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  1. Yeah, it's a good resource, but it isn't quite set up as I'd prefer. I know I have modifying options, but it's a bit... how do I put this... confusing? I'm not 100% sure what all the letter filters mean.
  2. Fixed; found a couple others that I forgot. After checking, it's the complete collection now. I'll see how successful I can be in finding alpine slides. They aren't credits however, I'm not 100% sure how well that would work...
  3. Hey everyone! Out of boredom, I've made some Google Maps that are good reference for enthusiasts. Here you go! Alpine Coaster Map (for every Wiegand and Brandauer mountain coaster) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tmO6a9VAtNn4dUNm_grAXF_qexS8VSKJ&usp=sharing Vekoma Death Machine Map (basically color codes every type of boomerang (standard, GIB, invertigo) and SLC) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JDe_kYFtN_3PDfpEVFx0RShvtNIoqJox&usp=sharing Current map projects - Manufacturer maps that are color coded by model (unless there are no models) Any other map ideas? Leav
  4. Goliath at Six Flags Great America, closing evening... I'll never forget those 7 rides just over a month ago! This is the only photo I can find anywhere online of Goliath at night. Oh yeah, 3 0 0 T H P O S T ! ! !
  5. I rank the clones individually, so here's my list. 1. Banshee 2. Batman The Ride (GAm) 3. Batman The Ride (OG) (Only here because it's one of two Batman clones I've ridden backwards, the other being the GAm one at my home park; I prefer Batman backwards for sure) 4. Chinese Fireball 5. Batman The Ride (StL) 6. Hungarian Horntail 7. Batman The Ride (MM) (This was just more sluggish than the other clones when I rode) 8. Raptor (not sure what happened here, but this was really rattly when I rode. Not quite GateKeeper, but that's the reason it's the lowest. It's also the least memorable
  6. I think that was the idea behind the ride... not to have good pacing, and have good hangtime...
  7. Bump, I guess. Never updated my rankings after the 2017 season. 4. Goliath - While that first drop is my favorite of any RMC, and it's just a really fun, intense, well paced ride with two fantastic inversions, there are only 3 moments of ejector air, and the layout is kinda basic. I'm also fairly used to it because it's at my home park. Still, an excellent ride, and a coaster that I always ride and come off happy, no matter how unbearable the lines are 3. Twisted Colossus - My 100th coaster. While not a disappointment, I feel it's a bit overrated. The layout doesn't feel tota
  8. Thanks everyone for the help. I'm really taking it all into consideration. My friend helped me make this. Any thoughts? Friday evening - Start driving Saturday - Kennywood Sunday - Hersheypark Monday - Dorney and Knoebels (I know what people said, but if Dorney does take two hours, then I should have a good enough amount of time at Knoebels) Tuesday - Lake Compounce, Quassy, and SFNE (It sounds ambitious, but I'm just going to be knocking out Compounce and Quassy, and it saves time to fit in SFNE) Wednesday - Six Flags Great Adventure Thursday - Washington DC Culture Day and Six
  9. Apparently there's this massive clearing behind Apocalypse for a 2019 coaster. Possibly big enough for a Giga.
  10. https://rcdb.com/988.htm Why was the height lowered over 30 feet?
  11. Okay, so I have 8 days open for a trip. Two weekends (one at the start, one at the end), and the 5 days in between the two weekends. Depending on where the parks are located, it could range from 7-9 days, because of driving days. I live in West Chicago, if that helps. My current plan is this. Saturday 1 - Drive to Pittsburgh Sunday 1 - Kennywood, and drive to Hershey in the evening Monday - Hersheypark Tuesday - Dorney and Knoebels, whilst still lodging in Hershey Wednesday - Lake Compounce and Quassy Thursday - Six Flags New England Friday - Six Flags Great Adventure Saturday 2
  12. One of these years I'll get down there... I feel like I miss out on so much up here in Illinois.
  13. So sorry for the bump, but did you guys ride Velociraptor, the Mack Launch?
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