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  1. Disneyandmore just posted some jaw-dropping concept art for this project. Will be interesting to see how much of it makes the final cut, if the park ever open at all.
  2. Just curious...I have never heard of any reference to "The Society" before. Who are you talking about? Is that another nickname for WDI or is that Disney management? Thanks It's actually just the backstory to TDS, but it does sound promising for possible new unique attractions based on these great storylines that any Disney fan would rather see them build: http://blueskydisney.blogspot.com/2009/09/hidden-sea.html Hey it could be a lot worst, let's just be thankful they didn't go with High School Musicaland or Hanna Montanamountain or something!
  3. ^ Yeah and it sucks, but unfortunately that's the only way Imagineering can get a lot of these projects green lit. The subs wouldn't ever have reopened unless there was a Nemo tie-in, the funds for the Small World rehab could only be justified if they could stick characters in to sell plush at the exit, etc. At least the new E-tickets going into HK and S.E.A. give me a glimmer of hope that things are changing and we'll hopefully see some stateside attractions from The Society soon.
  4. What they did for GhostRider (granted that was planned by the Knott family) would more than suffice. I refuse to believe that it was impossible to combine a thrilling ride with a theme to "blend" in with KBF. Can also just look to Busch, DW or SDC for perfect examples of how to blend them in without ruining what's already there. Unfortunately it requires CF to give a crap about what's already there, which they obviously don't.
  5. For those wondering why Cars: Since it's debut, the Cars franchise alone to date has generated $5 BILLION DOLLARS in sales for the Disney Consumer Products division. $5 BILLION!! It's become for boys what the Disney Princess franchise has become for girls. With Cars2 out in 2011 and Carsland in 2012, merchandise sales alone will no doubt keep Disney's pockets padded for years. Not that I personally agree with using this as a basis for new additions. Also wish more unique big budget immersive attractions, like those in Tokyo and soon in HK, would get green lit here without having to have a movie tie-in. But the reality is, Disney's a business and if that's what it took for Anaheim to get the green light for the largest ride ever built by Disney and it's first big budget E-ticket in 17yrs**, then so be it! **Sorry, don't count the half-arsed TOT or anything else at DCA a true Disney E-ticket.
  6. Even if I end up riding this first, Journey will always be on my "before I die" list. Not expecting it to be better than Journey either, but it'll be cool to have another big budget E-ticket nearby, just glad to see actual progress on it.
  7. Yaa, just sent my deposit for the Europe trip! Thanks to you Robb and Elissa, I'll finally be able to cross off 3, possibly 4 "before I die" things on my list! (Katun, Expedition GeForce and Europa Park). Can't wait!!
  8. ^ Or they could just plop a Zac Spin or El Loco on the opposite side of the park for craps sake! There are always other options and workarounds for any obstacle, just don't expect any from CF (just like with Paramount). Cause then CF wouldn't have any excuses anymore for adding any significant hardware to a park they would rather just unload than invest in. Like I said when CF very first prematurely announced an un-approved new woodie with no prior approvals whatsoever to actually build it, was nothing more than a ploy to jack up the asking price of a park they had just barely put up for sale.
  9. Confirmed, Opening May 2010. I guess this is what they consider theming:
  10. Holy crap!! Those poor people, the kid looked scared enough already, then to have this happen! Hope everyone is ok. As in past cable snaps, looks like there may have been metal shards flying around, could be what hit them. Can't believe Intamin hasn't done something yet to protect riders from the metal shards when these cable snap, since it happens so frequently, and most likely will continue to happen.
  11. ^^ Yeah sad, obviously thrown together when the Chinese government rejected this incredible version of POTC that was suppose to go in that spot. Was apparently too expensive for them so they settled for the cheaper Toy Story thing. ^ After seeing this updated ride description and stunning artwork for Mystic Point/Manor have to agree, sounds like another kick arse state of the art Disney dark ride adventure.
  12. ^ That early concept was more along the lines of the small FL dark rides, whereas the updated versions going into DCA and MK are $100 million dollar major E-Ticket attractions! Suppose to be along the lines of a Haunted Mansion, big-budget special-efx animatronic-filled extravaganzas. One of the more impressive efx will be Ariel's animatronic hair, just to give it the convincing effect of being underwater. Can't wait to see the giant animatronic Ursula! Here's some beautiful hi-res pics of all the newness coming to the MK.
  13. The WOC presentation was pretty impressive too. People truly will be picking their jaws up off the floor when this thing opens next year. If this were true, then DL wouldn't be able to get away with just 4 sit down non-looping steel coasters. It's all in the theming, you gotta admit all 4 offer a completely different experience despite all being the same ride type. So bring on RRC, just no VeComas!!
  14. Weird, SFDK has been doing these for years now (ours is Sept. 18th), I assumed the rest of the chain held these events too. Better late than never, I'd guess this will most likely become a new annual SP perk at SFMM.
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