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  1. For now .... My first Friday night at Playland (18th), was 'okay'. Nothing special. Several rides, including Coaster, were still down. And the damned (true) nightfall didn't happen until I was leaving the place! I stuck around for a couple of hours and took pix. No more, no less. Next time, I shall go a bit later to the park. And photograph, accordingly. Here's one pic (from PNE) for tonight. More (of mine of "that night") to follow.... Ooooooooooo.
  2. I had a nice day, earlier. A friend had organized a picnic get together, for several queers, us included. Went off great, and I took (2) new loaves of bread to share with others. It was a nice afternoon. This was "one of those loaves...." Cheddar and jalapeno, mmmmmmm.
  3. In the last two days, I made two loaves to take to a picnic, a friend had organized down in Stanley Park. Both turned out good, although I think I need to consider putting a 'slash' in the top of the cheese loaf before it goes into the oven. The cheese-jalapeno loaf seems to 'bleed cheese' again. No big deal. I gave it to our host for the picnic, so I hope they enjoy it. The Olive Rosemary loaf . I named it 'O'mmmmm. The cheese jalapeno loaf. Ooozing cheddar cheese, but what the heck, eh? Haven't 'named it', yet.
  4. Just discovered this book, among a lot of other ones, at Amazon.com Looks promising, especially if you make a lot of burgers, heh. So - much - beef - cheese - onions - beef - cheese ..... beef.
  5. ^ Last summer, when Playland was open here and there through the months, I found that wearing a well fitting mask was no problem. Speed presses it against your face, so that's not a big deal. As long as it fits well around your nose and chin, then you should be fine. I have no idea what inversion coasters do to masks .... anyone out there to advise on those and any other bigger coasters? And by the way .... yes, there will be masking falling off, because don't have them on properly, and/or don't leave them alone. Mine held on! Taken Sept.07, 2020. Looks wierd, but it still works okay.
  6. Fiesta Texas will certainly become a truly unique park in the Six Flags franchise, if it gets one of these Axis coasters. Not that it isn't already.....
  7. (Where you are up there ^^) Just a reminder of where "those perogies" are... I forget who posted this - coasterbill? Is this your work? (I will correct, if needed) Thanks to whoever did. It's hilarious! So I saved it.
  8. Overheard, earlier on the bus..... "Well honey, we're gonna go totally random, tonight!"
  9. Here's the shots from Sunday. I think I spent less than an hour there. Totally overcast, with rain off and on. Noted. Wheeeeee! The overcast made it easy to see the lights on, on the various rides. Too close! I was here! Map is in front of where the "new coaster" is supposed to go. Eventually. I hope. Standing silent and lonely. Even the ghouls and ghosts moved out, for now. Okay. Time for some Mini Donuts! But only with maple glaze and sprinkles. Fine. 6 for $7. Just saw this at Customer Services, before I left. Very cool.
  10. So Opening Weekend has come and gone. Friday evening was wet for awhile (I was told); Saturday was sunny with a few clouds here and there; and Sunday... Sunday was wet, then stayed overcast for the rest of the day. I stayed less time on Sunday, than I did on Saturday. Between the two days, seven rides were down, including Coaster. It could be getting enough staff for everything. Or breakdowns need servicing, parts are needed, etc. etc. etc. What ever the case it was sad to see so many rides closed. Hopefully everything will improve as the summer moves along. On Saturday, I was planning to eat something at the White Spot "Triple O's" place on Saturday. But decided not to "spend that much" at this time, even though there was only a few people ahead of me, if I joined the queue.. On Sunday? There was over 20 people in line for only one ordering window. I skipped that day, too. Gladiator was still OMG-ing me, with so much force, height, intensity. So different a cycle for a few years ago. I love it! Because of it raining so much on Sunday, most of the gentler rides, with covers (like the Carousel, West Coast Wheel) had really long lines. So I skipped them, even though I rode them on Saturday. On Sunday, I did get something to eat: Mini Donuts! But no pink or blue icing ones, as advertised. Only "maple glazed w/sprinkles". Fair enough. I took a six pack home with me. Future visit plans are for this Friday, which they are running as evenings at the park. So, I hope to get some good night shots with all the lights on! The flag at half-mast is for the 215 indigenous children's bodies found in a grave in Kamloops, BC. The PNE reported it will keep the flag that way for 215 hours - one for each child lost. Sorry to start out with a downer, but hey - life sadly happens, some times. A sign of many more closed down, to come. <sighs> Looks like they changed all the banners there. No people shots on Coaster, as before. I miss the photos of the Buddhist Monks on Coaster; and the Vancouver Scottish Bagpipe Band on it, too. And I did, eventually. What's this? What's this? This was opposite the Haunted Mansion, which is closed for obvious reasons. A wall of wood. The other end of it. I guess we'll find out, eventually. Bug Whirled was running great on Saturday. Then it wasn't, on Sunday. Time to ride The Wheel. Meanwhile .... I keep wondering if Covid-19 has killed the plans for a new coaster. I hope I'm wrong. The Twins are "under cover." Obligatory Beast shot. AtmosFEAR's running fine. Gladiator never went this high a few years ago. I love the new cycle on it! This are the "New Enhancements" they advertised for Enterprise. Plants and a sign. Awesome. Still runs good. Where The Scrambler usually sits. Not this weekend. But my B-Day is in March! Now, is this a boy's or a girl's name? I have no idea. On Sunday, this was The Only Coaster running. Kettle Mine Coaster. At least adults can ride this, too. How White Spot advertises all of it's food. The prices have gone up, but not a lot to complain about. The former Adventure Golf is now Sweet Escape Mini Golf! Here and there, candy representation. And just before leaving on Saturday, I ran into Roxann (Director Playland Operations) ..... and Christina (right). Christina could be Roxann's Assistant,. but I don't really know. We talked about Coaster re-opening ("couple of weeks") and general park stuff. And then my day was done! Coming back the next day for a much MUCH shorter visit.
  11. And then there's the bakery in Texas, who lost a big cookie order due to their posting Rainbow Heart cookies on their Facebook page. But, everybody else came to the rescue and sold them out ... twice in two days ... of everything they had ..... great story. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/06/texas-bakery-lost-big-order-photo-pride-cookies-internet-stepped/?utm_source=LGBTQ+Nation+Subscribers&utm_campaign=ff8c1f01c0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_06_13_03_59&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c4eab596bd-ff8c1f01c0-430877701
  12. OUT was released last year on the Disney+ channel. But now Disney and Pixar have decided to release it for everybody, celebrating this year's Pride Month. Enjoy it! A first for both Disney and Pixar!
  13. My fifth loaf turned out really good! The best of the five I've made and baked, so far. The add-ins were: 1 cup of Kalamata olives and 1/2 cup Calvestrano olives, both pitted and halved/chopped. They were folded into the dough before the first rise of 6-8 hours. Then, 1 large shallot, finely chopped, and 1 tablespoon of Rosemary leaves, also chopped up, were thrown in before the second rise, 1 - 1-1/2 hours. I am also finding out, that it's better to just flour the kitchen table and add stuff in, without doing it on parchment paper. Then I put it on the paper, for it's second rise. Baking in the dutch oven, in the oven, remains the same. The first rise. I actually let it go for the entire 8 hours. Shallots and Rosemary added in, and it's ready for it's second rising. After 1-1/2 hours ..... That looks about "double it's size" doesn't it? Into the pre-heated dutch oven it went. And forty five minutes later.... It's done! I decided to take a photo of the bottom of the loaf. Not bad. And it tasted wonderful! Definitely one I want to repeat in the future.
  14. It's OPENING WEEKEND of Playland in Vancouver, Canada!  Finally!  :airtime:

  15. Unless they raise the roof A LOT on the Ramses ride building ..... it's another dark ride, probably. IMhO.
  16. Was at Playland today, for the Opening Weekend of "The New Season." A few rides weren't operating, including <sighs> Coaster. But that was okay. I spent time just enjoying the atmosphere of everybody having a great day there. And just before I left, I ran into Roxann and Christina, who are involved with the "Guest Experience" of the park. I have emailed Roxann on several occasions about Playland and the PNE in general. Was great to see them in person and not "online" lol. So a group photo was taken. Ka-ching! Am planning to be there tomorrow, when all things point to "rain and showers" for the day. But I will have my trusty rain poncho ready! And I'll post both days of the weekend, when I get back home, tomorrow afternoon. Roxann, myself, and Christina.
  17. "First roller coaster at sea is set to sail with Carnival Cruise Line" -Attractions Magazine Klassy.
  18. The PNE just sent out an Opening Weekend email ... and it looks like Hell's Gate, the Scrambler and Coaster will not be operating at this time. Well, at least my two tickets for the weekend (Sat. & Sun.) didn't cost me anything. And I won't have to be there, right at opening time, to get Coaster rides in, before crowds build up. Still. Sad to find that out about Coaster. Hope it's up and running, soon. Photos from the PNE/Playland.
  19. ^ So you're filthy rich now, right?
  20. Made and baked the fourth loaf last weekend. I think I put A LOT more cheddar into it, than was listed in the recipe. No matter. The loaf came out pretty good, and we almost finished it by yesterday, lol! This coming weekend: it's a Rosemary and Olives loaf! Dough in the bowl for it's first rise, 6-8 hours. Green onions; ground parmesan; a jalapeno seeded and sliced thin; cheddar cheese, diced up. That did look like a lot of cheddar I diced up for this loaf. But I carried on... First rise nearly finished. I see some add-ins are trying to escape the dough, heh. Now it's a second rise for 1 to 1-1/2 hours. After the second rise, the whole thing, nestled in the parchment paper, in the dutch oven, already pre-heated. 45 minutes later .... Golden and cheesy, fresh out of the dutch oven. I think the cheese could have better distributed, but hey - I'll try to do better, next time I bake this one.
  21. Recently announced, and too too good, not to post here! https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/07/business/burger-king-chick-fil-a-lgbt/index.html Burger King took on Chick-fil-A, with donations to LGTBQ2+ groups for each new chicken sandwich sold. And selling them on Sunday, too. Take that, fil-A!
  22. ^ Since no source has been quoted ...... and I am just asking, judging by the photo ...... Does "A Unique World-Class Ride For Adventurers Of All Ages" = A New Coaster? It could end up being a trackless "Indiana Jones" like thing. Or not. Or indeed, a coaster. "Family style." Looking forward to hearing what it's all about.
  23. Somerby's Mango & Lime ......... cider. And that's how I like my beers. I do enjoy a good lager, now and then.
  24. Well, there ya go! No parking lot around under there, huh? I love ALL the greenery, underneath and around this one. Waytago Walibi Belgium! And thank you for the great photos, Satchboogie3!
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