnum have their fans. "Does the most stuff" doesn't automatically mean the consensus best, but Steel Vengeance deserves to be up there and it is. The ones that get me are the ho-hum B&Ms that float strangely up the rankings, even beyond the really good B&Ms.
  11. I had a good time at the park this past week (my first visit in several years), and here are some of my quick thoughts & a few pics: -- Ride of Steel remains one of my favorite coasters. I thought it was underrated when I rode it years ago and still feel the same. Even with the long straightaway and helix-heavy layout, I'm just laughing and enjoying the whole ride through. I had more pure fun on this than on other noteworthy coasters like Fury and Phantom's Revenge, and that's high praise for Ride of Steel rather than a knock on those also-great rides. The front seat is particularly e
  12. I went to Waldameer last weekend with gorgeous weather, and predictably it was the most crowded I've ever seen the park. I parked so far back that I didn't even know that that part of the parking lot existed. Good for the park, but good lord if you (like me) wanted to go in for an hour and ride three or four rides before heading to Presque Isle. Earlier this summer a TPR member reported that his Ravine Flyer rides were rough and gave him a headache, etc. Some of us rushed to defend to the coaster's greatness, and I agree that it's a fantastic coaster, but I'll say that my latest rides were
  13. 1) Millennium Force 2) Top Thrill Dragster 3) Raptor 4) Maverick 5) Magnum 6) Valravn 7) Wicked Twister 8) Gemini 9) Iron Dragon 10) Rougarou 11) Gatekeeper 12) Blue Streak 13) Cedar Creek Mine Ride 14) Woodstock Express 15) Corkscrew 16) Wilderness Run I'll see about Steel Vengeance soon! I have lots of anticipation for it, and I'll re-edit my post once I ride it. Funny thing is, I might enjoy Maverick the most on a given visit, have a bad-violent ride on Magnum, think that Millennium Force seems a little ho-hum, etc., but over time, this ^ is generally how I regard them.
  14. I didn't say anything amid the excitement over so many new additions, but I've felt that the park seems off in some way -- it reminds me of a model train village with odd props from college parade floats & Oktoberfest scraps. No matter how colorful the park gets, it looks artificial somehow. Tree growth will certainly help, but I hope the park pauses construction to catch its breath at some point -- Six Flags proved that adding five coasters in two years isn't the recipe for the world's best parks.
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