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  1. 1. The area does but keep in mind that doesn't guarantee mean the cave tour itself will be running at that point. I dont know if you can definitively find out ahead of time; calling the day before might work? But yes absolutely spring for the lantern tour if your schedule allows. 2. Personally I usually hit Powder Keg first thing because A: it almost always will go down at least once during the day and B: it tends to get very long and slow moving lines, at least in part due to A because a good chunk will just sit in line til it's running again. A big caveat though is it isn't always up and running by the time the park's open, so that approach can really backfire on busy days. Your plan is fine though. Hit the swinging bridge on the way to TT! 3. If you want to ride Mystic River Falls, earlier is better. That line gets big even in off season; during the height of summer? No thanks!
  2. Repeatedly complaining that you are not being entertained in the manner that you desire, on a free website no less, is sure to get people to engage with you constructively. I'm sure it will work if you keep at it.
  3. Brendan just wandering around the park trying to get a coffee and all the monsters keep interfering
  4. Yeah a lot of people hate on Smuggler's Run but for me that was one of the high points of our trip. I know it's basically just a big video game but for me, piloting the falcon was almost literally a dream come true. And then looking over and seeing my daughter copiloting, a huge smile on her face, well I still tear up a little sometimes just thinking on it.
  5. One of the very very few rides to make me feel that way. Never been actual sick but super close, and a 2nd ride in a row would almost certainly do it. I've found closing my eyes during the video portions is a life saver. Which yes cuts out half the ride but once you know what the video is, its not the end of the world and you still get the great practical effects.
  6. I like the inclusion of physical props to use in that sabotage puzzle! Hopefully there's more of that sort of thing. Tactility can really help sell an illusion.
  7. It shouldnt be terribly surprising that park discussion is lighter when that park is closed for the season. Things will pick up in March.
  8. I love Cabana Bay and never stay anywhere else, but I've been super tempted by the higher tier ones that not only include Express Pass, but the water taxi. We took one from CityWalk once just for the hell of it and I can see that just being a lovely way to end a day at the park. CowFish at CityWalk is quite good, and I'm a huge Voodoo Donut fan. In-park you can't go wrong with Mythos but I also particularly like Three Broomsticks. And Florian Fortescue's has VERY good ice cream.
  9. I tried paying my rent with that one time I gave a guest extra napkins. It didn't work.
  10. One thing to keep in mind about the cave is while the tour itself takes an hour, you generally want to get in line 15 minutes earlier than the posted tour time, and probably more like 30 if the park is busy, because they have a group size limit, I want to say its in the mid 20s. It can be a pain to schlep back to the front of the park just to find the tour's already full for that time. You could spring extra for the last tour of the day, which is an upcharge but you go through with handheld lanterns instead of the built-in lighting and you go into areas of the cave beyond the normal tour route. Doing so reserves your spot in that tour. HIGHLY recommended if your schedule allows for it.
  11. I love Cabana Bay because the aesthetic totally matches my style but I can't really deny that Aventura is the better hotel otherwise.
  12. I've done a little character work and it's always great when you see a person with something that you can use to relate your role to, just adds a little extra personal touch.
  13. Terry is a literal treasure. On our last visit he was out front before opening and sweeping up the entry pathway in full costume. I asked him once if he ever had a bad day at work and he answered "When the park is closed."
  14. In addition to all the Silver Dollar City stuff listed above: The water tree. The talking railroad bucket. The ghost trap. (afaik currently not working ) The 'Dont look in here' section. All of these are off the beaten path to some degree or other and easily missed. At Universal Islands of Adventure there's a little 'pointless' walking path by Bluto's Barges that not only has nice views of the lagoon but has a bunch of little dioramas, most if not all featuring a dad-joke level of pun.
  15. God, don't give them any ideas. Chapek would just close half of it and cite it as a cost saving measure.
  16. If nothing else about Flight of the Hippogriff, if you're a HP fan the line is interesting at least in that there's a nice replica of Hagrid's Hut. And a pretty good animatronic of Buckbeak as you go up the lift hill.
  17. A person spending one day in a busy park? Yeah, advice on skipping rides that aren't worth the time is valuable. I mean what's next, telling them 'oh you can't miss out on Jimmy Fallon, nobody else has it' , have we really sunk that low
  18. Great report. I love that Dia De Los Muertos is gaining traction and acceptance, it's a lovely holiday
  19. If they ever do retheme Toon Lagoon and put that Krazy Kat & Ignatz display in the prop store then I'm in deep financial trouble.
  20. When in January are you going? If it's not the first week then I feel you could pull off both parks in one day as long as you have a game plan of what you want to ride.
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