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  1. So, could you describe what depth of water you were in, etc? I am curious, like others are, probably. And how big the pool?
  2. letting out a big slow sigh ... while listening to some astounding piano playing, classical, but FIERCE! that's it. thanks for the space.
  3. "Last of The White List"... Last Wednesday, I had the last "white based" pizza on the list at https://viateverepizzeria.com/ And I found it to be just as good as the first pizza of this kind, on the same list. The Tricolore pizza was just that. The three colours (if you include white) of the Italian flag. And the walnut pesto on it was soooooooooooooooo good! So good in fact, that I considered choosing 3 pizzas from this list to enjoy again, in the future. What's on it. And no, I am not planning to "make it vegan" any time soon. Everything set and ready for it. And here it is! Doesn't this look great? Had to do a close up on this one. With all that tomato and pesto on it. Mmmmm. New roof being installed on the apartment bldg. behind us. Done, with a small slice to go back to David.
  4. This new parade lineup looks great! Ohhhhh, to be able to get back there. In my dreams, for now.
  5. Wow, this is old, heh heh. Anyway, found this "Fave Candy By State" posting. Basically, it's a Main Fight between M&M's and Skittles. Interesting that they also left out Hawaii and Alaska. Hmmm.....
  6. So, for my information, is Six Flags:Mexico included here, as well? Just asking.
  7. It seems to me, that they accidently released cover art for Adele's upcoming album .... Adele 30. What's extra interesting to me, is that for this notebook, her name has dropped the second "e" = Adel. On both sides of the notebook. Hmmm.... Anyway, it's coming out soon YAAAAAAAAAAAA! Front of it.... ...and the back of it. I think it says "Queen Of/On Paper" underneath ADEL.
  8. Happy National Coming Out Day, everybody! ...and Happy Thanksgiving Canada, and Happy Columbus Day USA!
  9. I was there around Easter time in 1963 (ten years old), with my mom. After visiting Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, plans were to hit P.O.P. (which also stood for Pay-One-Price, one of the first parks to do that.) But - the times as they were - the park was closed on the day we visited, with an uncle we stayed with in N.Hollywood. I was so crushed, standing at the fence looking at that waterfall entrance. I cried and cried in the car, until Uncle Cy and my mom found a Mini Golf place for us all to do. It worked. I stopped crying, lol. There is a book out about the park. called "Pacific Ocean Park - The Rise and Fall of Los Angeles' Space-Age Nautical Pleasure Pier." I have a copy. And at the time, the Entrance Fee for all the rides and shows? 99 cents. Times have certainly changed since then, heh. EDIT TO ADD: By the way, "back then," Disney and Knott's actually closed for two days each week (I believe it was Monday-Tuesday for Disney and Wed-Thurs for Knott's) as a good will courtesy to the other park, etc. Truth! That's how we planned visiting both parks, with ease. The front of the hard cover book. ...And the back of it.
  10. ^ And Pets' moving "cardboard box" vehicles (omni-mover?) are nicely farther part from each other, than what we ride at (most) Disney parks. I always wondered, what it'd be like, if every other "Doombuggy" was removed from the omni-mover chain in Haunted Mansion...
  11. Been winning some ongoing $$$ these past few weeks, through my Scratch&Win tickets. Winning enough back, to usually pay for the next set of tickets. It feels good and nice, though small the winnings are.
  12. More awesomeness! Broadway.com just posted a video of the "SIX" Ex-Queens performing "No Way." It's GREAT!. https://www.broadway.com/buzz/201389/squad-up-watch-adrianna-hicks-sixs-royals-belt-out-no-way/ Enjoy. Catherine of Aragon, I believe? You go, girl!
  13. ^ I second that statement! 2014 TPR Scandi (w/Hansa) Tour ~ Myself, with one of Elissa's faaaaaaaaaaave mascots ...... not.
  14. And this awesome, unexpected announcement!!! And this comes out, while I am still watching Beanie as Monica Lewinsky in the current "Impeachment" series by Ryan Murphy. The whole article is here: https://www.broadway.com/buzz/201383/the-greatest-star-heres-a-first-look-at-funny-girls-beanie-feldstein-as-fanny-brice/ And these are the two images posted in that article. Woo hoo! The poster says it all - except that it's happening next year. The Funny Girl to be, herself - Beanie Feldstein! So looking forward to hearing her sing!
  15. Which becomes the more dangerous version of "faking your ID to get into a bar", which is (to me) so 1950s. But I fear that some twats are going to do just that. Fake their Covid Vaccination card(s), and try to get away with it.
  16. Today, I'd call this pizza ...... "Veggie Veggie, Fruit! Fruit!" And FYI - a tomato is classified as a fruit in the veggie-fruit markets. So the title works. Sort of, lol. This was an all-veggie pizza, with generous slices of zucchini and eggplant all over it. And "filets of tomato." Looked good, all of it. And it was sunny enough, but not too cool-ish, to sit outside again. Weapons (and beer) of choice. Um, this was all on one of the place's benches. It was all eventually bagged, safely. Yep, a really sunny afternoon, today. This was definitely a yum! Especially with splashes of chile oil on the slice(s). Done and done!
  17. ^ Dunno about that. Possible/probable. But I don't smoke cigarettes any more, so I didn't pay much attention to how they run it. Or go near it, lol.
  18. And I know this isn't everywhere in all the parks currently, but .... Playland(PNE) provided a "Rest Area" for those needing to breathe w/o the mask on. Rules were still applied as to distancing and number in the area, etc. And only for a short time, each visit. And they have a staff member there, like a standby nurse (heh) if somebody is wheezing and/or having probs, etc. And it's obviously NOT a smoking area. They provide that too, in another part of the park. Cigs only, sadly. So.... If your park provides the Rest Area, or a Rest Area of some kind, then go and take advantage of it. But wear the mask all - other - times. Eating/drinking in a single spot, excluded.
  19. I wasn't sure whether to post, or not. But ... We do have the Wooden Coaster, although it's been closed for Major Maintenance, etc. etc. And two other smaller coasters that parents can ride with their kids. But.... Edmonton Mall is a half day's drive to get there. And everything with coasters south of Vancouver, really starts in the San Francisco area. As noted before, Seattle's got nothing now, since the Fun Forest closed down. And there's Oaks Park near Portland, OR. Still... Vancouver isn't The Place To Be, for Major Coasters access, etc. EDIT: Oops. Totally forgot Wild Waves Theme Park, south of Seattle. So I stand corrected ... a bit.
  20. On Wednesdays, David is at his Rock & Gem Club, usually from noon to five pm, and lately a bit later than that. And during that time he's away, I do one or two things on my own. Maybe see a movie he's not interested in. Or the weekly pizza visit. That's all it is. Having some private time to do what I want to do, like he has. In other words, he has his rocks and gems. I have my pizza. We're both happy. And he still gets that slice too, lol.
  21. With my pizza, this past Wednesday, Mill St. Organic Lager.
  22. "Will that be a white or red pizza?" In the last two weeks, I got to try the same pizza, with two different bases: plain white and tomato red. And guess what? I actually preferred this pizza without the red tomato sauce on it. Surprised me! It tasted (the red) like the tomato sauce was "in the way" of the sausage meat and broccoli rabe. The white base allowed the flavours to shine through, better than with a red base, I felt. Here's the photos from both visits... Wednesday, Sept. 22 The Salsiccia e rapini pizza .... with the white base. Which reminds me. Garbage Day tomorrow. Still hanging on by a (sort of) "single thread. Looks just beyootiful! Definitely a good one, IMhO. And, David gets his slice, when I get home Wednesday, Sept. 29 Slightly wet outside, today. Same pizza. With the red base this time. Happily, the Mill St. Organic Lager was back. Surprisingly, I liked the pizza with the white base better, instead of the red. I did finish it all though, save for a slice to take home to David. But for now ... White > Red.
  23. ^ If that's the case, then it'll probably go something like "Escape From Gringotts" is at Universal Orlando. On coaster track, but stopped in spots (screens <here>), reversed, turntabled, spiraled, etc. etc. Just a guess here. (And don't forget that Mummy Ride there, too. Same style as above with track, and such.)
  24. Wierd to see a grassed area, with picnic tables, where the Stadium used to be. (I was last there, with Bert, in 2017) Great full TR of your visits there. And I think grabbing an all-round "Fast Pass" for coasters and rides is necessary for us out-of-towners. During these times.
  25. No! And that was David's "Very First Coaster" ride in Japan, when we toured with TPR in 2013! He looks so determined, with his hands in the air, there. Gotta love that in a guy. Pardon this sidebar. Now back to your regular Universal Studios Japan programming....
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