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  1. New Picures including the train on track! More pictures in this Facebook Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.624577364242541.1073741854.284038494963098
  2. New picture from Selva Magica Facebook!! ¡¡De nada!! (you're welcome)
  3. YAY!! Rocky Mountain unpainted track spoted in Six Flags México!!!
  4. It seem that Six Flags México is rushing in the Medusa's dissasembling.
  5. Medusa is now closed. This is a vídeo of the very last ride of Medusa: Now we are waiting for a Big Announcement the same day that the other six flags parks. This is the background image of the Facebook site of Six Flags México: So many rummors inside the park claims that "Linterna verde" (Green Lantern) will replace Medusa. Maybe we could see the first Green Rocky Mountain track.
  6. With the anouncement made by Six Flags Mexico, we created a No Limts Simulation trying to fit some elements of the existing Rocky Mountain creations into the Medusa´s footprint. This vídeo is the result: We hope you enjoy it.
  7. Sure. Tomorrow I'll be vissiting the park and I make a complete Vídeo of the Fun House and the Ride.
  8. No, at SFDK the system was diferent. As a curious fact, the engineer that program the Compuratized System of Kingda-Ka, is the same person in charge of the new program of the loading system of The Joker. Also I want to comment, that riding The Joker at night gives you a totally diferent sensation, as the coaster features a specially designed ilumination with diferent colors, and with crazy movements that combined with the spinning of the cars, gives the riders the experience of the Joker Style Caos. I want to share some of our pictures taken on the media day: You can see more pictures on the Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.540938572606421.1073741825.284038494963098 Thanks for reading! \o/
  9. The tunnel is themed in both sides. The video doesn't shows this. Also the fog hasn't been tested yet. Tomorrow I'll be on the park, and will take some shots to show some theming.
  10. The theming is complete. The video can't show too much because the view points are restricted. We'll be sharing all the openning media event pictures and vídeo next week with all the coaster theming.
  11. The coaster opening has been delayed 1 week: Also, there's a new video showing some testing: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. Great Review!! Just curious... When did you visit those parks? It seems that your visit was in extra-low attendance day. I had also the chance to visit those parks on June, and I got some POV shots of some rides and attractions: Titan POV: Tornado POV: Troncos and Sky Coaster POV: Rehilete and Nessi POV:
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