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  1. That would be why I had no idea, I only ever go in off season so I've never had to wait much if at all for Wildfire. I've only used that bubble machine thing in the queue once because I've never been in line long enough to get to it lol
  2. Sad to hear Flooded Mine has slipped back into a sorry state, and so quickly too. Our last visit was late 2020 and it had been fixed up pretty well after being how you described it now for some time.
  3. Not a lot of details yet but recent tragedy at the park. An employee in construction and maintenance has died on the job. https://www.kktv.com/2022/07/22/silver-dollar-city-employee-dies-after-incident-amusement-park/
  4. I think she'd like feeding the fish at the Shepherd of the Hills fish hatchery. 9-5 but closed Sun & Mon, and need to bring your own quarters for fish food; we havent been in a few years but afaik they don't have change machines on site.
  5. We stayed at Still Waters once and it was great, but overkill for us personally. There's a lot to do on the grounds for no extra fee but we are generally the 'just need a room' type. The biggest plus as far as SDC goes is as Tina said; being on Indian Pt road makes a huge difference getting into the park itself. Making it even easier is that Still Waters has a shuttle service to and from the park as well but make sure you check on the times it runs, I dont know their current policy but some resorts that provide this service don't always match the park hours.
  6. When are you planning to go? I personally don't like SDC as much in high summer (with the admission I don't tolerate extreme heat very well so YMMV). There's a good amount of stuff for kids that age to do but there's not a lot of ways to cool off, couple that with a lot of walking including some pretty substantial hills that can be daunting. I asked Mrs Phane if she'd like walking while pregnant up Hugo's Hill Street and she had some rather impolite words for me, my goodness.
  7. Those hand crafted, artisanal bulbs really do make all the difference. Glass sourced from genuine Sahara Desert sand, Filaments formed by an obscure order of monks who spend most of their days staring at the sun, worshiping light itself. You can really feel the craftsmanship when the smiley face portion of the routine comes up.
  8. 1. The area does but keep in mind that doesn't guarantee mean the cave tour itself will be running at that point. I dont know if you can definitively find out ahead of time; calling the day before might work? But yes absolutely spring for the lantern tour if your schedule allows. 2. Personally I usually hit Powder Keg first thing because A: it almost always will go down at least once during the day and B: it tends to get very long and slow moving lines, at least in part due to A because a good chunk will just sit in line til it's running again. A big caveat though is it isn't always up and running by the time the park's open, so that approach can really backfire on busy days. Your plan is fine though. Hit the swinging bridge on the way to TT! 3. If you want to ride Mystic River Falls, earlier is better. That line gets big even in off season; during the height of summer? No thanks!
  9. Repeatedly complaining that you are not being entertained in the manner that you desire, on a free website no less, is sure to get people to engage with you constructively. I'm sure it will work if you keep at it.
  10. Brendan just wandering around the park trying to get a coffee and all the monsters keep interfering
  11. Yeah a lot of people hate on Smuggler's Run but for me that was one of the high points of our trip. I know it's basically just a big video game but for me, piloting the falcon was almost literally a dream come true. And then looking over and seeing my daughter copiloting, a huge smile on her face, well I still tear up a little sometimes just thinking on it.
  12. One of the very very few rides to make me feel that way. Never been actual sick but super close, and a 2nd ride in a row would almost certainly do it. I've found closing my eyes during the video portions is a life saver. Which yes cuts out half the ride but once you know what the video is, its not the end of the world and you still get the great practical effects.
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