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  1. I've done the lantern tour and it was worth every penny. You get into some parts of the cave that the regular tour doesn't go, there's actually remains of a cabin down one of the offshoots. If you can maneuver it, try to be at the back of the tour group, i found it interesting to occasionally look back into complete darkness (especially if you can lag back just a step or two and shut your lantern off for a moment). We haven't been in the cave for a long time, it was closed (along with Grandfather's Mansion) most if not all of last year. And due to our schedule we haven't been back yet this year; watch it have to close again by the time we go in the fall.
  2. I always appreciate how much of the full experience you capture in your reports, rather than just a laundry list of rides.
  3. YA is NOT kidding about getting gas before dark. I gather he's referring to a safety aspect but a fair amount of stations here close really early. I don't take the same route you'd be traveling, we live in the SE corner of MO, but I got in real trouble coming home from SDC once; we just couldn't find anything open. I swear the engine was sputtering when we finally found something.
  4. Oh it is, I just meant that I've talked to a couple staff members about it about seeing if there was a way to purchase a CD of it and they don't have a license to sell it, just to play it. They commissioned it from John Presley, of the Presley theater in Branson. So that tells me they know what they should and shouldn't be doing with music
  5. It's weird because they're definitely aware of the issue, for example I've had conversations with staff about the Time Traveler queue music and IP rights came up. Could be a thing of "well we've done it for so long without a problem so let's keep doing it." The more you think about it, the bigger problem it is for the park. As Woodie said the shows are a huge draw for that time of year and soak up a lot of guests. And I know it seems far away but from having worked in theater, redoing not one but multiple shows from scratch in what, 4 1/2 months? And have them be good? Short of a miracle, that's impossible. Redoing the music themselves seems like it'd work but again they run into not only a time crunch but a talent and money crunch. Bad situation for them.
  6. Maybe unpopular but I loved being able to reserve which park we were going to each day. It made planning so much easier for us. We don't go very often though, I can definitely see how it'd be a real pain in the ass for locals or people who visit frequently and just want to do what they feel like at the moment.
  7. That reminds of the time a woman complained to our little local water park in Cape Girardeau about getting wet on the lazy river.
  8. I keep asking the Time Traveler gift shop to sell a CD of the queue music, it's REALLY good. They won't because of rights issues but a fella can dream.
  9. I'm sorry but I just had to give an exasperated laugh. Why would they not use clear dividers, good grief can you even imagine the immediate and constant frustration of being a ride op in that situation
  10. Thinking of an early May visit as an early graduation present for my son. I think it'd be safe to assume capacity issues will wind down now that Spring Break is mostly over, yes/no?
  11. I always try Powder Keg first, as it's often temperamental and usually has the longest line even when not. Then Time Traveler which also frequently has a long line but it moves pretty quickly (and I really like the queue music, I asked the gift shop about a CD of it and they said no plans because of licensing cost). The other coasters at your preference, although Fire in the Hole sometimes gets lengthy waits as well. It never fails to surprise me how short the waits are for Outlaw Run, even when the park itself is otherwise busy. I generally tend to follow this pattern for coasters: Powder Keg, Fire in the Hole, and Wildfire in one clump, because you head down an almost shockingly steep hill to get to them and you don't really want to go back up that hill multiple times in one visit :) Then over to Outlaw Run, then to Time Traveler and Thunderation. Study the map ahead of time! SDC does not have the most intuitive layout and that's understating it. The flip side is it rewards exploration, there are lots of little touches and details that are so easily overlooked especially if you're laser focused on the next thing you're heading to. I would NOT wait over an hour for Mystic Falls unless you have literally nothing else to do, the elevator and big drop are great but for a one day visit there are better uses of your time IMO. If the wait time is less than that, then sure go ahead. Not saying it's a bad ride by any means, just that the throughput has been abysmal in our experience. The cave and Grandfather's Mansion are still closed which is a bummer but makes sense, so you can leave them out of planning at this time. Not visiting the cave frees up a big chunk of time.
  12. If the only change was that they painted the cars a new color you'd still get people claiming it rides different.
  13. I missed out on Disney California Adventure and really regret it. I had been in San Diego for a work conference and took an extra day to go to Disneyland as it was likely the only time I'd ever be on the West Coast. I waffled between getting park-to-park or just Disneyland but felt it was safer to go with one. I did everything I wanted in DL so quickly I easily could have done both parks. One little thing that has stuck with me though is just how great Disney customer service can be. CA has (had, not sure if its still there) a store just for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merch and he's my favorite character. It's within sight of the CA gates. It was about an hour before closing and I was heading to the train station but on the way out I took a chance and asked a cast member "Hi, I don't have a ticket but could I like run over to just that store?" 'Of course sir, come right in.' Who does that, honestly. I mean she easily could have seen if I went somewhere else lol the store is something like 20 feet from the gate, but still.
  14. Wait is that a real thing, Oswald's in that park? Oh dear my poor wallet
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