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  1. Thanks for your detailed review! Are they expecting to have the coaster open until Memorial Day, we might visit the park in mid June so I hope they have it ready? I asked them if the plan was to have it opened for Memorial Day weekend and they said yes, but also that since it is such a large amount of construction between the coaster, the main entrance, and all the shops, etc that the weather this summer and especially this upcoming winter will factor into the opening majorly.
  2. Hersheypark has always been pretty unique for an American theme park, with theming, shopping, and restaurants starting before you even are admitted into the park. With the announcement last year that the park entrance will be expanding and changing into Chocolatetown, this will make the park even more unique, as Chocolatetown will be open year round with some food and shopping open year round. But the biggest change hinted at was the giant hypercoaster teased as the cornerstone of this expansion. Today they finally announced more about the park's new for 2020 "15th" coaster and I had a chance to attend the ceremony, so let's check it out, shall we? Checking in! The announcement started off in Music Box Theater with a video showing POV of all of Hershey's current coasters Including some favorite coasters The park's most intense coaster There are far more important things in the world right now than determining if this is in fact a coaster. I like the ride, especially during these humid summer months Next up, the moment we've all been waiting for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts President and CEO, John Lawn takes the podium And Candymonium ensues! The park entrance will be forever changed in 2020 This will be the fastest coaster in the park, just beating out Sky Rush It will also be the longest coaster in the park, and last 2 minutes and 26 seconds More stats on the coaster Here's a pretty good look at the ride's layout. You can see Sky Rush's far turn on the left After the announcement, candy and Candymonium themed milkshakes! We're looking forward to another hypercoaster at Hersheypark in 2020. Afterwards, a quick couple of rides on some of the park's current coasters. Amazing how low the creek is, considering all the rain we've been having lately. (this will probably be flooded again soon, stupid weather) And to end our brief time at Hersheypark, a ride on Storm Runner, because the soft restraints were one of the best things Hershey ever did to a great ride
  3. Today The Joker had its media preview briefly before the Clown Prince of Crime decided he was done cooperating for the day. I was only fortunate enough to get one ride on it before it ran into issues with the dampeners being too loose, allowing a car to swing up above the standard zone going into the station and preventing the ride from correcting itself to vertical for disembarking, but that issue should be fixed soon. That one ride (green rail, facing forward) was quite enjoyable and fun with some good G forces in the 6 "inversions" we experienced. It's very similar to Batman at Fiesta Texas which I rode last year, though the fin placement on this one did seem different. I didn't get to ride the purple rail, but it did appear to have different fun placement from the green, and therefore would be a different ride experience, so ride both sides when you visit. As the first free spinning 4D on the East Coast, it's a great addition to the park's already impressive assortment of coasters and will continue to bring both fear and pleasure to all who face the challenge. Onto pics... Back at Six Flags Great Adventure, where just the view from the parking lot screams "yes, we have roller coasters!" Now that we've stuffed ourselves with food and sweets, let the opening ceremonies begin! Hey look kids, it's Joe Piscopo! Joe Piscopo is the spokesman for the Boys and Girls Clubs in New Jersey. Some of their shining stars were the first to take on The Joker ...And Joker takes on its first riders "Love that Joker kettle corn" The reason we're here! Oreo chocolate mousse fit for Mr J Some very Jokeresque dessert options Before we flip, we slide! Time to open tbat gift from Mr J Normally I shy away from opening any presents from deranged psychopaths, yet alone ones with plungers, but what do I know! Thanks for having us out today, Joker and Six Flags Great Adventure. Can't wait to come back and ride your new coaster again soon! Warning sign and restrictions. No fanny packs or glasses (even with a strap) allowed A look at Joker's trains Joker makes his base of operations at the former site of the dolphin stadium Great weather for flipping in Jersey By this point everyone should have enough Joker Toxin in them to not stop laughing The purple and green confetti goes flying... About 3/4 of the way through the queue there is a single Rider split off. There's also a separate Flashpass entrance that will meet with the regular queue right before the split between the green rail and the purple rail Flipping good time! Very comfy restraints make this 4D sensation even more enjoyable
  4. I know Twister is getting old and outdated, but this doesn't interest me at all and I actually watch The Tonight Show every once in a while. I'd much rather them do something with the space like bring back the Ghostbusters show there with the new cast or some other newer movie that will appeal to a wider variety of people. Was this pitched as a joke and some higher up didn't realize it?? And what about Bill Paxton, where will he go, what will he do, and how will we remember who he is!
  5. That Blue Fall picture of the Crouse family NEEDS to be their Christmas card photo!
  6. I unlocked Deanna a few days ago, and am fairly close to getting Starfleet Lois, though I need lots of bags of Felicium. I don't think I'll luck out and be able to get Skimpy Sarong Herbert from Cespoolus without also having Lois free to go on the mission. Locutus is coming along nicely, but I may have to start focusing on trying to get more phaser crystals. Also just got Starfleet level 5, which 2 days to go before the next Warp Core level is released, which you need to be Starfleet level 6 to obtain. Yet I still haven't gotten that transporter quest to pop up.
  7. Hersheypark claims via their Facebook page that they'll announce the opening date of Laff Trakk in a few weeks along with all their summer plans, probably shortly after their Springtime in the Park event concludes next weekend. Hershey is usually really good about getting their coasters opened by Memorial Day weekend, so I would hope this would be completed and opened by your visit in June. I'm quite excited about the Whoopie Pies and Moe's (I wonder if there will be a line)
  8. #949 was Firechaser Express at Dollywood. #950 will most likely be Impulse at Knoebels.
  9. Time for my review of Fury 325 after 3 rides today! Fury 325 was my 945th different coaster ridden and definitely changes the skyline of Carowinds forever. The new entrance right now seems very Cedar Fair-ish, lots of white cement and open spaces with no shade, but a giant hulking roller coaster all up in your face from the moment you park your car and walk in. So now Carowinds not only greets you at the south entrance with a B&M, they also do so at the north entrance. The ride itself sits back where the skycoaster used to be, near Hurler and the diner. Fastlane and regular entrances exist, and no loose articles are permitted on the ride and there were no bins present in the station, all things must be secured in zippered pockets or in the lockers just outside the ride next to The Hive gift shop at the ride exit. No additional queue exits for guests wishing to wait for the front row. The lift seems to move fairly well until the train reaches the top, offering ample time to check out the views of the park, planes taking off from the airport, and downtown Charlotte in the distance. The first drop is nice and long, though I felt it was a bit weaker than even other B&Ms like Apollo's Chariot or Nitro. The next sequence of turns, curves, and dips set up the sensation of speed you'd expect. To me, the banked turn over the park's entry didn't really do much and I really think they should have gone with an overbank or something. The far turn and dive below the entry plaza is great, and provides that extra push of speed before heading on to the bunny hills...until the trim grabs the train, more felt in the back. I wouldn't classify the airtime as normal floater, nor is it ejector, it's more like sustained floater, but it's good and gives the ride something else beside the speed and a bunch of turns. The helix doesn't really have much in terms of positive G's, but is a nice way to kill some of the speed instead of just slamming into the brakes. The final hills offer the same sustained floater air and make the ride seem more complete than Leviathan. It's a decent, fun coaster that is easy to enjoy, but it may not scratch all of your adrenaline itch. I would rank it somewhere around 90-100 in my rankings, which would still put it in the B range of rides. It's better than Leviathan, but I prefer the other Gigacoasters to this, as well as several B&M hypers. I wasn't disappointed in my 600 mile drive to ride it, nor was I blown away to the point of planning to do the drive on a monthly basis or move to Charlotte or get a timeshare or something like that. It's a ride that the seasoned rider could expect B&M to make these days just by looking at the computer animations and POVs, more of the same old cold and calculated B&M that doesn't do anything really unique and different, but it's also something that the general public can eat up, tolerate, and reride. In the long run, that's really all we can hope the ride does, attract the masses and raise their levels so we can get crazier coasters for years to come. Looks like Carowinds is already planning next year's investment, announcement coming in August and it will make a splash and keep Carowinds rolling along (or something like that). I'm calling Aquatrax!
  10. Definitely taking some time to collect all this plutonium for the blimp, grabbing enough for Prehistoric Era now. It's actually getting kind of boring only having 3 people required to collect them, though it does give me more time to focus on Simpsons and do stupid stuff in Quahog until the Star Trek event starts next Thursday. There is no drought monitor in Quahog right now!
  11. After you get Hot Meg, use all your leftover Valentines on the Valentine Box. For 1000 hearts a try it contains every prize you didn't earn, like the Cupid Statue, Bumper Cars, Noodle Shop, etc.
  12. Level 47 is out now. Starts off with Mayor Quimby and building his compound for...ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Takes 24 hours to build and will come with Freddy Quimby. Also, FP is back with 2 new prizes, so for now keep squishing aliens in neighbor towns to earn that FP.
  13. After collecting the necessary clothing items for Moe's outfit, there is a trivia question when you tap on the Simpson's House attic. The correct answer is Pretentious Modern Art, and you'll get 10 donuts if you answer it correctly on the first guess.
  14. I managed to unlock Francis and complete the 150 bombings thanks in part to them lowering the number, adding more people to earn stink bombs, and purchasing the Alien. If you buy him eventually you'll get to a quest telling you if you buy him you'll get 12 stink bombs for free. Now I just gotta hope whatever the next Ghostbuster challenge is that I can wait until next Sunday to start it.
  15. If you go to Krustyland even if Homer is in the middle of a task it'll spark the next dialog box, then when you return to Springfield and squash an alien, Moe's shirt will appear.
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