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  1. I think I might start using some of those lines myself. 'Sir, you have to pay for these donuts. ' "Yes, there is some money that is owed, but let us work together as partners to make sure we are each taking a fair position."
  2. After some back and forth we decided to visit one last time for the year for Christmas in the park, and glad we did! We went on Sat 11/14 and had a wonderful time overall. Crowds were pretty low despite reservations theoretically filling up; I say theoretically because they weren't even checking reservations on park entry. I suspect the weather kept a bunch of people away, it was a little rainy in the AM, cleared up during the day, but we finished the night literally fleeing the park due to a tornado warning. Riding the parking tram while sirens were going off and my umbrella being destroy
  3. They let you ride twice in a row without leaving your seat to make up for all the previous down time.
  4. Holiday World had no qualms sticking me with strangers on the water coasters. I can't say I really enjoyed having some rando's feet and legs next to me lol but whatever
  5. Smart move for Jungle Cruise. When we went in September it wasn't busy but the line was still a mess. If waits get outside the building the line markers kind of meander a bit and that seems a consistent point where distancing breaks down, markers or not.
  6. We have been there various times throughout the year and our personal favorite time to go is mid September, past Labor day. Lowest crowds I've seen and the weather is still warm enough to do hotel pools and park water rides but not the full-on oppressive summer hot.
  7. We visited this past weekend for the Harvest Festival. We had a good but not great time. Good because the park decorations are beautiful, the weather was great (although a bit hot), and riding at night is just wonderful at SDC. Not great because, similar to my Spring visit, people's behavior is AWFUL. If anything it's gotten much worse than Spring. Next to no mask enforcement, you need one to get in but once inside the park then pretty much nothing. And forget social distancing, almost every ride we went on people were just flat out ignoring the spacing markers and one group actually
  8. Does it have a foot bar like some rafts do, where you can at least have a chance of keeping your shoes dry?
  9. Anyone visited recently and can comment on general crowd levels? Overall attendance seems to be down but first hand experience is always better. Putting together a visit for the Fall festival.
  10. We were at the parks last week, and HS on Tues 9/8. It was a *little* busier than expected but considering it was the day after Labor Day I think a slight uptick shouldn't have been a big surprise. We certainly got everything done with time to spare except for Rise, boarding passes filled in seconds and no 2PM slot opened at all, I dont believe they even got through all the 10A passes. Everything except Smuggler's Run was a walk on or 10 minute wait. Despite the lower crowds, one thing that was immediately obvious is that Black Spire Outpost does not lend itself to social distancing
  11. Makes me want to visit the park dressed as Spock and walk around with a puzzled expression
  12. Nice! Now that's what I'm talking about out. Well long as BD is open on Thurs and its not supposed to rain, I'll be going! I really need that cred again. I only got 1 ride on BD last time despite being their 3/4 of a day that was dead (long story short......GP friends lol) and it was 60 degrees and cloudy/drizzly. Not best conditions for a wood coaster. It was fun not quite what I hoped for. Perhaps the conditions, overhype etc but ready to try again! I feel your pain. I dont like going to parks with my parents, they are "We already rode that, why do you want to go on it again?" t
  13. Agreed. I can't believe how awful it is. Embarrassing almost. I will admit the gift shop is neat, I know how that sounds but it has a lot of stuff you dont see much of in a theme park, and my youngest son really likes toy cars and such.
  14. Thanks Kim. We were thinking of going but guest behavior is pretty much putting a stop to that. I have local 'friends' who are cheering it as the park to go to 'where you don't have to wear a mask.' If they're stepping up enforcement I might reconsider.
  15. This was our experience as well. No threat of loss on any ride, just minor shifting. With the benefit of hindsight I kind of wish SDC leaned into the whole mask thing more. They're pretty much uniquely situated to capitalize on it thematically. Have it be a 'train robber invasion' event, something along those lines. If you made a game of it, might get more willful compliance, etc.
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