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  1. I visited Cedar Point last Thursday,and I had a great time. Gemini was the best coaster of the day. Luckily I went on the coolest and less crowded days of the week.Ride by Ride Recap: Iron Dragon-Fun,my first suspended coaster.Hopefully I ride a few more in my lifetime. Wave Swinger-Fun and intenser than Dollywood's swing ride. Thunder Canyon-Bad water ride,painful even,doesn't compare to any of Dollywood's water rides.(Note:Both flumes were closed.) Antique Cars-Nice and relaxing. Cedar Creek Mine Ride-Classic Mine Train fun. Tilt-a-Whirl-Fun and I think a little intense for the Children's Area.. Woodstock Express-Fun,most intense Junior coaster I've rode. Junior Gemini-The real Kiddie Coaster here,got the credit while I could with my sister.It is a surprise that this was Intamin's first coaster. Gemini-Best coaster of the day.Only rode Red. Monster-Fun classic ride. Corkscrew-Fun,first looping coaster. Super Himalaya-Fast and Fun. Sky Ride-Nice and relaxing. Matterhorn-Fast and Fun Scrambler-Fun. Blue Streak-Roughest Coaster of the day,still a good classic rickety woodie.It still raddled my brains. Diaster Transport-Got the credit before it is supposed to be removed.Cool and fun,but seems like Cedar Point isn't really keeping it up to date. Space Spiral-Nice and relaxing,but the windows were so dirty you could barely see out them. Suggestions:More indoor and water rides,a new woodie(GCI,Gravity Group,or even RMC.),and a new sky viewing ride. I hope to come back soon because I didn't get ride several rides I wanted to such as Raptor. Here is a couple of Off-Rides I took at Cedar Point: Mantis:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE4D57bKrV8 Skyhawk:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h3oO3uD4U8
  2. Things are really getting crazy with this coaster since I last checked. This equals a 2013 Silver Dollar City trip.
  3. Just to let you know this takes place in Southwest South Carolina which is very flat. Also I remember that all the trees looked virtually the same,but I'll try to get a little variety as the park moves along and grows. Since the owner of the land hasn't touched a lot of the land or trees is why the is a whole lot of variety since it was majorly a large pine forest.The Garden is all the same color because the she knew his favorite colors were yellow,orange,and red.(She made it a completely flower garden.)Thanks for the suggestions and I'll use some of them.
  4. Augusta Newspaper May 4,1984:Amusement Park Coming to Local Area North Augusta Wood Park is now becoming an amusement park.The park,a heavily wooded pine forest that includes a pond,memorial garden,cemetery,and mini railroad ride,has always been owned by the Hays family.Originally the land was bought by the Hays family in 1850,they built a manor,which is now replaced by 1920's style house,and when family members died they made a cemetery.In 1940 the house was owned by Bill and Mary Mays who had four children.When word of the attack on Pearl Harbor came through Bill instantly joined the Army.He was killed in 1944,and when Mary heard this she was very sad and depressed.After the war she ordered a Memorial Garden be built to everyone who died in the war,let local families who had a family member die be buried in the family cemetery,and ordered a mini railway be built because one of Bill's favorite things was trains.The land was now opened to the public,and as years passed by one by one the children moved away,she was alone.Until 1979 when she partnered with a young local businessman to change the park into another one of his husband's passions amusement parks.So it finally developed this year. Known facts about the park: -It will still be called North Augusta Wood Park -The park will have two roller coasters,a carnival style area,and various attractions spread through out. Here are some pictures of the park at it's current state:Shot0041_A.bmp Overview of the park,it is very wooded with pine. Shot0042_A.bmpFront of the Mays manor. Shot0043_A.bmpBack of the manor. Shot0044_A.bmpMemorial Garden Shot0045_A.bmpThe Dolphin Fountain Shot0046_A.bmpThe Entrance and Exit to the Forest Railway Shot0047_A.bmpThe Station Shot0048_A.bmpThe train traveling along the track. Shot0049_.bmpThe train travels by the lake. Shot0050_A.bmpAs you can see the train also goes across the path twice. Shot0051_A.bmpHere is a view of the cemetery. Shot0052_A.bmpAnother view of the cemetery Shot0053_A.bmpOne last final of the overview of the park. I do think this is a improvement of my previous park.
  5. Possible zero-G roll on a wooden coaster,hmm!Now I'm really interested.
  6. I guess no. Would you eat 30 pieces of bacon in a hour?
  7. Maybe Steel Bronco after the Denver Broncos,or something like that.
  8. When I had to ride a bus standing up to get to our parking spot after I went to a Vols game with my Dad.I was literaly floping around as we went up hills and around turns.
  9. So Far: Dollywood(3) Later: Cedar Point Multiple more Dollywood visits Any smaller parks I can go to,which is probably two to none.
  10. Here is Dwight Howard on Expedition Everest.It is really funny to see a NBA player on a roller coaster.
  11. Here is Nascar driver Johnny Sauter on Maverick.Yet again it is very funny.
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