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  1. Montu. You don't need a cobra roll to make a great inverted coaster.
  2. While I know the two parks are only a couple hours away, how much do they really compete with each other? Seems to be like a very different demographic at each park whenever I've visited. --Robb The demographic is indeed very different. As crazy as it may sound, these parks don't have to worry about competing with each other. BGW patrons are for the most part from the Hampton Roads area (Williamsburg eastward) due to the booming military population here, not to mention the free pass we get once a year . KD doesn't draw many visitors from this area, but they have DC to their north and Richmond/Petersburg to their south. Both fairly large metro areas. These parks have their own metro areas surrounding them, and don't directly compete with each other...for now I've lived in the Hampton Roads area for a little while now.
  3. I really hate to see this ride go. I enjoyed every ride I've had on BBW. I ride it fairly often since it's my home park, but I don't see why they're removing it. It's not rough IMO, and it provides a pretty good thrill. I can't say I've ever had a bad ride on BBW, and that's saying a lot for an Arrow that's 25 years old.
  4. That's not what I meant. And does anyone really think that Intamin would label track "giga" and install something other than a giga coaster?
  5. If you can find me a time where brand new track showed up at a park, combined with land clearing, with the track clearly labled "giga coaster" and the ride wasn't installed at that park, let me know. This isn't rocket science folks. You can split hairs all you want, saying we don't know that KD is getting a giga. By that logic, TPTB don't know that KD is getting a giga until the ride is installed, working, and taking riders. Otherwise, even that is speculation. Both parks are getting something. Land has been cleared, track is showing up, footers are being poured.
  6. Call me crazy, but I doubt CF is going to stage a decoy at another park 300 miles to the north to confuse the media and a few coaster geeks. KD is getting an Intamin Giga. We'll have to wait for track to see what Carowinds is getting for sure. Til then, it's pure speculation. One thing is for sure though. Whatever KD and Carowinds are building, I'll be riding next season.
  7. This just sux. I watched it run quite a few times last week day and nite, and it's going to open when I'm no longer in Orlando.
  8. Currently in Orlando/Tampa and got all the major coaster credits here again. My next stop will be BGE and KD. BGE is my home park now, and is 10 minutes from my front door. KD is an hour away.
  9. Mean Streak @ CP. I still have a headache and I haven't ridden it since 2007.
  10. Kraken, by far. I've ridden Bizarro, Sheikra, Griffon, and Dominator. Kraken was the best IMO...
  11. I'm currently in Orlando just leaving the blue man group show. It was testing with full lighting. Looks pretty cool at night with the multi colored lighting.
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