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  1. also what's with theme park owners being history killers? if you've got a rare historic ride in your park you should grab it by the horns and pump money into it to keep it going! it's actually quite upsetting seeing classics get knocked down... how many jetstar II's are left now then? just that 1? that one that was taken away from alton towers blackhole PRESERVE HISTORY! it's important!
  2. oh look, another Gerstlauer being made. meeeehh, feed me more B&M's world!
  3. ah-right no I didn't find that picture, I drew it in MS Paint lol. this is my imagining of how it might look.
  4. yeah I've already looked through that thread but thanks anyway. I just want to know if there are 2 pipe opening inside the chambers like on my drawing. If some one ever visits an abandoned water park with a wavepool, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take your camera/phone with you. I just want to see inside! I've re-uploaded the picture so it shows in the post this time.
  5. haha nice, thanks a lot Rill'o'beily for going out your way to do an animation for me, that's exactly how I imagined it! I've never actually been on a larson loop OR a hi-roller/kick-flip. the latter I remember seeing as a kid at a traveling fair and thought holy shhh that looks like torture! haha ....... well, until I saw what a 'zipper' was, the hi-roller is probably quite tame compared to a zipper! but yeah, as cool as it is having the (____) shape (hi-roller), you do spend about 80% of the ride just doing sideways cart-wheels, I think a true circle just keeps it fresh in movement all the way.
  6. ahh dammit, there was a tiny thought at the back of my head it had already been done before with the traveling fair lot. yeah, basically just a giant version of the hi-roller then
  7. here's my idea of a cool ride! YES I KNOW it's MS PAINT! lol this idea is based on something six flags mountin had called the fire looper? except my one is suspended and a big motor turns the ENTIRE LOOP round on its own axis! i dont want anyone copying my idea!
  8. Right guys, old thread I know but I'm still confused by what the insides of a conventional air wavechamber looks like. I know vinnie has helped loads (as I used to follow him on youtube when he had youtube) and showed us the insides of a rare one with a big pipe that goes up. but I'm guessing most look like this right? (my ms paint idea) https://www.flickr.com/gp/phineusii/8DzgKm I can't find ANY pictures of a real photo of one looking up inside one. even when I search things like "empty wavechamber" . there's plenty of those youtube explorer videos "abandoned xyz" type things, but they never go and look into the places I want them too! haha.
  9. I dont know if this is the right place to put it so mods and co, please take it where ever it needs to be. A couple years back I went to a waterpark in greece called aqualand, the wavepool, Im guessing, by the wooshing sounds at the back it was air system, computer sequence controlled. youknow, the old style, not the toilet flush system anyway there was no rope from the back wall, but you HAD to be in a rubber ring thingie if you went near the back, is it possible you could get sucked in through the bars? when the machine isn't on they let you just wonder around and the 8 or 10 holes are actually quite shallow, I always find those big holes scary. going by physics, because water has to squeeze out the air chamber, that then means a lot of water goes back in right? I was tempted to see if there was any suckage but I was prety apprehensive about getting out my ring to find out! In smaller wavepools in the uk, I remember as a kid feeling a bit of suction. With the bigger ones, would what happen if it sucked you through the bars/grate, would you just hit your head on the top the the blowers are? I find the whole thing really scary bacase you can't see what'a behind the wall. After looking around on google, there's no reports of injuries of deaths.
  10. yeah lucky I think the control box was right near the back of the pool yeah, well that's the funny thing, There was no rope at all, you could only go down the deep end if you were on a big rubber ring, god knows what would happen if you fell off near one of the grates! only the occasional whistle from a lifeguard if you got too close. ^^^ "when a "child's buttocks cover the drain opening, the resulting suction force can eviscerate the child through the ruptured rectum" if that's how i picture it - uuuuh! The way I see it, I think there could be high suction yes. looking at this diagram I found.. what goes out, must have to go back in again (the water that is) and here's a how scary grateless holes look http://www.poolrepair.com/images/archive/wavepool.jpg image is a little too large, check it out the big holes don't even have grate/bars.. there is a saftey rope though. I think I might have nightmares tonight of getting sucked into the machine
  11. Sounds like the pumps are at the very bottom, so unless your 8 feet down, I don't think you'd get sucked in. And even if you were at the very bottom, you can see that it says those cages will never be exposed to the pumping mechanism. How well those return canals are fenced off is probably the responsibility of park maintenance. Seems a flawless design, I've never heard anyone getting caught in one of those things and losing their legs ah yes I think the type of system you put up there isn't the same as the older system I'm on about, that's the huge flushing-tanks type one like at sixflags typhoon lagoon or what ever it's called. I think the system I'm on about had been around in the mid 80s and uses air power instead.
  12. You know the traditional wavepool, with about 8 or 10 chambers behind the wall with air blasting down on the top to squeeze the water out the holes - (not the much bigger toilet-flushing system). Well the holes are quite big, they have vertical bars though. Anyway, I was in wavepool last week and anyone would get whislted at for going to close to the back wall.. what would happen if you put your foot near the hole? Would you get sucked in? They look really scary.
  13. Thanks for this info, I think i can imagin now how it works so i've drawn this (bad) ms paint diagram? Is this right? So when the chamber is low, you probably will get a bit of suction it the water rushes back in again. I still remember as a kid getting sucked in a bit, i've feared going near it ever since and I'm 21 now.
  14. ok im new here, i want to ask these 1, what's the actual biggest wave pool in the whole world? i know the 3rd largest is in aqualand-corfu and how high are the waves!?! 2, how do they work? I can't find any info on the web, is it air/gas powered? or huge pushing metal padals going back and forth? 3, why is there a rope to stop you going too near the wall? or lifeguards whistling at you, the wavepools ive visited, i saw about 6 holes in the wall with metal bars, what would happen if you got too close? would you get sucked in?
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