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  1. I really hope this works. I've wanted to go the park for a long time but I've been holding off because I want it to be the best it can be. And yes I know it's a great park LR or not but being there and not riding it, I know myself enough that it would bother me the entire time. Not least because it'd be a serious financial outlay for us so a return trip would not be guaranteed.
  2. The cave's first chamber is gigantic but there are some very tight spots further in. At the staging area, there's a simulation of the tightest point, so you could evaluate beforehand if you think you can manage it. It's about an hour tour. A lot of their coasters have been on one train operation for a long time now. The past few times I've been, ALL of them were on one train but I haven't been this year. This hurts Time Traveler really badly IMO, you'll get in line and it won't look too bad but then realize how sloooooowwly that line moves. Yes you will get soaked on the log flume. No single rider lines. You can buy a Trailblazer pass that does make a big difference for some rides but I never felt it was worth the cost. However, I believe you can purchase a single use pass for $15 and I can't deny I'd be tempted for Time Traveler, especially if I hadn't ridden it before. But I genuinely love the queue music so IDK
  3. Def going to check out that Top of the Rock tour, thanks for mentioning it. That sounds like it would be a great fit for us
  4. Not at all. It would fit with their aesthetic, and they don't have many dark rides . Bring it up to them! https://www.dollywood.com/contact-us/
  5. Ugh I feel your pain. We do like Stampede but I'm cheap so it's a very very rare visit. I'm always genuinely entertained by the slight insult of pig noises when they bring the main course out.
  6. They already have Dole Whip in the park, and now frozen cocktails? That sounds absolutely lovely for a break from the water park, will have to make sure to ask for an extra cup for mixing.
  7. That 'story' aka blog post is 5 years old and I wish I could bleach my mind of having read even a bit of it.
  8. I love Cabana Bay and never stay anywhere else, I even bought some shirts to match the aesthetic, but yeah if you want quiet, go elsewhere.
  9. They look a lot like the hiking trail shelters around here, with the sloped roofs and high windows. Feels a good fit for the resort.
  10. It puts that whole section of the park in a weird place though. Now there's no attractions in a pretty good sized chunk of land. At a stretch, the talking fountain? The speculation of the area being rethemed as a Legend of Zelda land is pretty neat and I'd love it, a lot of the existing stuff could be pretty much used as-is, but I dunno, I *like* that it's weird and its own thing; I like the shops you dont see in any other park (how many parks can you buy weapons at?!?), Mythos of course.
  11. Just saw that. Glad I got one last visit in when we went in February. Sad to see it go but also not terribly surprised.
  12. God no leave the parking lot alone, they'll use that as an excuse to charge even more to use it.
  13. Here we justify things of that nature as "We don't allow bad people to take away what we love". A big example is we are fans of Harry Potter and our family is full of every letter of LGBTQ. So despite JK not wanting my nephew to exist, we still went to Universal Orlando and enjoyed those sections of the park, because we weren't going to let her shittiness take that away from us.
  14. Management just announced that Wildcat will be closed for all of 2023 for restoration. Their wording implies it might stretch to 2024. "Since 1927, the Wildcat has delighted riders of all ages at Lake Compounce. It is an iconic part of our park's history, and we intend for it to be a cherished part of our park's future. With that in mind, our team has decided to begin a restoration project on the coaster that will create a more enjoyable experience for all riders. Wildcat will remain closed for the entirety of the 2023 season for the start of this improvement project."
  15. Well it's unavoidable as it's a completely political move from the get go. It's really difficult to speculate since it's such a unique situation. They are keeping the existing debt structure but it looks like they may use this new oversight to hit Disney in the wallet where they can. Stuff like the first responder pay increase mentioned in the article is a good example; it's a good idea and they deserve the pay, but Desantis and his like are operating out of spite, not good faith, so I think wariness is still warranted. This coming at the same time as the cast member pay disputes too.
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