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  1. I'm going to take the "never again" remark to a... "you can never go back, again" kind of comment. Two parks come to mind for that. Both in Japan. One is Toshimaen and the other by Tivioli. And Tivoli was where Kristen/Kidtums got her first coaster ride. Truth! And they are both closed, forever. So ..... "never again", but for sadder reasons. The Tivoli park ..... TPR Japan Tour, 2007.
  2. The coaster is fine. It's the riders that are screwed up.
  3. I am in total agreement, with those above who agree with you at the top, there.
  4. So I recently read A RUMOR about ShDL "shopping around" coaster companies with an attraction plan involving two launches and at least two switches in the design. It sounds something like the Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Train ride in Hong Kong DL. But that only has one launch to it. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the ZOOTOPIA land they're building there, already. That's possibly test track-style or trackless they're going for IMhO. But you never know, hmm? And as I started with, it's A RUMOR. But ..... anyone else read about this, or have more information?
  5. What I enjoyed about the scissors, is that I could cut these enormous slices... or just an itty bitty one, to test the chile oil on. I suspect that the take out pizza orders and delivery ones are sliced, unless asked not to, otherwise. P.S. They do ask you at the table if you'd want it sliced, or "do it yourself" etc? But for myself, I have now been there so often, they just bring the scissors over, along with the small plate and utensils. Which I appreciate them remembering.
  6. ^ Yeah well, you have to remember when he posted this all, right yes? No? Eh.... Shakey's Pizza in Bellingham, WA Forever! So, it's been several weeks since "My Very First" visit to https://viateverepizzeria.com back in May. Since then, I've been back to the place five times! Each visit a different pizza. I did skip one, but will explain that later. This was again the Margharita pizza, but with salami added. This was also my first introduction to "the chile oil" on the table. Great pizza! I am definitely a meat eating kind of guy, lol. The next visit (usually on the Wednesday, when they open at 4pm) I went with the Marinara, which is a pretty basic kind of pizza. But instead of a tomato 'sauce' they used crushed tomatoes on this one. I felt that made all the difference. They also threw in some garlic cloves and oregano, which was a nice touch. And I still got a kick out of getting slices with the pair of scissors! I still used a knife and fork to enjoy each slice. No "rolling" at this point for me, heh. And they switched it up, from a little one server metallic cup, to a good sized bottle of Chile Oil! Good choice. Sat looking the other way up Victoria Dr. Three things, the crust .... and that's it for a Marinara! Noted. I did enjoy the crushed tomatoes part of it. Now I can slather on as much chile oil as I want to, bwa - ha - ha! The following Wednesday, it was this pizza totally blanketed in Arugula! The prosciutto was nice, cooked in the pizza. I enjoyed having just more than a couple of 'things' on my pizza. The bottle of chile oil awaits, too. So the rest of it must be ...under the arugula? It was good. I would order this one again. Hmmm. I really think their Flag of Italy could use a replacement flag? After this one, there was "the one with anchovies in it." I am only a fan of these fishies if they are (usually) in a paste, and used for creating one of those Caesar Salads, hmm yes? Whatever the case, I did enjoy it, but the anchovies here and there made for a jarring, very salty, taste in my mouth. I would not order this one again. But I liked the taste novelty of it all. Looking out front, from our porch. Great sunny day, it was. The view of Victoria Dr. from this chair. Fuzzy, but readable. Note: anchovies. And basil. Utensils of choice. Looks beautiful, even with the anchovies in there. And lastly, just eaten this past Wednesday, was a real fave of mine, now. With funghi, too! Note that I skipped the VESUVIO pizza. Too much spicy meats for myself. Piccante = HOT! So I skipped it. Yum right?!! Again all the meat cooked in the pizza. As well ....Chile Oil! A no-brainer to eat it all up, hmm? And....there it is. Five more visits to our local pizzeria, Neopolitan style.
  7. An article about the PNE's Opening weekend in today's newspaper (yes, we still read those), does mention that "Coaster will not be running, until next year." And that, as they say, is that.... hmmmph. Oh well. We're going to the PNE on Thurs. September 02. And enjoy what's there for us. But EDIT TO ADD: In the article, they give The Main Reason that Coaster is still down and will not open till next season... What I find a bit disappointing in all of this about Coaster, is that they could have explained this, right at the beginning of this season. If they'd already decided to go ahead with the major renovation, why not tell the public ASAP, too? Instead there was this "Coaster will not be operating/running this weekend," on their website. And on and on. Well, at least I hope I'll be able to ride and ride and ride Coaster again, next year!
  8. We saw Jungle Cruise this past week. It was fun. And 'busy'. And 3D! And I like Dwayne Johnson doing comedy/action roles. They suit him. And - the central female character had My Last Name! Houghton. I loved it!
  9. I didn't know where to ask this question, but... There is now a white band about 2 inches high, running along the bottom of my screen. This is the only site that this is happening. There is nothing in the band itself - just white. Thought I'd tell you, and ask if you know what's going on? P.S. Why is it, that even though I am in a specific thread, it lists as "No registered viewers viewing this page" ....?
  10. ^ Sending some BIG HUGS over to ya, Bert. And to Nick, too.
  11. Sad news. We saw them last at the PNE (2018?) when they had free seats, as well as the reserved middle section. Great show!
  12. I love in the art concept, they've made sure to totally fill the entire queue with 'people.' Very important to show, I'm sure.
  13. ^ Pre-show? Or .... they're pulling a WTF and putting the Gift Shop first in the queue .... followed by having to use lockers at the station. That was a joke.
  14. Looks great on the outside part of the coaster. Makes me wonder how (and where) the drop track part is worked into it?
  15. We're in the last weeks of July, and it's been really nice. Clear skies and temps at an average of 26C'/80F' every day. It's great!
  16. ^ I went to the park last Friday evening, to get some night shots of the rides. But honestly, the number of flats down, made it look pretty depressing. Hellevator, the launch/drop tower was still in it's place. But closed up. Scrambler wasn't even there where it usually was, within reach of Hellvator. So if Hellevator is "maybe" to be removed, it's area, plus where Scrambler was, equals quite a good sized chunk of space for a new ride/attraction. Add to that the Flume ride is down, too. Which creates more space available .... for "something big" in that entire front area of the park. Of course, certain rides down, could be a maintenance thing, or limited staffing, etc. Still, lots of dark spots there. Crazy Beach Party was still down, as well as Hells Gate. And without their night lights on, it's a dark passage way at the back of the park. I want to keep going back to the park, when I want to. I get free admission, having been a past 2020 Pass Holder. But until Coaster is up and running, it's a thing I'm not repeating as often as I'd want to. When I get myself organized, I'll post the night shots I took, including that "new walk-thru" they've put together, opposite the (also closed) Haunted Mansion.
  17. Been awhile, but I've made two new loaves since then... The first one is a repeat of the Cheese & Jalapeno Loaf I've made before. But I 'cut the cheese' (HA) into much smaller pieces than before, and really REALLY sliced the jalapeno pepper thin, still w/o seeds as that's too hot for my tastebuds. It turned out great, and we got through all of it in time. Then recently, I made what's called a 5 Seed Loaf, which consists of (duh) five seeds in it: Pumpkin ~ Sunflower ~ Sesame ~ Flax ~ Chia. Yes. "those Chia" seeds. Like one's old Chia Pet. Came out great, but - tastewise, I didn't taste much, if any, of the individual seed tastes I thought I would. Hmmm. Bread came out alright, but the Olive loaf and Cheese/Jalapeno loaf still top this one. For now. Looks great outside, but pretty meh inside, IMhO.
  18. Something new, to wander through, in Playland! Introducing Adventures in Happyland – Presented by BCAA "For this summer only, Playland and BCAA are taking you on a magical journey…. Get sucked down the rabbit hole into a storybook world where you’ll encounter enchanted creatures, explore a neon forest, be invited for tea, take some selfies, and ultimately escape the labyrinth. ( ^ Artwork and this photo, from the PNE) The Adventures in Happyland exhibit is included with Playland passes. As safety is our top priority, masks are strongly recommended while enjoying this walk-through experience." This is most likely "the Attraction-to-be," I encountered on my first visit to Playland, back in early June. Photos taken on June 6, 2021. It's mainly for kids and families, but still free, so worth a one time walk-through. To be continued... (P.S. Happyland is what Playland was originally called, back in the early1900's.)
  19. We did the glass enclosed "lovers car" back in 2013. It was a trip. Don't think I'd want to be standing up during my entire ride cycle on this, now. It was fun, while it lasted. July 3, 2013. And being able to sit was nice, too. TPR 2013 Japan Tour.
  20. I baked a new loaf of bread today. Woo hoo. But I didn't go to Playland cause I was having aches and pains so much; they haven't gone away, which is really pissing me off... It's all in my body "below the waist"... and the aches and pains just do not seem to GO AWAY. Pissing me off, and putting me off about usual stuff, like shopping on The Drive, and such, Pisses me off, still. I think it will go away, eventually. But for now FUCK IT ALL! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am done. Rant over. I can only FREEK OUT for so long, right? Fini.
  21. ^ It was! We enjoyed the rest of our Olive-Rosemary loaf after the picnic, and Clark emailed me that him and his partner really REALLY enjoyed the Cheese-Jalapeno loaf we gave him. Here's the pic of me and David with a friend and the O-R loaf, pretty much devoured by all. Myself, Trevor and David in the shot, with The Loaf in my hands. Thanks Clark, for taking all the great photos of us all!
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