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  1. New Picures including the train on track! More pictures in this Facebook Album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.624577364242541.1073741854.284038494963098
  2. New picture from Selva Magica Facebook!! ¡¡De nada!! (you're welcome)
  3. YAY!! Rocky Mountain unpainted track spoted in Six Flags México!!!
  4. It seem that Six Flags México is rushing in the Medusa's dissasembling.
  5. Medusa is now closed. This is a vídeo of the very last ride of Medusa: Now we are waiting for a Big Announcement the same day that the other six flags parks. This is the background image of the Facebook site of Six Flags México: So many rummors inside the park claims that "Linterna verde" (Green Lantern) will replace Medusa. Maybe we could see the first Green Rocky Mountain track.
  6. With the anouncement made by Six Flags Mexico, we created a No Limts Simulation trying to fit some elements of the existing Rocky Mountain creations into the Medusa´s footprint. This vídeo is the result: We hope you enjoy it.
  7. Sure. Tomorrow I'll be vissiting the park and I make a complete Vídeo of the Fun House and the Ride.
  8. No, at SFDK the system was diferent. As a curious fact, the engineer that program the Compuratized System of Kingda-Ka, is the same person in charge of the new program of the loading system of The Joker. Also I want to comment, that riding The Joker at night gives you a totally diferent sensation, as the coaster features a specially designed ilumination with diferent colors, and with crazy movements that combined with the spinning of the cars, gives the riders the experience of the Joker Style Caos. I want to share some of our pictures taken on the media day: You can see more pictures on the Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.540938572606421.1073741825.284038494963098 Thanks for reading! \o/
  9. The tunnel is themed in both sides. The video doesn't shows this. Also the fog hasn't been tested yet. Tomorrow I'll be on the park, and will take some shots to show some theming.
  10. The theming is complete. The video can't show too much because the view points are restricted. We'll be sharing all the openning media event pictures and vídeo next week with all the coaster theming.
  11. The coaster opening has been delayed 1 week: Also, there's a new video showing some testing: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. Great Review!! Just curious... When did you visit those parks? It seems that your visit was in extra-low attendance day. I had also the chance to visit those parks on June, and I got some POV shots of some rides and attractions: Titan POV: Tornado POV: Troncos and Sky Coaster POV: Rehilete and Nessi POV:
  13. Well, actually, Tsunami is closed to the public, but it can be operated at anny moment. The problem is that Tsunami is the only atracction of a park proyect, that was supossed to be completed this year. The economical situation and the cancellation of "La feria de San Marcos" by Influenza, caused that this proyect suffer a big delay. I talk yesterday with Tsunami admins. and they told me that the coaster will open on the 2010 edition of La feria de San marcos, April and May, during 4 or 5 weeks. That´s the situation of Tsunami. BTW.. When will Shapiro announe the new coaster, and other atracctions?
  14. In my country, Mexico, this can be considered the golden decade: New Parks: - Six Flags Mexico - Valle Fantástico - Parque Bicentenario Queretaro New coasters, used an new: - Batman the ride (Vekoma SLC) - Medusa (CC Woodie) - Superman el Ultimo Escape (Chance-Morgan Hyper) - Dark Knight Coaster (MACK indoor wild mouse) - Montaña Infinitum (Schwarzkopf coaster with 3 loops "Magnum Force) - Tsunami (Schwarzkopf coaster with 4 inversions. "Zonga") - Montaña Rusa (SBL Loop and double corckscrew coaster) This is a general recap of the most important things that happened in the Mexican amusement industry.
  15. Also, the lost of the Astroworld theme park, and XLR-8 Arrow Suspended coaster with it.
  16. Also, the flat rides, and familly rides are more developed this decade: - The Giant Frisbee by Huss - 4D atracctions - Pilgrims Plunge, tallest water ride - S&S Screamin Swing Any one remembers more?
  17. Yeahhh!! That´s right!! Also the boom of coaster models: - Knex Coasters (Roller Coaster, Screaming Serpent Roller Coaster, Rippin Rocket, Serpents Spiral roller coaster) - CoasterDynamix Coasters (Scorpion, Dragon, Comet, Phoenix) I guess that is the golden decade for the model roller coasters!
  18. This decade will reach to its end in 2 months, and there are many things that we can resume of the first decade of the new millennium. There are important facts that we can remember and here are some of them: - Arrow Dynamics disappear, and is buyed by S&S Power. - Mr. Anton Schwarzkopf, RIP - New 4th dimension coaster is constructed. - New Flying coaster coaster is constructed. - Six Flags chain, expand, sell, and fall in Bankruptcy. - Giga coaster is constructed. - Strata coaster is constructed. - 10 inversion coaster is constructed. - Classic Big Bad Wolf coaster is closed. - New Hard Rock Park, open, close, and reopen as Freestyle Music Park. This is only a short list of some important things that happened this decade. What else do you consider important on this decade?
  19. This sounds like record braker coaster. I guess they could use the natural terrain to build the biggest drop ever created.
  20. The Radja River ride sudenly stopped the water bombs caused by a low water level. This caused that the boats pushed one over other, and the incident was recorded: http://videos.sudpresse.be/incident-a-la-radjah-river/incident-a-walibi-video_5144dce41.html Source: http://www.parqueplaza.net/2009/09/una-embarcacion-de-la-radja-river-se.html
  21. Also here are some important things to consider: Coaster facts: - Track condition (Mentioned) - Wheels condition (Mentioned) - Seat on the train (Mentioned) - Safety belts (Mentioned) - Design (Mentioned) - Temperature (warm wheels gives more speed) - Humidity (Big humidity conditions increase fricction) Personal Facts: - Sleep Hours (If you sleep a few hours previous a coaster ride, you may feel a big headache caused by low blood pressure) - Eating habits (If you ride with nothing on your stomach, you can experience also headache caused by low blood pressure, and if you ride with a full stomach you may experience nausea) - Physical condition (A good and healthy body, resist better a rough ride) Riding Technique: -Previous riding in rough coasters I recomend some warming up excercises on the abdominal, arms and neck muscles. That will give you some condition for the ride experience. When you are riding you shall identify some sections that pushes you to any direction, and the best that you can do is to hold your bar to resist the movement. On vibration sections, is best thing that you can do is to let you go with the train and don´t resist the forces. This technique can give you a more comfortable ride experience.
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