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  1. Great coverage of the whole place! Especially all - that - awesome - food! But ...... it might be nice to have a non-buffalo chicken Atomic Fusion Pretzel. But keep the blue cheese! For myself. I just can't do Buffalo Chicken in any style/form. (And yes, I am a {Very} Hot Sauce Wuss. Bite me!)
  2. We just spent over $70 cdn for a bunch of Italian-related stuff from a close by, "totally Italian" grocery store, LOL! .... Bosa Foods https://bosafoods.com/ A really awesome place to find good Italian (and local) food products and deli, in Vancouver. This included gnocchi, pitted olives (for a future loaf of home made bread), cheeses, egg noodles and some 'deli' to eat immediately!
  3. Well, to no surprise of my own, our October tour date of "Jesus Christ Superstar" has been pushed to November .... of next year! Broadway in New York, is going to start live theatre again in the early Fall (hooray), but I figured that touring shows would take a bit longer to re-organize and get themself touring again. So the delay for this one was expected. And that means "Anastasia" will be our first touring show, in January, 2022. ... Of "whatever" this season is, LOL.
  4. Just booked my second vaccine appointment, to happen in less than a couple of weeks. Woo hoo!
  5. This is sad, but necessary news to post. And good for the PNE addressing this awful discovery, with compassion and sincerity.
  6. ^ "The stories go..." that the new Tokyo Disneyland wanted as much from WDW's Magic Kingdom, as it could get. Which included a pretty good replica of Cinderella's Castle. And they got it. Which for myself, kind of cancels both of them out in my mind. Paris is the first one that actually changed the design of a Disney Castle, to much acclaim, at that time and still today. Hong Kong Disneyland did the same thing as TDL, but with DL's iconic first Castle, Sleeping Beauty's. But then lately, as we all know now, they decided they didn't want "the same castle" any more, and proceeded to re-think the whole castle idea. And built one of the prettiest, soaring, Disney castles ever, IMhO. One that really competes with Paris. IMhO. And Shanghai Disney's Castle? It's big and ... busy. There's a boat ride underneath it, and .... well, it's big. My decision about it isn't quite there, yet.
  7. Six Disney Castles to choose from! Pick one and post why. I still love the one in Paris, especially with that Dragon in it's lair underneath it. But now, I just can't stop admiring Hong Kong's new Castle re-creation. Especially the photos of it lit up in the evening. Really pretty.
  8. ^ I agree. And I bought the soundtrack cd of it, and still play it all, from time to time. Great songs and background music.
  9. ^ I'm amazed that for now, they're still going ahead with the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer. And I hope that Universal Osaka gets better and improves with each passing week. For all concerned.
  10. ^ Marcus, where is the new dark ride located in the park? I know the old fairy tale one was removed for the new coaster. By the way, everything looks great in the park! Ah yes, the former fairy tale dark ride. TPR 2014 Scandia Tour.
  11. Hope I can hang on for the next ten years, to see what Dolly and her staff have in store for everybody. The new to-be Resort Hotel looks very nice. And very 'woodsy'.
  12. Ooooooooooo. But - I honestly don't remember any past TRs mentioning parades at CP.* So, will this be something new for them? Or not? * I'm old, so that's my excuse for forgetting.
  13. I'm wondering what the "life expectancy" (w/batteries?) of these Spider Bot toys, is? And honestly, you really need two of them, to at least have a true Bot Battle, lol. One Spider Bot, wandering around on it's own, is pretty sad to me. Happy Avengers Campus Opening!
  14. Way too hot (lately) here, for a slice of hot pizza. Yuk.
  15. It looks like "Third Time's the Charm" worked out for my third loaf. Not perfect, mind. But then, most loaves aren't, right? So this weekend, I start putting "add ins" into my 4th bread dough. Which includes ..... cheddar, parmesan, scallions and a sliced up jalapeno! Lookin' pretty good, after 6+ hours of rising time. A ball of dough, ready for a second rising. In the (preheated) HOTHOTHOT dutch oven, and then in the oven for 45 min. bake time. Ta-daah! Looks great and has that 'crackle' when you squeeze the crust a bit. It looks really good, IMhO. And it tasted awesome! So much so ...... It didn't take long for us to (nearly) finish the loaf up, in less time than it took to make/bake it!
  16. ^ I envy you, having these park options. I'm still waiting for Playland (PNE) in Vancouver, to finally re-open. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks. <sighs> In time ..........
  17. We were there in Sept,1975. Just when The Revolution's land was being cleared. Was a fun time there, we remember. Congrats on MM`s 50th Anniversary! The photos of our 1975 visit to MM. In the bottom left photo, You can see the land being cleared for Revolution.
  18. ^ You're just posting it that way, because you like to to do it that way. 'Nuff said. KIE-ku.
  19. Bread #3 Alert! I decided to "jump the shark" as it were, and create my third loaf of bread, at the end of this month. Meaning ...... tomorrow. Here's hoping the "third time is the charm," etc. What Loaf #2 looked like, in it's "second rising."
  20. "You Gotta Be (Love Will Save The Day)" Des'ree
  21. Good to know they're on top of this .... .... Right?
  22. Here's what I posted in the "Say Something Random" thread earlier, that caused me to think, and then start up The BREAD Thread! And ....... I did it! This was Bread #1. Hmmm.....
  23. I'm here.

    I'm queer.

    And I'm old.

    Get used to it.  🍹

  24. Well, after baking my second loaf of plain white bread in a dutch oven, I decided that others out there must have been "baking during these times." The sourdough stories I have read were amazing! But it wasn't until these past few weeks, that I finally decided to get in with the crowd, and get some dough rising, lol! And I starting out with this really easy recipe plan (to be revealed) that is just a-ma-zing! So, in a few days, I will post my results on three loaves of white bread I created and baked. And "not always according to the recipe" etc. And please add your fave or brand new recipes and results, with photos if possible! Not bad, for Bread #2.
  25. ^ Wellll ..... my first loaf had not 'risen' enough, but was still awesome to eat. (And I froze 1/2 of the loaf, as I will for all three "plain white" breads I create and bake. To "compare.") My second loaf (today) was bigger, and way more 'spongy' than I like. But it did pay to whisk all the dry ingredients together, before adding the water. Also, I put 1/4 cup more water than usual (1-1/2cups) and the dough was "hard to control," as far as reshaping it for a second rise. And most importantly, this is not a bread to allow overnight rising. I let too many hours go by (12+), when it should have been only 6-8 hours' rising time, as recommended. But still, a great loaf to eat. Tuesday, I am going to now start it in the morning, and end up baking Bread #3 in late afternoon. Which is probably for the best. Stay tuned for The Big Finish! (And I will have photos to show the differences between the 3 loafs, etc. And I may start The BREAD Thread! here, since I cannot be The Only One who has been baking up loaves during these times, yes? No?)
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