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  1. In the UK visiting the wife’s cousins before the UK & Europe Tours, and managed to get them to take us to Brean Leisure Park for a few early bonus credits! Brean Leisure Park has three coasters, as well as a decent assortment of flat rides. Our first ride was on Magic Mouse, a nice spinning coaster. Even with all four seats filled, we got lots of spinning!! Next we were off to Shockwave, a compact coaster with a surprise loop in the middle. Caterpillar, the third and final coaster is a nice family coaster. After gathering up the coaster credits, we proceeded on to some of the flat rides. X-Factory was the first one, and was quite intense, with enough water spray that our pant legs were very damp. Wipeout was another intense ride, it felt like it swung harder and spun faster than most others. Terror Castle was a decent dark ride, and the ride op was perfect for the ride, with an evil sounding voice and an even more evil laugh, as he sent you on your way. The other rides were pretty much standard fare. Overall, Brean was a nice little park Entrance to the park. Not many people here on a Monday. Magic Mouse Rode it twice and both times it actualy spun good. Shockwave First drop. Caterpillar X Factory. Never been on this type of ride before. Not sure what to expect, even after reading riders will get wet. Not too bad, at least we're all laughing! Wipeout was another intense ride, it felt like it swung harder and spun faster than most others. Terror Castle was a decent dark ride, and the ride op was perfect for the ride, with an evil sounding voice and an even more evil laugh, as he sent you on your way. Thumbs up for the log ride!
  2. It was a guided tour with the employee talking about each internal body part and switching on spot lights and animated parts. Not sure exactly what was being said since I don't understand spanish. Something I would expect to see at science museum and not in an amusement park. Our visit was the last weekend in January.
  3. Had the opportunity to visit Guadalajara, Mexico and just had to check out the 6 potential coasters. Though after reading Big Mike’s previous trip report and with only 50% operating I wasn’t getting my hopes up. First park attended was Selva Magica with four coasters, Titan, Catarina, Jubile, and Tornado. Tornado was down for maintenance twice before we got a ride in but we did manage to get all four! I wasn’t sure if the second park ‘Parque Rehilete Alcalde’ on the list was even open. We arrived at the park and located someone that spoke a little English to confirm the two coasters Rehilete and Nessi would be operating. Wow we might actually get all 6 coasters in Guadalajara. Guadalajara Taxi monopoly queue line We arrived at Selva Magica Park map Titan - our first coaster credit in Mexico Station and lift hill We're the only ones on the train. Is that a bad sign? Top of the lift hill. Catarina Catarina on ride shot Jubile Tornado - Doesn't appear to be open yet. That explains why it's closed. Cleaning up a weld he just made. They did an emergency stop at the top of the lift hill. If you notice the train stopped right in front of the catwalk. Employees walking up the catwalk to the train. Maintenance worker trying to release the train so it can be pushed back to the catwalk. Never did get it to go back so they sent it over the lift hill. Working on something. Came back a couple of hours later to take our chances on the ride. We got on and even in the front row. Took an on ride shot going down the first drop. Look, they have orange dolphins here! These dolphins aren't orange. What the heck is that? Hmm, looks like you enter through the ear and exit somewhere near the rear. Ok have to check this out. Turns out to be some anatomy 101 lesson/attraction of a pregnant woman. Time to visit the Zoo next door. Blue chimp theme. Time for the Safari ride. Omlet anyone? Want some carrots? Mom and baby Look we found the Golden arches! Stop lights are real long giving plenty of time to get your windows washed. Parque Rehilete Alcalde Rehilete Found someone else that spoke english to ask when the ride would open and where to buy tickets. Just started to rain lightly but were able to convice them to let use ride real quick. Cool thing was they couldn't stop the train and we got to go around three times. Nessi - rain stopped and they were starting to test the ride. They were trying to explain how this is a kids ride but we said we want to ride anyway. The track was still wet and the train stopped on the top track. Maintance worker is climbing up to help it along. Pushing it to the first real drop. Finally got it working and was able to get this shot of the track just after the lift hill. No wonder why the train got stuck the track is almost flat. Doesn't look like this ride will be running any time soon. This is a group meeting point. We noticed these all over the city. This ones interesting since it's in the middle of a parking lot and almost got run over while getting my picture taken.
  4. Testing posting a picture - Tornado
  5. An news article I ran across today. Hopefully the issues will get ironed out before we arrive! THOUSANDS of people have tried to visit the city's new amusement park, Songjiang District's Happy Valley, in the past three days, only to find its opening has been delayed. The park allowed visitors to look around the park but did not operate the rides, reported Oriental Morning Post today. The park was supposed to open last Saturday but it was postponed to this Sunday after the breakdown of its star free-fall roller coaster last Thursday, its first trial with members of the public, leaving visitors stuck midair for several minutes. The park's Website cited Typhoon Morakot as the reason of its delay. Technicians later found the accident was caused by a metal pen cap that fell from a visitor's pocket, which caused a short circuit in the ride's electrical system. The park will not allow the customers to go on the roller coaster with pens, coins or mobiles when it opens on Sunday. The park's landmark wooden roller coaster also stopped seven times. Last Thursday the park only operated a third of its rides, there was strong smell of paint and a sign board fell on three visitors' heads. OCT Enterprises Co, which also operates Happy Valley amusement parks in Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen, admitted their chaotic service and vowed to correct them in the eight days to the opening, according to the report. Another http://www.shanghaidaily.com/article/?id=409942# I ran across with a couple of pictures.
  6. Found a link to a trip report video that shows some of the park and the 4 coasters. www.coastertouring.com/Trip%20Videos.htm Excited about the "Informal" Shanghai China Trip!
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