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  1. I have made MANY out of the way trips to get a credit. My rule, however, is that a coaster has to be considered an "adult" coaster for me to go out my way to ride it. In other words, I will not go out of my way to get to a park that only has a kiddie coaster, but I will go out of my way to go to a park that has an adult coaster and then ride the kiddie coaster while I am there for the credit. As far as what constitutes an adult coaster, I base that on the size of the coaster and the height requirements for the coaster. I use my own personal discretion, and that works for me. That doesn't mean that you should follow the same guidelines. As far as counting clones is concerned, I count every coaster individually, even if it is a clone. Every park setting provides a unique experience for every ride, and identical twins are in fact two different people, so I count coaster clones as two separate and unique rides. I will not count a ride that has been moved to another park if I already rode it in it's original location. And, I do not count coasters that have gotten new, different trains or that have had slight modifications made to the ride experiences. Once again, just my way of doing things. In my opinion, counting coasters is really a personal thing. It should not be a contest, and it should not be a cause for argument among coaster enthusiasts. Do it however you want to. Whatever makes you happy. Just make sure that you are (Like Robb says!) HAVING FUN! - Jason
  2. That isn't a fallen tree. It's just a tree that has grown crooked and it doesn't touch the tracks at all. I was standing right next to it today watching test launches. Video: https://youtu.be/oDj28siPAww
  3. Thanks for the compliment! It was great to meet you guys too. Thanks for breaking Volcano so we could get that awesome exit pass!
  4. If anyone close to Worlds Of Fun or Michigan's Adventure wants to participate, but you cannot afford the registration fee or you think that you might not be able to meet the minimum $75 fundraising goal, I can help you with that!! I will sponsor up to two Team TPR participants at either or both of these parks! I will cover your registration fee and get you up to the $75 minimum. Private message me if you're interested! - Jason
  5. Thanks! Right back at ya! And, thank you too! Donation returned. You guys are blowing me away with your kindness, but keep it coming! I will still keep on matching donations. Any amount. No limit! You donate to my page and I'll donate the same amount right back to your page. -Jason
  6. Thank you, Nick, for the kind words and for the donation. Give Kids The World has become a very special place to me thanks to my involvement with Coasting For Kids. Raising some funds is the least I can do for such a wonderful organization. I know how I feel every time I walk into an amusement park and to be able to help give a deserving child that same feeling, well, that makes me feel even better than when I go to a park! GKTW is truly a miraculous place. I am honored to be associated with them. - Jason
  7. Thank you so much! I will make a donation to your page tomorrow morning. - Jason
  8. As will I. Welcome aboard! And, thank you too! Just donated back to you! - Jason
  9. Hey Everyone! I joined the Kings Dominion team. (I just hope my boss lets me off work on that day!) I will gladly match any donations that anyone makes to my fundraising page. Any amount. Whatever you donate to me, I'll send right back to you. Click on my banner below to donate. Thanks! -Jason
  10. Hey Gang! I'mmmm back! (I think!) Thinking about joining the Kings Dominion TPR team... Just trying to work it out with my boss to get the day off! -Jason
  11. I was bumped out of first place at Kings Dominion, but that really doesn't make me sad at all! In fact, I am extremely happy that someone else raised so much money for Give Kids The World! Plus, that person really didn't beat my total since I actually donated $1,765 of the money that I raised to other Team TPR participants. So, I actually raised $11,905! We should all be extremely pleased with what we have accomplished over the past few months! The difference that our money will make to the children who will benefit from it means so much more than who raised the most. TPR has nothing to be disappointed about. You are all rock stars!! -jason
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