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  1. Great TR from a kind of out of the way park! Love the photos of coasters with an active volcano behind them!
  2. ^See, these are why we should be making the creative decisions!!!
  3. I can vouch for the 'avoid the KD exit stuff'. We like the Hampton Inn Ashland. Bonus points for a ton of food options right around it. Check out Pepicelli's Pizza, it's a local place that's really good.
  4. It should have been "an epic battle between The Wolf Man, Dracula, The Mummy, and Brendan Fraser".
  5. I'm glad to see the McDonalds and Olive Garden are still in business! I did hear that the Famous Dave's closed before covid. Great report!
  6. Have they moved from SheiKra to IG or do we now have warring factions of wasps at BGT?!!?
  7. ^So great to have you post again and a TR from a park we don't get to see this often! Can't wait to see more!
  8. ^I know right?! It was actually pretty cool of SeaWorld to do. There was a covid rule that the events had to be outdoors and they stepped up and gave a decent price to many of the local schools so they could still have the dance.
  9. ^I will say that last year the way they ran the event they were able to open up a second section of the park for private events and run both simultaneously. Kristen had her homecoming dance in the Antarctica area with Kraken included while Howl o Scream was going on on the other side of the park!
  10. The pretzels have been a let down lately...so go in with low expectations and hopefully they are back to making them fresh and delicious!
  11. ^It has been announced that it will do boarding groups like how Rise used to. And with Resort Guests getting priority unless you're staying on site I wouldn't count on riding it.
  12. I don't think it's a secret that the BGT operations have left A LOT to be desired the last few years. It's really quite disappointing as the park is actually quite amazing, but if it's hot out and you're dealing with full queues with lackluster employees it can be annoying. Also, it's dumb putting ChickFilA in parks, I'm saying it!!!!
  13. Forget Halloween. DIN TAI FREAKING FUNG coming to disney was the best announcement of the day!!!! Not just for you guys over in SoCal who already have one like 20min away, but to me this is a gateway to getting one in FLORIDA!!!!!
  14. Yeah, it's common to name everyone remotely related to something, but also common to have most of that thrown out. Like if someone chokes and dies while a server looks on at Outback Steakhouse are you going to sue Icon Park?!!? Maybe, but they don't have direct culpability.
  15. ^The small drop tower really is the hidden gem of that park!
  16. ^That's a bummer to hear, I really need the parks to get back to where they were pre-pandemic!
  17. I think it's going to be a problem moving forward that a lot of the parks instituted annoying "covid" procedures and policy's and they're just going to stick around cause it's easier and cheaper!
  18. Maybe once they get their population vaccinated with a slightly more effective vaccine they will open up more.
  19. Just throwing in my opinion of Emperor. The ride itself is actually really good and probably in the top of the Dive Coasters. I love that it doesn't have a midcourse or the same repeat sections that so many of the dive coasters have. They do need to theme it up a bit more though, and KT and I got super sunburned while at the park!
  20. It's not a "park" the way they're talking about it on the news. Icon Park is just an outdoor area of I-Drive that has a ton of restaurants and shops NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANYWAY with the Slingshot Group/Funtime/Free fall accident. We eat at the Carrabbas, Outback, Shake Shack, and Yard House there all the time.
  21. ^Exactly. ^^Yeah, they know that, they're just showing that due to the tilt PLUS the forces on the brakes is why he slipped out.
  22. It's a horrifying and terrible accident. Clearly the restraint and body shape of the boy did not work. A seatbelt might have helped but we have seen this exact accident before. I'm sure we'll see FunTime add seatbelts to all of their towers now but we also have to be careful with OTSR's positioning.
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