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  1. At least Iam not going crazy. My friends are all acting like its normal to do so. People can do what they want I guess.The only time I have seen a staff member ask someone to do so is when people just simply dont tie them or they are slip ons. but heres what gets me. If you convenient enough to drop your shoes before a ride why not a your cellphone and other stuff too? I would be worried about losing those too. If you remove your shoes on these rides is it because your concerned for the safety of others or comfort or the fact alot of people do it?
  2. In this year's trips I had noticed that alot of people would remove their shoes (besides flip flops) on rides without footing. Only two years ago it would be a few people here and there. My friends barked at me to do so on drop zone and I cant figure that compulsiveness. Is this really becoming more common?
  3. What was Your favorite rock show at a theme park?
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