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  1. Just for a reminder: According to information obtained from Everland Community Cafe in Naver, there are two things to know: 1. Water Park reopening date is set as the first day of March 2020. This means this year's operation of water park is completely finished. 2. Everland will have Halloween Season this year, but there will be no zombies due to the corona. This means there will be no Horror Maze and Horror Safari this year. Only Horror Amazon Express will operate at night time.
  2. Emergency Notice Caribbean Bay has closed down again, after the alert that infected guest visited there on Aug. 18. It was a middle school student who visited there with his friends.
  3. I won't go to theme parks until the cure for the virus is found. I prefer experiencing the full, live theme park, filled with everything I love like parades, shows, character greetings. So for me, just going to theme park this year isn't worth it.
  4. I just got breaking news about Coronavirus in South Korea. Lotte world announced they will be closing their doors following: June 7, June 8, Reopening on June 9. This happened due to the fact that the infected guest visited the park on June 5, last Friday. I checked Facebook and one Lotte World employee asked people to self-isolate if you have visited Lotte World at last Friday. Currently, lots of people are expressing outrage, stating 'who thought it was a good idea to visit a theme park while Coronavirus is at full swing?' In addition, Lotte World announced they will be shuttin
  5. https://blog.naver.com/everland5000/221891310314 According to the news from the Korean blogger and Everland Community Cafe in Naver, Everland got some strong measures to combat Coronavirus. 1. You MUST wear mask to get in. Anyone without masks won't be allowed to enter. No mask, no entry. 2. Your body temperature will be checked upon entry. 3. The following rides are closed until further notice: Hello Turning Adventure, Kidscovery, Ball House, Spooky Fun House, Kids Village, VR Adventure, Shooting Ghost, Lenny's Magic School, Space Tour, Robot VR, Gyro VR 4. All parades and fi
  6. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] More Info More info and pictures Everland just opened a new attraction called 'Raptor Ranger'. Raptor Ranger is like an escape room, where you have to find five code numbers spread in the area, and put them in to open the exit gate while avoiding raptors. 'Raptor Ranger' theme story: Guests visit the secret army research base, where Raptors are born back to life by modern technology and DNA. This work is called 'Everland Resort's Dinosaur Creation Project'. Everland is making 'Superpower Raptor', or 'Raptor Ranger', which is a special group of raptors
  7. Don't forget, that Gyro VR and Robot VR has changed the ride film. (Both requires riders to purchase a new ticket: only credit/debit card is accepted. Use Kiosk next to ride to buy a ticket and reserve a time.) 1. Robot VR: Homecoming In the future, there is a big aquarium called 'Aqua Dream.' In here, the most popular thing is 'robot fish', a highly intelligent, high-technological robot built in this aquarium. One day, a new fish called 'Discus' appears and offers robot fish to explore the ocean and the outside world. To everyone's surprise, robot fish accepts an offer and th
  8. Ride Videos have been discovered. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Theme Story ( with my theme): In Hong Kong Disneyland, right next to Ironman experience, by the Stark Expo, the new section has just opened to the public. It is 'S.H.I.E.L.D. Science and Technology Pavilion', where S.H.I.E.L.D.’s latest technological developments are shown, and shows the guests how S.H.I.E.L.D. uses technology and science to protect our world. However, there is a big emergency situation right now. Arnim Zola, and his forces of Hydra is attacking Stark Tower (Ironman exp
  9. I got some news in South Korea... 1. Gyeongju World Diving Coaster, 'Draken' opens to the public (First day of May) Draken, the first diving coaster in Korea, opened to the public in the first day of May. The place where Draken is located named as 'Darken Valley'. The theme is based on Norse mythology, taking place after 'Ragnarok', a great battle that resulted in deaths of major gods like Odin, Thor, Freyr etc. Draken Valley Theme Story: It's been years after 'Ragnarok'... Skaði, awaken in 2018, freezes the world with her magic. The only way to stop her magic and save
  10. Check out some videos from Blood City. I visited Everland like 5-6 times for Halloween. Zombie Make up for this year I enjoyed Horror T Express, Horror Safari (Costs Extra, limited), Horror Amazon Express, and Crazy Zombie Hunt. For this year's Halloween, Everland used some hologram technology, provided by Panasonic. 1. Horror T Express Watch hologram video of zombies trying to brake-in to T Express station. This T Express train is only way out of Blood City. Be careful of any zombies that could be waiting when you're exiting T Express. 2. Crazy Zombie
  11. -For the first time, in August 30, one brilliant visitor managed to pass all three levels and managed to win a trip to England. Remember that Secret Mission that I stated before?? It was paid attraction that you play to escape. https://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1216325_10436.html Secret Mission: Investigation team stated that they are still hostages locked up in abandoned lab of Dr.K. Save the hostages, escape and tell the world how monster Dr.K. is. If you do, you will be rewarded with a trip to England. There are three levels you must pass and escape. If you
  12. m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=055&aid=0000565161 Lotte World got criticized by the public again, this time due to zombie figure they displayed in the park. According to the news, this zombie figure showed like woman trapped in the box like a meat. In addition, another zombie figure is like a baby coming out from the pregnant woman. Public stated that they are concerned about kids visiting the park, and it's awful and disgusting. Lotte World cleared that figures off the park due to following complaints.
  13. Everland just announced new theme for Halloween: Blood City Theme Story: In 2007, Virus infected Zombies took over city, putting whole city in chaos and panic. Special Force has been dispatched to take control, but no one survived. Korean Government immediately put Everland in quarantine, not allowing anyone from entering there. It's been 10 years after the incident, and It's almost Halloween. We've just received a distress signal moments ago in the quarantined area. Mr. Hunter, who lost the wife (she was a doctor who worked about virus) 10 years ago, decided to ma
  14. Lotte World issued an apology about Fly Venture incident. www.lotteworld.com/notice/view.asp?cmsCd=CM0051&ntNo=431 Lotte World stated that they will close Fly Venture until further notice. It's top priority of theme parks to work hard to disembark riders first when something goes wrong in the ride. I think Lotte World was criticized by failing to disembark riders first and failing to comfort panicked riders. In addition, Bumper Car in Magic Island will be closed until Nov. 7. One final Reminder is VR attraction, Zombie Walk and Zombie Attack became permanent attraction in
  15. I searched about the recent incident, that new attraction: 'Fly Venture' got stuck with 70 riders. They were stuck in there like 3 hours. Lotte World is getting some outrage from public due to the fact that they didn't called emergency personnel. When the fire fighters arrived to rescue 70 riders, It was revealed that one of the riders called fire fighters. Also, Lotte World told riders to stand still, doing that for a hour, without doing anything helpful to riders. news.kmib.co.kr/article/view.asp?arcid=0011665587&code=61121211&cp=nv It all started when one of the rid
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