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  1. We were doing some house cleaning at the CoasterDynamix warehouse and found some things that may interest fellow coaster enthusiasts, so we thought we'd put them up for sale! We even have some models that were actually used in the parks (Alpengeist and Griffon models) available here.
  2. We wanted to show you guys what we were up to this year at IAAPA so I figured this would be as good a place as any to post. We are happy to say that the Statix line from CoasterDynamix won First Place for best new merchandise! We also had new PTC, Intamin, and B&M Hyper models to show, as well as our representation of a Griffon model. The overall interest was very positive from the parks in the Statix line, and hopefully you will see more models in more parks in the not to distant future! Enjoy the pics.
  3. Just thought I would put up some pics of our custom Griffon model that will be with us at IAAPA. Stop by and check it out if you happen to be down there!
  4. Here are some final pics of the product right before we shipped to Busch. Enjoy!
  5. We thought that we would keep the interest in these high as they will be coming shortly! Check out some of the upcoming statix models that will be available soon (sorry for the mark ups from our supplier!)
  6. Right now we are currently boxing/assembling/shipping these to Busch Gardens and they should be there soon! Don't want to say a specific date b/c personally we don't want to get flamed for not meeting it for something that is out of our hands! As for the term static, we just mean that this model, while it will have plastic wheels and will roll, will not have steel wheels, thus won't have the same coefficient of friction as our steel wheels. Thus, if you wanted them to run on your Coaster Dynamix kit, you would need to buy a wheel replacement kit. We are really marketing this as a desktop collectable sorta thing!
  7. You will be able to invert the scorpion track for the dive/floorless trains, however the Statix line will be sold as just that, static models. We will however offer a metal wheel kit that will allow them to be used on the scorpion system. We are also working on a new floorless/dive kit that will be easier to assemble and less expensive than our scorpion system!
  8. We are indeed going to release a floorless model. The pic below is just a prototype and not in any coaster specific colors, but we thought we would go ahead and let you guys see them! The selection of B&M style trains was decided as it is the style of our current roller coaster modeling system, the Scorpion!
  9. Hello guys and gals, We are about to release our new line of scale B&M style static models and thought we would post to get some buzz in the coaster community. This new line, Statix, will be available soon starting with Busch Gardens Europe, with more parks to follow. Griffon and Alpengeist models will be the initial models available for about $20! These coasters will be compatible with our Scorpion and Dragon modeling kits, so now you will be able to recreate some of your favorite coaster models with accurately represented trains. The Statix line will be available in the park(s) as well as through their websites ASAP. Check out some shots of both the Griffon and Alpengeist models! Griffon Alpengeist
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