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  1. Divv, I don't want to sound like a prick, lol , but Tampere isn't smack in the middle of Finland, Anyway...this goes without saying... but I really had an awesome time with you all for the few days I could join, sure I had met about a dozen of you before, but still got a warm welcome from the rest of the group and had lots of fun ! Oh and for the record there are 5 Irish Pubs in Helsinki, but Molly Malone's is the best hands down.
  2. Särkänniemi is getting a "Moto Coaster" to replace the old Vekoma Corkscrew for next season. In the newsarticle below, they say that there aren't any smiliar "Moto coasters" in Europe yet. The trains are like the one in the picture. Article including a video of the ride
  3. ^That is a shame... +1, Flamingoland is the only 'major' UK park I haven't visited yet. This is going to be a bit embarrassing, but I remember when I first heard that a coaster called Mumbo Jumbo will open at Flamingoland, I thought :-"ok, a small kiddie one", and never looked on the construction etc. so this was the first time I saw the coaster, quite a suprise! lol. And, yay for Snacky snack snack...
  4. Here you go with a translation of the Finnish parts: -For most people two coasters is enough. Today an American group of roller coaster fans, for whom nothing is enough, came to Linnanmäki. Some of them have sat on a coaster for a year altogether. Robb Alvey is the founder of the internet site TPR. For his group the aim is simply to shout on roller coasters. There are members from Australia to Scandinavia. Now we will look what the man is made of. Usually people clench hard on to the rails/restraints, but what does a professional do when he gets an easily breakable egg into his hand? The egg and the man started the ride with good self-confidence but did the egg explode? The roller coaster fanatic is of course proud of what he does, but not all of the youngest riders (refering to the kid) understand the play of big men. Kid:-It's a bit strange and funny to hear that they are just riding around on coasters. Reporter:-Do you think it's because they don't have anything better to do? Kid:-Exactly. Newsreader 1: -I really think Jesse is a bit jealous. Newsreader 2:- Hmm.. yeah, but I guess he's had his own share. ... I have to add a big thank you for everyone on the trip, sure I had seen about more than a dozen of you before, but still overall I really felt very welcome quickly and like being nicely part of the group, also had some good fun, which was truly great , considering I only could be around for 2.5 days.
  5. My first guess has already been done, so I'll go for Larry. Thanks for the update Big Mike! Haha, that looks like great fun! It's weird to see you guys on Viking Line as I've been on the same ferry so many times! See you guys within a day !
  6. That looks nice, thanks for the photos! I so would like to try a bigger Booster ride. I wish the fair had been there 3 weeks ago, when I was in Antwerp for 2 days : (. Also I thought Adios Motherf**ker was only a big blue drink with much alcohol and not a shot.
  7. The Future Sounds of London - Spineless Jelly
  8. Congrats Big Mike!! The trip is looking great, it's nice to see so many people having fun, of course it would be great to be on it (although I have over 75% of the credits). I miss Copenhagen, was 5 years ago since last time. Also, it's really a privilege to get updates so fast, while your on the trip, thank you! Well, you can get Magnum bars about anywhere in Europe, from: Estonia to Austria to Portugal etc and anything between.
  9. ^That is no wonder because, unfortunately there aren't any stops very close to the park. The closest train station is Kauhava which is about 27 km away from the park. It's easy in the way that there are quite many direct trains to Kauhava. But getting from there to PowerPark is quite difficult. Train site You can travel about 24 km by bus which apparently goes only once a day to Alahärmä which is only about (yeah you guessed it) 3 km away from the park. Or you could take a taxi for the ~27 km, but taxis are expensive in Finland, that would cost over 35-40 € one way I think. So it's quite complicated I'm afraid.
  10. Great TR! Even if i've seen the King kong ride before, still it's so pointless yet awesome because of it. It looked like you all had fun which is always nice! This is a bit weird, but Bobbejaanland looks better everytime I see a new update of it, dunno why really, lol. Also, I'm going to Antwerpen and Brussels after 9 days, mght hopefully visit the park or Walibi Belgium (haven't decided which one yet).
  11. The only one would be Corkscrew at Alton Towers. La Via Volta at Walibi World is still SBNO (after almost 2 years), so that could be 'my' 2nd to 'be gone'.
  12. Darn, there goes one credit that I have, but you didn't Really though, Thanks for the update! Lisbon is great and it's cool that you could conveniently get one of Portugal's very few credits 'on' the cruise. I thought 'Amoreiras' shopping center (also in Lisbon) is bigger, at least it has more stores, Colombo is much nicer though, and anything with a credit wins hands down.
  13. My homepark is Linnanmäki, I go there none-once a year, a wristband costs 35€ (except for the halfprice day and the 'light week'), which is really too expensive considering what you get imo.
  14. Yeah, over here they also demand people to wear them because of "hygiene reasons" (like I said before). I guess that one possibility why that is so, is that they prefer you to wear something else when you go swimming, than e.g. the same shorts you might wear in your everyday life, as those could 'bring something' into the water.
  15. ^yeah, and in most "swimming halls" at least in Finland you have to wear 'speedos', mind you, you can also wear 'water shorts' etc. (for hygien purposes.), which look much nicer. I guess what you mean by 'speedos' is the general 'briefs' type of swimwear (as Speedo is a manufacturer and makes lots of other swim related products), and yes I can see why that would be funny in some cases, but as I'm used to seeing them, personally I don't find them that funny, well except in some cases, as the one pictured above, lol.
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