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  1. ^I haven't been following the UAE stuff as much recently, but I can tell you from past visits that I wouldn't just race through the parks. IMG really blew us all away as they had some really fun rides and attractions as well as amazing food. Motiongate and Bollywood can probably be done in a day, but again, there are such bizarre attractions in Bollywood that you won't find anywhere else that it's worth taking some time. I mean, there's a ride where you're playing Cricket!!!?? The woodie has been testing for months, but this is also the country that has a giant coaster that's been sitting around for years so who knows. Please let us know how your trip goes!
  2. I don't want to make my final verdict just yet as I've only ever ridden Steel Vengeance on hot summer days/nights and I've only ridden Iron Gwazi on a cold Florida morning, but as of today SV is the better ride. Neither ride is in my top three RMC's. That being said, they're both incredible and better than 98% of the coasters on the planet!
  3. Robb and I rode Iron Gwazi this morning! Check our socials for a fun video! More videos and photos coming soon!
  4. ^Yeah, I mean, it's a big year round Six Flags park so you have to assume you will NEVER get all of the major credits in one visit. At least you got most!
  5. ^You mean, Disney doesn't have secret anti-gravity technology!?!?
  6. I just want to say I love all of you and this thread has brought me more joy than most roller coasters!
  7. ^I wouldn't stress about it yet like all of the terrible disney 'fans' are. It was literally installed two days ago and still also had a cherry picker next to it.
  8. While in line for Ice Breaker on Friday some random people walked by and said, "Oh, Darien Lake has this same coaster". I am still desperately trying to figure out what they could have confused Ice Breaker with at Darien Lake!?!??! LOL!!!
  9. The air time in the back car was a little better in my opinion, but yes, there are surprising pops in both the back and front.
  10. Rode Ice Breaker a couple of times today. I think it's a solid ride for the park and fits a well needed 48" height requirement demographic. If you want airtime, the back seemed to deliver better than the front. We'll have more video and photos up tomorrow! I still maintain the ride would be a lot better without the "Comfort Collars" which serve no restraint purpose.
  11. I'm actually really happy with both of these announcements! I love park resort hotels and I have no doubt Efteling will do an amazing job with this one. Also, I was never a fan of Spookslot so they can put anything in there and it will be an improvement for me!
  12. Is this for this season or next? Trying to decide if we should try to get over there and ride original Nemesis one more time if we have time!
  13. To be honest, I'm almost more excited about this one than any of the other SeaWorld/Busch Coasters! I mean, I get it, Iron Gwazi will be the best but we know what that one will be like. Pantheon is going to be super unique and very different from most coasters!
  14. I feel like there are a lot of uncovered stations in California. I always figured it was some weird flex about their good weather?
  15. I kind of hate the Kraken color!!! I mean, I don't really care and I'm sure I'll get used to it, but first glance I don't like it! So weird to see them have given up on Antarctica, but I do like the random penguins just set up in the ride path, probably better than the ride!
  16. I agree, would love to see a more IP based Disney Water Park! I'm shocked they haven't yet, and more shocked that Universal did the weird Volcano Bay instead of the Dreamworks Water Park!!!
  17. ^Yes, breakfast is included at the Legoland and Pirate Lego hotel.
  18. Looks like it stays up at the top for a decent amount of time too!
  19. ^Yeah, but Dubai was always known as the 'las vegas' for the arab countries/people. Saudi Arabia is the real deal and unless they get a LOT more lenient many of us will have trouble visiting there. I agree though, it's their country and people should support or hurt them with their money as that's what this all boils down for. And if you're a real credit person and you don't want to support them, try to go for as cheap as possible! Or make a donation to a womens or gay rights association to offset your trip. There are good karma options out there! I'd be interested to visit Saudi Arabia as it's a very strange country but has some amazing sites (not including the theme parks) but as a woman, of course many of their policies hurt and offend me.
  20. Yeah, I don't think money is the issue here, but I still don't know how/why this would happen!?!? I will wear my conservative clothes and tie down my head covering for a new intamin coaster like this though!
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