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  1. yeah it is very nicely themed but I liked busch gardens Africa theming better..
  2. Yeah I know what you mean, he's in plain open and you notice him when you pass and your like "wow" but you don't take a picture.
  3. Thanks, I passed by the Hummel boy three times yet I never thought to take a picture.
  4. My bad I'm still learning the culture of TPR and I haven't gotten everything down yet.
  5. Thanks I had to do it over twice because my computer froze and then I accidently deleted it. I am also sorry I did not get a picture of the Hummel boy.
  6. A week ago me and my family went to Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg Virginia. I was weary at first of going because I thought they would dwell less on rides and more on theming. I was ignorant of the rides that Busch Gardens offered and let god smite me down if I do it again. I had a great time at BGE and the theming was great. Each section of the park is split in to a different Europe country and they all have a lot of work put into them. I liked Italy the best with it's winding streets but Germany was also very nice. I also reccomend the Cornbeef sandwich in Ireland it was good. The rides were also awsome and now I will review them. All the rides were open but I didn't go on most of the flat rides. Apollo's Chariot: This was my first ride upon entering the park and it was great, the first drop was awesome and the turns were great. My only problems were that it used the brake to much near the end. I also love the lap bars on these kinds of coasters. 8.5/10 Escape from Pompeii: This ride disappointed me because I thought there would be more than one drop. The ride is also pretty short even for a water ride. The special effects were brilliant though so it's worth going on and the last drop is okay. The theming for it is also really good. 7.5/10 Curse of DarKastle: This ride was awesome and the special effects were so real. The theming for the castle is good but I felt they could have added more on the inside. The special effects blew me away, I was ducking every time something came at me. The coaster aspect of the ride is good to with the spins and dips. the lines get really long in the afternoon though. 9/10 Alpengeist: This was my favorite ride in the park and I rode it six or seven times because the line was short all day. The theming was also good and they had a lot of it on the roller coaster path. The g-force on the first drop is also pretty intense but it adds to the coaster. 9.5/10 Griffon: The first drop of Griffon is pure airtime ecstasy. Griffon is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The g-forces were really heavy but I didn't care. Griffon is a little short though I would have liked it to be longer but I was still pleased. I was not pleased at the hour line so I only went on twice. 9.5/10 Corkscrew Hill: I didn't like this ride very much because the story had a crap plot and the characters are idiots. I also did like the fact that the seats only jiggled and did not actually move on a track.They also put you through 3 rooms explaining the plot until you get to the ride. 6.5/10 Loch Ness Monster: This ride was very rough and I had a headache afterward which did not improve until we left. The hills are rubbish and they use the brake every five feet. The only good part of this ride was the cave. 7/10 Big Bad Wolf: This ride blew me away. After riding the Loch Ness Monster I thought this would be another rough ride but I was wrong. The last drop is spectacular and the town is well themed. I also thought the ride could have dwelled a bit more on the "werewolf" but I was pleased. 9/10 Roman Rapids: This is not a Dan approved ride, you get very wet very fast. The ride is only 4 minutes long yet it accomplishes a lot in getting you soaked. Overall there is a nice Roman theming and the rapids are great. 8/10 Major wetness There's a bonding moment when you get soaked with strangers I am a poor wretch with 1 picture of Big Bad Wolf and no pictures of Apollo's Chariot This sign is cool too more Alpengeist My first step to becoming a coaster whore I had a ski accident If there was a signature shot I think it would be this one. Looks painful I am Loch Ness Monster and I will eat you... I will not eat you but I will give you a mild headache You cannot fualt Irelands excellent theming for a bad ride Why is there a random hand comng out of the ride? More Griffon teetering on the edge Mid-fall Yes it's Griffon! Could it be? Legs kicking wildly I like this shot's twists with Griffon in the background AlpenGeist goodness two rides in the park with werewolves involved Nice Kastle Nice signage I really liked the entrance for Apollo's chariot for some reason More plaza I really liked the inventors plaza in Italy At the ticket booth it looks like BGE is already preparing for halloween Apollo's Chariot from the parking lot
  7. I start September 4th for my first year of High school. I don't even know my schedule yet. I think they reveal it the day we go to make it "mysterious". All you guys are complaining how you go to school in August well you guys get out next summer a month before we do...
  8. Yeah I mean Great Adventure not Great Escape. I always confuse those two sorry . Great Adventure is actually closer to where I live than Great Escape.
  9. Also I'm not going to waste space for a new topic but could some one know the new jersy transit number. I'm trying to take a bus from New York to Six Flags Great Escape in Jackson NJ. The transit site is frigging impossible to navigate.
  10. Yeah I can see why the one mistake is bugging you so much becuase everything else is brilliant.
  11. Wow that sucks you lost all your hard work, do you have any links to the pics?
  12. Because there are too many jelly enthusiasts. Does red bull really give you wings?
  13. Excellent you pulled the park out of becoming a idea that fades away. Good luck to Tiaga.
  14. Oh sorry I wasn't exactly sure which section this topic should go in how would I change it? And yeah most of the rides were a little unrealistic but the ideas behind them were pretty cool. I personally liked the horse drawn carriage coaster. If someone made a RCT version of the park it would be pretty cool.
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