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  1. Hercules was one of my favorite coasters growing up (yes, I have weird taste). I'm really happy that you posted this video. It made my week -Dainan "Still hates Hydra" Rafferty
  2. ^Oh yea! Someone actually jumped OVER the airgates while it was broken, to YELL AT ME! And don't even get me started at when I had to evac from the lift later on. I wanted to die
  3. Sorry about your bad experience. I was the guy out there who let you guys off. The ride had the worst day ever that day (I left that night shaking and almost in tears...no lie! I got a booklet of guest complaints about ME at GR). If we could have let you out, we would of. But maintnence and management were trying to figure it out! It costs us alot of downtime to evac, so if we could have restarted it, we could have! July 3rd was trully the worst day of my life. EVERYONE ganged up on me, and not a single kind guest was there. -Dainan "July 4th went by smoothly" Rafferty
  4. As some of you know. My family and a few of our friends are wildlife rehabers. My family have had two raccoon cubs for a few weeks that we were taking care of. Anne Bonny (Pirate coon) and Thunder (yes, named after Rolling Thunder) were released on 6/28/09 back into the wild. So here are the pictures from the wilderness We drove an hour, and across state to release the guys! The culprates are me, my sister Savannah, my cousin Pebbles, and my brother Anthony. (Mom took the photo) Me holding Anne Bonny and geting ready to run into the woods, away from the hikers! Pebbles with Thunder This is my favorite photo from the day And they took off And they found a tree. Once we saw they were good, we left... ...and went to Stewarts! One of us is "hardcore" and the other is "a total loser!" Guess which one I am? My mom and sister, Savannah People in NJ eat weird stuff. This was 2 hot dogs covered in peppers, onions and potatoes, served in a "pizza roll" (i.e. Italian bread). But, the day couldn't be complete without a pit-credit stop Pebbles, Savannah and I at Bowcraft... Any park that has a portrait of Michael Jackson, is a quality park Crossbow was an interesting coaster. As you can see, it pulls some bizzare g-forces. Savannah and I in the last row, with Anthony and Pebbles in front of us! Anthony and Savannah being "Black Metal" in the front row Me being an idiot... Typical green M&M. Wath this to understand: And of course, I got the last credit, Dragon And as usual, we end on a silly note. -Dainan "It was a fufilling day" Rafferty
  5. Kingda Ka was closed for a week. It reopened for two days. And now they're saying it'll be down for three weeks! I have no idea what's going on, and I'm avoiding asking. But from what I've seen, I've seen a crane by the hydraulic house, and cables on the ground....
  6. Yesterday I had to hit the E-Stop on Rolling Thunder (Great Adventure) because these two idiots were wondering around the infield. Anyway, I had to go up the lift and talk to stranded riders, and these girls asked me if I could push the train backwards into the station! Nothing beats when I had a break down two weeks ago and I went out to the stranded train and a sixteen year old girl was demanding I unlocked her restraint because she left her BABY with a random stranger so she could ride -Dainan "People are generally retarded" Rafferty
  7. I was working today. And when I walked in I watched a train fly over the tower. They were testing it all day
  8. I was also wondering if you have any idea how long the ride will be down for. I heard 2 weeks like a week ago. I only get to Great Adventure once or twice a year and dont want to go with such a major ride not working. I was planning a trip like mid June like the 22nd so a little under a month away. Any idea if you think parts will be there and installed by then? Yesterday, all the employees got forms saying that Kingda Ka should be open in two weeks! But keep in mind, nothing is ever certain
  9. I work at Six Flags Great Adventure (Rides), and I'm sorry to inform you that Kingda Ka is going to be down for a while. We are down for "routine maintenance." We had to take pieces out of the hydraulic house and are waiting on new parts from Intamin. Sorry, but Kingda Ka will not be open on your trip. ...but El Toro will be -Dainan "Come say hi to me at Rolling Thunder" Rafferty
  10. I was actually there riding Bizarro.... That shot of the Cobra Roll, Im in the last row
  11. I have had many guests point to Bizzaro and say, "Look! They took out Medusa to put in that new ride!" I've gotten to the point where I stopped correcting and just laugh to myself
  12. Youy're very welcome Mike. Hopefully we can do it again some time, because even though the park wasn't quite up to par, we had a great time BTW: this person is Matt (Millennium Force 44). He's a good friend of mine as well -Dainan "Too bad you missed out on the Coney festivities" Rafferty
  13. Hey Mike, I got Kenny's photos (stolen from his facebook, but he's in my room right now, so he's watching me do this ) El Toro Group Shot Batman Group Shot You're not in this one, but I look ridiculous, and it makes me laugh My third appearance on the Big Mike Roas Show -Dainan "M&M's are evil BTW" Rafferty
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