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  1. I keep asking the Time Traveler gift shop to sell a CD of the queue music, it's REALLY good. They won't because of rights issues but a fella can dream.
  2. I'm sorry but I just had to give an exasperated laugh. Why would they not use clear dividers, good grief can you even imagine the immediate and constant frustration of being a ride op in that situation
  3. Thinking of an early May visit as an early graduation present for my son. I think it'd be safe to assume capacity issues will wind down now that Spring Break is mostly over, yes/no?
  4. I always try Powder Keg first, as it's often temperamental and usually has the longest line even when not. Then Time Traveler which also frequently has a long line but it moves pretty quickly (and I really like the queue music, I asked the gift shop about a CD of it and they said no plans because of licensing cost). The other coasters at your preference, although Fire in the Hole sometimes gets lengthy waits as well. It never fails to surprise me how short the waits are for Outlaw Run, even when the park itself is otherwise busy. I generally tend to follow this pattern for coasters: Pow
  5. If the only change was that they painted the cars a new color you'd still get people claiming it rides different.
  6. I missed out on Disney California Adventure and really regret it. I had been in San Diego for a work conference and took an extra day to go to Disneyland as it was likely the only time I'd ever be on the West Coast. I waffled between getting park-to-park or just Disneyland but felt it was safer to go with one. I did everything I wanted in DL so quickly I easily could have done both parks. One little thing that has stuck with me though is just how great Disney customer service can be. CA has (had, not sure if its still there) a store just for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merch and he's my
  7. Wait is that a real thing, Oswald's in that park? Oh dear my poor wallet
  8. Oof that'll be a big loss (and IMO a big mistake) if they just get rid of it. But I can see them having to redo it from the ground up, that building really is very old. Hell, it's as old as I am, and I certainly could use a total refurb.
  9. I've been there twice in February. Both visits were moderately busy and got more so towards the end of the day for Mardi Gras stuff but nothing like big holiday crowds. I will say we didn't need express the times we went but it wasn't so quiet that it would have been a total waste of money. But yeah so much is out of the ordinary that an accurate prediction is difficult.
  10. They do indeed expect huge crowds. The two weeks around Christmas + New Year's are some of the busiest times of the whole year, if not the most busy. If you must go then express is pretty much your only hope.
  11. Ideal: Short Universal Orlando for just the Mrs and I - I broke a 5 year streak of visiting this year :( Whole family trip to Cedar Point - first visit Whole family trip to Dollywood - first visit. Have been holding out for Lightning Rod reliability Holiday World - possibly just my youngest and I, or maybe me, Mrs and youngest. He is a water park nut and he's never been here. At least 2 visits to Silver Dollar City - we went a bunch this year, actually this year was the most we've ever visited. The season pass renewal deal was too good to pass up. Realistic: Definitel
  12. I think I might start using some of those lines myself. 'Sir, you have to pay for these donuts. ' "Yes, there is some money that is owed, but let us work together as partners to make sure we are each taking a fair position."
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