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  1. Hercules was one of my favorite coasters growing up (yes, I have weird taste). I'm really happy that you posted this video. It made my week -Dainan "Still hates Hydra" Rafferty
  2. ^Oh yea! Someone actually jumped OVER the airgates while it was broken, to YELL AT ME! And don't even get me started at when I had to evac from the lift later on. I wanted to die
  3. Sorry about your bad experience. I was the guy out there who let you guys off. The ride had the worst day ever that day (I left that night shaking and almost in tears...no lie! I got a booklet of guest complaints about ME at GR). If we could have let you out, we would of. But maintnence and management were trying to figure it out! It costs us alot of downtime to evac, so if we could have restarted it, we could have! July 3rd was trully the worst day of my life. EVERYONE ganged up on me, and not a single kind guest was there. -Dainan "July 4th went by smoothly" Rafferty
  4. As some of you know. My family and a few of our friends are wildlife rehabers. My family have had two raccoon cubs for a few weeks that we were taking care of. Anne Bonny (Pirate coon) and Thunder (yes, named after Rolling Thunder) were released on 6/28/09 back into the wild. So here are the pictures from the wilderness We drove an hour, and across state to release the guys! The culprates are me, my sister Savannah, my cousin Pebbles, and my brother Anthony. (Mom took the photo) Me holding Anne Bonny and geting ready to run into the woods, away from the hikers! Pebbles with Thunder This is my favorite photo from the day And they took off And they found a tree. Once we saw they were good, we left... ...and went to Stewarts! One of us is "hardcore" and the other is "a total loser!" Guess which one I am? My mom and sister, Savannah People in NJ eat weird stuff. This was 2 hot dogs covered in peppers, onions and potatoes, served in a "pizza roll" (i.e. Italian bread). But, the day couldn't be complete without a pit-credit stop Pebbles, Savannah and I at Bowcraft... Any park that has a portrait of Michael Jackson, is a quality park Crossbow was an interesting coaster. As you can see, it pulls some bizzare g-forces. Savannah and I in the last row, with Anthony and Pebbles in front of us! Anthony and Savannah being "Black Metal" in the front row Me being an idiot... Typical green M&M. Wath this to understand: And of course, I got the last credit, Dragon And as usual, we end on a silly note. -Dainan "It was a fufilling day" Rafferty
  5. Kingda Ka was closed for a week. It reopened for two days. And now they're saying it'll be down for three weeks! I have no idea what's going on, and I'm avoiding asking. But from what I've seen, I've seen a crane by the hydraulic house, and cables on the ground....
  6. Yesterday I had to hit the E-Stop on Rolling Thunder (Great Adventure) because these two idiots were wondering around the infield. Anyway, I had to go up the lift and talk to stranded riders, and these girls asked me if I could push the train backwards into the station! Nothing beats when I had a break down two weeks ago and I went out to the stranded train and a sixteen year old girl was demanding I unlocked her restraint because she left her BABY with a random stranger so she could ride -Dainan "People are generally retarded" Rafferty
  7. I was working today. And when I walked in I watched a train fly over the tower. They were testing it all day
  8. I was also wondering if you have any idea how long the ride will be down for. I heard 2 weeks like a week ago. I only get to Great Adventure once or twice a year and dont want to go with such a major ride not working. I was planning a trip like mid June like the 22nd so a little under a month away. Any idea if you think parts will be there and installed by then? Yesterday, all the employees got forms saying that Kingda Ka should be open in two weeks! But keep in mind, nothing is ever certain
  9. I work at Six Flags Great Adventure (Rides), and I'm sorry to inform you that Kingda Ka is going to be down for a while. We are down for "routine maintenance." We had to take pieces out of the hydraulic house and are waiting on new parts from Intamin. Sorry, but Kingda Ka will not be open on your trip. ...but El Toro will be -Dainan "Come say hi to me at Rolling Thunder" Rafferty
  10. I was actually there riding Bizarro.... That shot of the Cobra Roll, Im in the last row
  11. I have had many guests point to Bizzaro and say, "Look! They took out Medusa to put in that new ride!" I've gotten to the point where I stopped correcting and just laugh to myself
  12. Youy're very welcome Mike. Hopefully we can do it again some time, because even though the park wasn't quite up to par, we had a great time BTW: this person is Matt (Millennium Force 44). He's a good friend of mine as well -Dainan "Too bad you missed out on the Coney festivities" Rafferty
  13. Hey Mike, I got Kenny's photos (stolen from his facebook, but he's in my room right now, so he's watching me do this ) El Toro Group Shot Batman Group Shot You're not in this one, but I look ridiculous, and it makes me laugh My third appearance on the Big Mike Roas Show -Dainan "M&M's are evil BTW" Rafferty
  14. Banania is like Hot chocolate mix with banana in it. You then mix it with warm milk. It's really good. And the chateau was so beautiful. I honestly still can't believe I stayed there. -Dainan "msep003 is King Louisberg " Rafferty
  15. January 20th, 2009 Last morning in Europe The final morning was the first day we woke up to daylight. Louis also let us go to the Chateau to take some pictures. So the following pictures will be of the beautiful Chateau de Mortefontaine Yea...I wasn't going down there! So, we went to a super market for breakfast. And Marc got en entire loaf of bread for himself to munch on! Louis got two Nun pastries for us to eat. They were so good, they should have been illegal! Banania! I lived off this stuff to wake me up in the morning. So I had to buy some and bring it back home. And Lemon Fanta made me pass out every time I drank it. But only in France...not Germany. Notice the sticker in the window? This is what I like to call fore-shadowing! Here is the Air Canada plane that brought Marc and I back home to Montreal. Fast froward a few days later, and I'm driving back home to New York City. On the way, I decided to take some photos of The Great Escape. I love the new sign. The most painful Arrow coaster looks so innocent in the snow! As of now, there are two drop towers that would be blocking my view if the Heinz Boomerang. The water park was open, but I wasn't paying to go in by myself. I like this Johnny Rockets, but I liked the Coach House better (the restaurant before this and Trappers) Like I said....out dated! Yummy, Vekoma Alpine Bobsled, in the snow The Comet. I can't wait to ride you again soon. The last photo of the trip will be me, trying to get a shot of Xanadu construction! I did come home to a little surprise party with my family, my cousin and two best friends. And was fun, but I don't have any pictures. Overall, this was easily the best trip I was ever on. (Yes...it was even better than Japan) -Dainan "C'est tu!" Rafferty
  16. Hey guys, Im really sorry for not posting this sooner. Ive had a lot of things come up recently in my life, and I just havent had the time for it. But a late PTR is better than no PTR, eh? January 19th, 2009 Disneyland Paris Welcome to early morning at Disneyland Paris. This is the Disneys Newport Bay Club resort. On this date, it was just Marc and I. Alex was dropped off at the Airport to go back to Canada, and Louis had to work. So we got there an hour and a half before the parks opened. We decided to walk around the Disney Village We wanted to get food, but everything was over priced. Either were still at Toverland, or this is Rainforest Café. I love the crowds! I couldnt resist We did some browsing, but no actual shopping. My mom saw this picture, and yelled at me for not getting her anything. Oops Sorry Marc, check in isnt till later Lol, wat More shopping.umyay? YeaI think Im that cool! El Bandito A good example of me not knowing my camera settings They had every state except for New Yorkbut they had Prince Edwards Island!?!? Next time Ill see the show Good to see that its not frozen today! ] Love. This. Castle. ZOMFG!!!!!!!!!! We lined up for the rope drop in Discoveryland, so we can be the first train out on Space Mountain But it was closed when we got there. So we headed to the other side of the park. From a Vekoma to an Intamin, we head to Adventureland for the worst coaster ever. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril This is me filming. Marc decided to sit out this one. (Hes ridden it before) This is my front row POV of the ride. The caves in Skull Isle were cool. We didnt do it. That makes 3 Disney parks on my list so far! NOT FROZEN! What can be over here? Pirates of the Caribbean opened up from its refurb, just a few days before. They had the best station out of any of them Ive been on This is the best POC Ive ever been on Marc and I were offered a second ride, and we got our own boat. Next, we went over to Fantasyland to find Emmanuel. Dumbo! This is easily the most beautiful of the Magic Kingdoms! Over at Les Voyage de Pinocchio we found Our friend Emmanuel! Yay! The back side of Sleeping Beautys Castle Looking up, something doesnt seem right. This is what separates this castle from the others. You go upstairs and theres stained glass and paintings. It was beautiful Mon amour, Je t'ai vu au beau milieu d'un rêve Totally awesome! Looking down, theres an empty castle Looking outside, you see an empty Fantasyland. Its like a real fantasy Go down stairs and a mystery awaits you! OH SNAP! Its a dragon! Seriously, I cant love this park anymore already Me in front of the castle. We got lunch at the Cowboy Cookout Its nice to see free roaming characters again! Marc with the badass Chip and Dale. There is a reason behind this photo. Click the link below to find out. Big Thunder Mountain is coming right at us! AHHHHHH!!!!! I really liked that it is on its own island. They did really good with dispatch times on this one. I loved the theming of this place. Adventureland has a village theme, a jungle theme, and a pirate theme. It was really cool It works very well Youre not doing it right! This is not any other park! Genie welcomes you! Its just a bunch of dioramas What I found interesting was that there was no Cast Member to watch over the guests. Au revoir! Next we headed over to Walt Disney Studios That explains a lot! Youre not doing it right! It may not be the best Tower of Terror, but its still fun. The queue is always nice. It just seems so much smaller than the two other TOTs Ive been on. We were sent upstairs to our elevator. This is a bad photo, but this is me and Marc laughing because we put some annoying French girl in her place. We were waiting in line, and were talking about stuff in English. Well, these two French teenie boppers are behind us complaining about us in French. Were annoying them, etc. Then one girl says to the other, I bet they dont even speak French! I caught this and flashed my eyes to them, for Marc to notice. We start listening closer, and then Marc turns around, and in perfect French says, So, have you girls ridden this ride before? The girl looks at us and just stares with her mouth open. We just laughed and said stuff like, Cette pute! Moving on. This is the only picture I got of Armageddon Special Effects. Everyone kept telling me the pre-show is really lame, etc. But thats all I knew about it. Needless to say, the attraction totally surprised me, and I was blown away. I wont ruin anything about it, but let me just tell you that this attraction is hot! Next up was Rock N Roller Coaster, except it went 101 on us. It did let me get some neat coaster porn pictures. Heres the catch car that pulls the train down the launch track. The trains look a bit better than Floridas Then the ride went 102 and re-opened. We ended up getting the test train. The test train launched at 70mph. It doesnt stop accelerating at all on the launch track, and you can truly feel the difference through out the ride. Just ask my neck! And then it rainedshocking! Im sorry, I just cant like this park. I tried, I really didbut its the saddest excuse for a Disney park. Six Flags America puts this place to shame! We headed on over to Disneyland see if Space Mountain had reopened yet! Nope! So now I have two! Two closed international Space Mountains on my list. The other one was at Tokyo Disneyland, it was closed my entire visit in Japan. Star Tours time Walk-on is fine by me! This chart is unique to only Disneyland Paris This is why I love the off-season! I swore I heard rumbling from within the mountain! OUI!!!!!!!!! Sadly, it was only testing. Nautilus time Walking down into the depths of Captain Nemos Nautilus Another example of me not knowing how to use my camera settings. It was really cool. Hey Florida! Remember me? We headed back over to Space Mountain to see if it was reopened, but it wasnt. Videopolis looks pretty interesting. So.we headed over to ride Indy again The queue had some okay theming. We only went on it to pass the time for Space Mountain to open. Yea This isnt the best ride. Intamin copied the layout of the Pinfari TL59 coaster. Thusits terrible. Itll also send you to First Aid. Well Marc and I were boarding the wet train, Marc slid and banged his knee pretty hard against the seat divider. He rode the ride with a bloody knee and some nice bruises, and the Cast Members didnt offer any assistance. Afterwards, we went over to Big Thunder Mountain. Where we got the first row. And no the moment weve been stalling for all evening! Space Mountain finally opened! Rien ne saurait donner une idée de la détonation épouvantable de la Columbiad ni les éclats de la foudre, ni le fracas des éruptions! The queue! Electro de Velocitor She was running smoother than she was the week before! You can tell that this photo is definitely not from this day. The reason Im posting it now, is because I kind of lost it in Louis car, and was half-convinced I left it at Stéphanies house in Luxembourg. But I got it in the mail from Louis today, so now Im posting it. So in this photo is, Emmanuel, me, Alex and Maxime, from our first day in Paris. Liberty Arcade Its an indoor Main Street. The other side had Discovery Arcade I really got a kick out of it. If you didnt know it was there, you might miss it. Disney beauty! I see this statue every day. Im not going to lie, seeing this made me feel a bit home sick and depressed. Being this was my last night in Europe! Our final dinner was at a rotating Sushi bar outside of Disney. I now have three rotating Sushi bar credits: Tokyo, New York (my home) and now Paris. That doesnt look very Japanese! -Dainan Next up, last day Rafferty
  17. My second appearance on the Road Show hehe, my best friend Walter is in the background. It was nice seeing you again Mike
  18. January 18th, 2008 Paris On January 18th, we said good bye to Luxembourg and drove back to France. We had a enough Sausage snacks to last us a life time The highway had some random heads on the over pass... The French country side was beautiful Alex: "If we hit a deer here, does that mean we killed Bambi?" Yup, we're here at Davy Crockett's Ranch As you see, it was a ghost town! It was a little strange to be honest It looked like we were at a Six Flags park Though we were only there to get champagne from a friend that was holding it for us. Anyway, back to our day in Paris Notre Dame The following pictures were taken in the back of Louis' car, while he was trying to get a spot. Alex and I were climbing over each other trying to get pictures l'Elysee And this is what was left of Alex after he desperately had to go to the bathroom, and he jumped out of the car. We never saw him again.... Um....wtf!? The Metro was our friend of the day The Paris Metro reminded me of the DC Metro Um...guys....where are we? L'arc de Triomphe Much bigger than the one at Washington Square Park Up-skirt shot Luxembourg, represnt! The amount of Obama stuff in Paris was really suprising My sister wanted something from Louis Vuitton....so I got her a picture It follows you EVERYWHERE! Um...note taken! Yogurt and cheese as far as the eye can see! And then it rained "Bonjour Asterix! Ca va?" To escape the rain, we went to Galeries Lafayette WOW! Stunning, absolutely stunning This is my second favorite picture I took of the Eiffel Tower. We took the previous three photos from here. I couldn't resist Time to take the metro again. This time we found some amuzing adds This I thought was hilarious! "Stop massacring English" "Yes, I speak Wall Street English!" This just reminds me of a really bad Japanese add. We see you. We'll be there tomorrow What on earth is this bear doing? Marc and Louis on the Metro Alex and I on the Metro Interesting indoor strip GTFO! Too bad Marc couldn't get these back into Canada! There will be more about Banania later The representation of my people. Sigh We never did have a clear day in France come to think of it. Eiffel Tower credit, check! Alex, Marc, Louis and I This is, hands down, the best photo I have ever taken! Oh dear Up-skirt shot I have a terrible phobia of elevators, so getting me to the top of the Eiffel Tower was a handful, but I did it. Too bad it was night, and the pictures will never captivate how beautiful it was up here! French Cub This is how gangsta I am Haven't we seen this picture before? This is where Princess Diana was killed. How pleasant? Yum, dinner time! J'dore Paris I ate Foie Gras just to piss off my vegetarian mom! And it was good! So was my meal And my dessert This is Le Chateau de Mortefontaine at night. Louis' sister and her husband own the chateau, and let us stay there for one night. We were only allowed in two bedrooms, and half of the place had no electricity. We were also never inside the chateau in daylight, but overall, it was an amazing experience. Also, this was a total suprise to Alex and I This was the bed room where me and Louis slept. 2nd floor hallway. The kitchen Alex on one of the stair cases! The chateau was owned by Napoleon's brother. This is also where the Louisiana Purchase was signed Louis trying to hook the internet up. This was Alex's last night in Europe. He was excited to say the least. Marc was very happy to be there as well Me using Louis' laptop. Sadly, we never got interenet connection. Just a little look around! Did I mention this was a chateau! On this note. We said good night and went to sleep! -Dainan "Disneyland Paris, next" Rafferty
  19. ^I'm also used to North American Fast-Food, which in my opinion is disgusting
  20. January 17th, 2008 Toverland After driving over four hours from Luxembourg, through Belgium, to The Netherlands, we finally stopped at a Burger King Conveniently next to a Texaco! Interesting... It may look innocent, but the mayo is AWESOME! Driving down the deserted rode, we pray for salvation! And then we see it! Welcome to Toverland It has a bit of an interesting look to it! First order of business... TROY!!!!!!! Seriously, just look at that beauty! Marc and I before my first ride on Troy! The photo tells it all! Me and my 2nd favorite coaster in the world! We did Booster Bike next... It wasn't as good as it looked. As you see, Marc and I are getting the full experience of Vekoma! Though Alex and Stéphanie thought it was fine... Marc challenging his limits on the Towers of Adventure! Until he falls and everything fell out of his pockets to the nets below! Louis had no problem climbing up! It's blurry, but it gives you an idea of how awesome this stupid play structure was... Mirakelroute Boomerang is a Vekoma....but not a Vekoma Boomerang....interesting... This is the only picture I got of Hara Kiri (the wet/dry slide). It was fast and my raft came off the slide on the dips! We go outside to make our way over to... TROY!!!! These are some cool looking trains, eh? Seriously ...seriously I was the only one to ride Backstroke STOP WATCHING ME! Louis, Marc, Stéphanie, and I trying to pull the Trojan Horse, with no help from Alex! Villa Fiasco was an awesome fun house, with a lot of gags I've never seen in the states! We didn't ride Sim sa la Swing, but I did take a picture of it... I'm so totally confused by this guy and what the hell is he holding!?!? So long Troy! You were so awesome! (It was cold and rainy when we were there, so the ride was FLYING!) We stopped at Quick (in Belgium) for dinner I'm not going to lie, this was probably the best fast-food I've ever had. So, back at Stéphanie's apartment in Luxembourg, Louis passed out and the rest of us played Monopoly. Where Marc kicked all of our butts! Alex has to find food and a way back to Canada! Stéphanie doesn't know what to do! And someone stole my pizza! -Dainan "Next up, A day in Paris" Rafferty
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