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  1. Great to hear. I was at Hershey today in the evening and did all credits in 4 hours. Storm Runner was running after a breakdown. So, before I will drive to Kennywood, I will drive back to SFGA tomorrow to ride Kingda Ka. I hope it will be open. After i take this credit I will drive to Kennywood, as far as I can, then sleep somewhere and visit Kennywood on Tuesday.
  2. I think there would be more than one lightning rod at the top hat. If not, shame on you Six Flags. But despite a lightning rod the electronic could be damaged by lightning. But again the question. Does anyone knows, if Kingda Ka would operate again this week or by the 1st of June at the latest? It would be better for me, if I could ride it this week on wednesday or thursday. Thanks for the informations.
  3. Hi! I am at a coaster trip through the States. Coming from Germany and want to ride Kingda Ka. I will be at SFGA on 27.05.2009 and 28.05.2009. I have heard that Kingda Ka is down at the moment because of lightning. Do anyone knows, when they would open the ride again? I have only one possibility to change the visit of the second day to monday the 01.06.2009. After that I have to travel to the west to Kennywood and Cedar Point and some other parks. My flight goes from Indianapolis. Thanks for your informations. Regards DJSonic
  4. Hi! I have a question about the actual situation. I want to fly to the USA at 22nd of May to make a trip which includes the following parks: Busch Gardens Virginia Kings Dominion Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Dorney Park Knoebels Hershey Kennywood Cedar Point Kings Island Holiday World Six Flags St. Louis At the newscast here in Germany they say, that the number increases of H1N1/A virus infected people. Is there any appearance that some of these parks will be closed in fact of the H1N1/A infections? Thank you beforehand. DJSonic
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