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  1. Can't believe even phone's owner was so irresponsible! This is the reason why roller coasters in my country strictly say 'no' to smartphones on the ride. One park I know even displays one damaged smartphone they found below the coaster, adding the fact it hit another rider on the hand, causing the injury. I think it was 'T-Express'. 답글
  2. https://news.naver.com/main/read.naver?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=214&aid=0001173931 Everland just got hit with the disaster, which is criminal case. Woman (who was the guest) detected suspicious activity in the woman's restroom near the Snow Buster (sled riding area). It was revealed that someone was filming secretly with the phone, from the next room. According to victim's statement, culprit was covered with the coat, while trying to act like a woman. He tried to flee to man's restroom, but arrested. According to police, it is assumed that the man used the backdoor of the woman's bathroom to get in there. It was revealed that the culprit was a part-time employee of Everland. According to media, Everland had another incident of spycam last month (for this incident, culprit escaped undetected, and case remains unresolved).
  3. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2022/01/113_321998.html It's extremely tragic event for Everland...
  4. Indian multinational news channel, WION, just released a video report featuring Everland.
  5. The Light of Hope from Sonic Forces It's my favorite, since it raises me up in the pandemic.
  6. Before going to a new park that I don't know, I always check the park's website. In the website, I check for park hours, refurbishment schedule (meaning check which rides will be closed on the day of the visit), complete map of the park, any seasonal events taking place (like Halloween, Christmas), directions to reach the park , shows and parades, whether the park has an official app on the mobile etc. After that, I always make reservation for tickets, so I can go directly to the entrance gate once I arrive. When making reservation, I check for extras that can be added on my purchase, like paid line-jumping (Ex. Express ticket in Universal Studios, Flash Pass in Six Flags) and dining deals. Things I buy in website depends whether the park is easily reachable or takes a lot of time to arrive. If the park is easily reachable, like local theme parks, I always go for a general entry ticket with no extras. On the other hand, if the park is in foreign country or so far away, I always buy extras like VIP ticket so I can have best experience, while making reservation on hotel if I think I need an extra day. In addition, I always check for weather forecast so I don't ruin the day by the rain or inclement weather. Finally, I check for facilities in the park, like restroom, phone recharging service etc. Oh, about phone recharging service...it is the facility that my local theme parks provide. You have to drop some money to use it, but it fully recharges smartphones, so phone battery doesn't go dead in the park. On the day of the visit, arriving at the gate early is theme park survival tip 101. I always rush to the popular rides so I can ride it with less wait time, and after that I look at the map and take some time to determine next ride that I will be riding on. Due to my personality of being shy and not much being a talker, I prefer ordering food in kiosks and mobile. If there is any show or parade that I want to watch, I go to the spot early so I can get a best view. Then, I have fun until the park closing time. This is how I visit the new parks.
  7. https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=001&aid=0012488346 https://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1222075_10436.html Everland just announced they will be no after-shows (where people come out and get hit by water right after main performance ends) in 'Shooting Water Fun' performance, due to the media article, revealing that authorities alerted the Gyeonggi-do and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to investigate, fearing there is serious risk of virus spread due to lack of social distancing and masks becoming ineffective after getting wet.
  8. Just for a reminder: According to information obtained from Everland Community Cafe in Naver, there are two things to know: 1. Water Park reopening date is set as the first day of March 2020. This means this year's operation of water park is completely finished. 2. Everland will have Halloween Season this year, but there will be no zombies due to the corona. This means there will be no Horror Maze and Horror Safari this year. Only Horror Amazon Express will operate at night time.
  9. Emergency Notice Caribbean Bay has closed down again, after the alert that infected guest visited there on Aug. 18. It was a middle school student who visited there with his friends.
  10. I won't go to theme parks until the cure for the virus is found. I prefer experiencing the full, live theme park, filled with everything I love like parades, shows, character greetings. So for me, just going to theme park this year isn't worth it.
  11. I just got breaking news about Coronavirus in South Korea. Lotte world announced they will be closing their doors following: June 7, June 8, Reopening on June 9. This happened due to the fact that the infected guest visited the park on June 5, last Friday. I checked Facebook and one Lotte World employee asked people to self-isolate if you have visited Lotte World at last Friday. Currently, lots of people are expressing outrage, stating 'who thought it was a good idea to visit a theme park while Coronavirus is at full swing?' In addition, Lotte World announced they will be shutting down 'Kid's Sightseeing Car' and 'Beluga's Talk Show' permanently. Oh, and did I mention that Lotte World also permanently shutdown 'Undersea Kingdom theme park', the theme park that belonged to children, on May 31?
  12. https://blog.naver.com/everland5000/221891310314 According to the news from the Korean blogger and Everland Community Cafe in Naver, Everland got some strong measures to combat Coronavirus. 1. You MUST wear mask to get in. Anyone without masks won't be allowed to enter. No mask, no entry. 2. Your body temperature will be checked upon entry. 3. The following rides are closed until further notice: Hello Turning Adventure, Kidscovery, Ball House, Spooky Fun House, Kids Village, VR Adventure, Shooting Ghost, Lenny's Magic School, Space Tour, Robot VR, Gyro VR 4. All parades and firework shows are canceled. 5. Park changed operation hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 6. While waiting for rides, Everland will try to maintain social distancing, so you may have to wait for longer than usual waiting time that is posted outside. 7. Water Park: Caribbean Bay is closed until further notice.
  13. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] More Info More info and pictures Everland just opened a new attraction called 'Raptor Ranger'. Raptor Ranger is like an escape room, where you have to find five code numbers spread in the area, and put them in to open the exit gate while avoiding raptors. 'Raptor Ranger' theme story: Guests visit the secret army research base, where Raptors are born back to life by modern technology and DNA. This work is called 'Everland Resort's Dinosaur Creation Project'. Everland is making 'Superpower Raptor', or 'Raptor Ranger', which is a special group of raptors that can be used in the military missions. However, we got an emergency. The power of the research base is suddenly cut off, freeing all the raptors from the cage. Raptors are currently roaming around in the area, devouring anyone in the sight. The only hope of your survival is searching the area for the 'Mission Levers'. When you active the 'mission lever', it will reveal one of the five numbers that are needed for escape. There are five mission levers, meaning you have to find five numbers that will open the escape door. Also, time is limited, so be quick or you will be Raptor's next meal. Be in mind, this attraction requires to obtain an entry ticket (no extra charge) from the ticketing area near the attraction. It's the area where 'raptor ranger ticket' sign is posted. In addition, if you wish to use this attraction, be careful about these two important facts: 1. I strongly recommend to visit Everland in the opening time and quickly go to the ticketing area and obtain an entry ticket. The number of entry tickets that are issued each day is limited, so if you come after afternoon, entry ticket could be sold out. Once again, the entry ticket for this attraction is limited, so be quick if you want to experience this attraction. 2. Raptor Ranger is not suitable for little kids and children. This attraction is full of scary raptors, special effects and loud noises that can easily frighten children, and many visitors reported that children and babies burst into tears by the fear. If you are trying to experience this attraction with children or babies, take extra care since they can get scared, and it's not a good idea to experience this attraction with babies and toddlers.
  14. Don't forget, that Gyro VR and Robot VR has changed the ride film. (Both requires riders to purchase a new ticket: only credit/debit card is accepted. Use Kiosk next to ride to buy a ticket and reserve a time.) 1. Robot VR: Homecoming In the future, there is a big aquarium called 'Aqua Dream.' In here, the most popular thing is 'robot fish', a highly intelligent, high-technological robot built in this aquarium. One day, a new fish called 'Discus' appears and offers robot fish to explore the ocean and the outside world. To everyone's surprise, robot fish accepts an offer and the pair start their wonderful journey... 2. Gyro VR: 1 inch VR You discover a strange marble and you're shrunk to the size of 1 inch, like Antman. What adventures and dangers await you? 3. News: 'Lost Valley: Wild Road' will open on April 8. Lost Valley: Wild Road 'Lost Valley: Wild Road' theme story: There is a rumor of animals suddenly vanished with the treasure that contains great power. Lots of explorers and adventurers tried to find the animals and the treasure, but no one managed to find it...until now. Moments ago, George T. Wild and his team of explorers have discovered a new road in Lost Valley, called 'Wild Road'. What animals and adventures are hiding there? Only one way to find out...ride in an exploration vehicle! Tip: Sadly, according to the news from my country, the vehicle will no longer go into the water. 4. Everland issues campaign to wait in the line properly. Everland Waiting Line Campaign Looks like there are still some people cutting in the waiting line. Everland just issued a campaign to ask guests to wait in the line properly. -If you're visiting with the group, all the group members who wish to ride must wait in the line together. Letting other group members to cut in the line later is counted as a line cutting. -If you have to leave the line for the moment for any reason like buying food or using the restroom, let the guests in front and in the back know about it. Don't forget to notify this to the attendant at the entrance, too.
  15. Ride Videos have been discovered. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Theme Story ( with my theme): In Hong Kong Disneyland, right next to Ironman experience, by the Stark Expo, the new section has just opened to the public. It is 'S.H.I.E.L.D. Science and Technology Pavilion', where S.H.I.E.L.D.’s latest technological developments are shown, and shows the guests how S.H.I.E.L.D. uses technology and science to protect our world. However, there is a big emergency situation right now. Arnim Zola, and his forces of Hydra is attacking Stark Tower (Ironman experience), and he also sent an army of Swarmbots to steal the 'data core', which contains highly classified information. I'm S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, trained in Busan, South Korea. As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., I can tell this is a simultaneous attack launched by Hydra. Tony (Ironman) is currently busy, trying to protect the tower, so Antman and Wasp arrived to help. Your mission is to ride on to 'Dagger (D/AGR – the Defense/Assault Ground Rover)' and use the EMP Blasters on the vehicle to shoot the Swarmbots and defeat Zola. Don't let data core fall into the hands of Hydra! Oh, by the way...about me... For a limited time, S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited new people to be an agent in Busan, South Korea. I gladly answered the call and trained to be an agent. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]At that time, I fought with Red Skull, Viper (Madame Hydra) and MODOK. Red Skull and Viper was captured, but MODOK managed to get away. However, S.H.I.E.L.D. viewed me as worthy enough, so I became a new agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Currently, S.H.I.E.L.D. is recruiting new agents in Bangkok, Thailand.
  16. I got some news in South Korea... 1. Gyeongju World Diving Coaster, 'Draken' opens to the public (First day of May) Draken, the first diving coaster in Korea, opened to the public in the first day of May. The place where Draken is located named as 'Darken Valley'. The theme is based on Norse mythology, taking place after 'Ragnarok', a great battle that resulted in deaths of major gods like Odin, Thor, Freyr etc. Draken Valley Theme Story: It's been years after 'Ragnarok'... Skaði, awaken in 2018, freezes the world with her magic. The only way to stop her magic and save the world is finding the treasure that represents four elements: Water, wind, fire, earth and finally an 'absolute ring', represents 'love'. Our hero, 'Peter' is ordered by 'Odin' to find these treasures and stop Skaði. Actually, you are 'Peter', and I managed to track down locations of these treasures. 1. Water: Snow Park, resist snowstorm and speed! (Note: Only available in Winter) 2. Wind: Dragon Race, resist the powerful flight of baby dragons! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzOCoon_rpk 3. Fire: Klake, Klake is a firebird that 'Thiazi', father of Skaði, transformed to keep you away from the treasure. Resist his powerful attack! 4. Earth: I located the treasure in the rocky mountain of 'Fenrir', near Draken. 5. Absolute Ring, Love: Draken has an absolute ring. Resist his attack and find the ring and save the world! I managed to find some videos by brave thrill-seekers and heroes out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOCr1u3K4GA Draken is mostly dispatched with the announcement from the speaker. Here is a translation of Draken dispatch announcement: To find the five treasures to save the world...Draken, take off! 2. Everland opens 'Mystery Mansion' after refurbishment Everland opened 'Mystery Mansion', a ride where you shoot ghosts with your gun, after a long refurbishment. Refurbishment made new pre-show, new ride vehicle, and new ride experience including screens. It's in a soft-opening, so it's in some technical difficulties and can close anytime. Mystery Mansion theme story: 300 years ago, this mansion belonged to Count Mysterious. Everyone had a good life, until ghosts, who wanted this place, attacked and took over the mansion. Since residents of mansion didn't have any way to fend off the ghosts, you are called in to take care of ghosts. Your mission is to take out ghosts with the guns, mounted on the ride vehicle. The residents, including the butler who takes charge of pre-show, are counting on you. Take out ghosts and save the mansion! Tip: Shoot ghosts, and you must work together to take down the final ghost. Be quick, or final ghost will get away and you will lose. Take down the final ghost in time to save the mansion, or else the ghost will escape and you won't be able to save the mansion. 3. Lotte World Gyro Drop VR: Zombie Drop opens to the public Age limit: 15 years old, height limit: 130cm www.lotteworld.com/notice/view.asp?cmsCd=CM0051&ntNo=476 Lotte World Gyro Drop has opened new VR experience for riders. The new VR experience is called 'Zombie Drop'. Go up to the drop tower and plunge down while trying to survive the zombie attack! Lotte World Gyro Drop 'Zombie Drop VR' theme story: A terrible zombie virus has been spread across Seoul. Seoul has been overrun by zombies The city is overrun, and more and more people are dying. You have no choice but abandon the city, and escape. However, lots of zombies are heading in your way. It's a matter of time before this place is overrun. South Korean SWAT Team is in the scene to protect you Good news is SWAT Team have arrived to help you escape the city. They're doing anything they can to protect you, so hang on, and survive. Scene in the VR...Seoul City is overrun by zombies.
  17. Check out some videos from Blood City. I visited Everland like 5-6 times for Halloween. Zombie Make up for this year I enjoyed Horror T Express, Horror Safari (Costs Extra, limited), Horror Amazon Express, and Crazy Zombie Hunt. For this year's Halloween, Everland used some hologram technology, provided by Panasonic. 1. Horror T Express Watch hologram video of zombies trying to brake-in to T Express station. This T Express train is only way out of Blood City. Be careful of any zombies that could be waiting when you're exiting T Express. 2. Crazy Zombie Hunt (Performance) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Be sure to get your spot early as possible, or you will be forced to see from way behind. 3. Horror Amazon Express [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] We've got a news of strange creatures appearing in Amazon Express, with the news of some missing people. 4. Horror Safari (This attraction requires ticket with extra cost. It runs out quickly, so buy a ticket once you arrive at Everland.) [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] You're the one of survivors who fled to Safari, located to the east of Blood City. You're riding a bus that will take you to the sanctuary. Be careful that some zombies made into Safari. My Everland outfit for Halloween I themed myself as a ZPD officer for this year's Halloween, again. (Safari is located in Zootopia section in Everland)
  18. -For the first time, in August 30, one brilliant visitor managed to pass all three levels and managed to win a trip to England. Remember that Secret Mission that I stated before?? It was paid attraction that you play to escape. https://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1216325_10436.html Secret Mission: Investigation team stated that they are still hostages locked up in abandoned lab of Dr.K. Save the hostages, escape and tell the world how monster Dr.K. is. If you do, you will be rewarded with a trip to England. There are three levels you must pass and escape. If you pass first level, you will be rewarded with Q-Pass (Ignoring Stand-by Waiting Line) for T-Express or Amazon Express. (I recommend T-Express).
  19. m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=055&aid=0000565161 Lotte World got criticized by the public again, this time due to zombie figure they displayed in the park. According to the news, this zombie figure showed like woman trapped in the box like a meat. In addition, another zombie figure is like a baby coming out from the pregnant woman. Public stated that they are concerned about kids visiting the park, and it's awful and disgusting. Lotte World cleared that figures off the park due to following complaints.
  20. Everland just announced new theme for Halloween: Blood City Theme Story: In 2007, Virus infected Zombies took over city, putting whole city in chaos and panic. Special Force has been dispatched to take control, but no one survived. Korean Government immediately put Everland in quarantine, not allowing anyone from entering there. It's been 10 years after the incident, and It's almost Halloween. We've just received a distress signal moments ago in the quarantined area. Mr. Hunter, who lost the wife (she was a doctor who worked about virus) 10 years ago, decided to make a investigation team to venture inside this Blood City. He put you on his team, and prepare to discover secrets and survive. Attractions include: 1. Horror Amazon Express: Ride a river rapids ride full of zombies and deranged animals. 2. Horror T-Express: This is only way out. Hang on!! 3. Horror Safari: Investigation Team has just fled to Safari to avoid Zombies. Is this safari is safe enough?? 4. Horror Maze: According to investigation team, this zombie virus was made by side effects of vaccine made by Dr.K. 5. Secret Mission: Investigation team stated that they are still hostages locked up in abandoned lab of Dr.K. Save the hostages, escape and tell the world how monster Dr.K. is. If you do, you will be rewarded with a trip to England. These attractions are still being investigated. Update coming soon: 1. Horror VR: Expected to be Horror Maze VR. 2. Crazy Zombie Hunting: It could be a zombie stage show. 3. Zombie make-up: Zombie make-up returns this year. Get a scary zombie make-up and try to terrorize everyone in Everland!
  21. Lotte World issued an apology about Fly Venture incident. www.lotteworld.com/notice/view.asp?cmsCd=CM0051&ntNo=431 Lotte World stated that they will close Fly Venture until further notice. It's top priority of theme parks to work hard to disembark riders first when something goes wrong in the ride. I think Lotte World was criticized by failing to disembark riders first and failing to comfort panicked riders. In addition, Bumper Car in Magic Island will be closed until Nov. 7. One final Reminder is VR attraction, Zombie Walk and Zombie Attack became permanent attraction in Third Floor. It's free (no additional charge), but you have to make reservation if want to use it. My favorite is Zombie Attack. www.lotteworld.com/app/attrctn/view.asp?cmsCd=CM0012&ntNo=55&pUseYn=Y&pPstnCd=&pCategCd=&pVisitDt=2017-08-18&pSrc=&pSrcTemp= Zombie Walk VR: There has been deadly accident in the secret lab, and you are only survivor in there. Good thing is you have a flashlight. Find the Key Card, and ride an elevator, then open the door and escape. Hurry up, Zombies are coming to get you!! www.lotteworld.com/app/attrctn/view.asp?cmsCd=CM0012&ntNo=54&pUseYn=Y&pPstnCd=&pCategCd=&pVisitDt=2017-08-18&pSrc=&pSrcTemp= Zombie Attack VR: It's based on previous Horror Halloween season in Lotte World. Oh no, Looks like Director H is back with his zombies to rule Magic Island and he is causing massive chaos and panic in Lotte World Magic Island. You are dispatched to Lotte World Magic Island to stop Director H and his zombies. Armed with duel pistol, Shotgun and Machine Gun, you have to take out zombies and defeat Director H and save Magic Island before it's too late. (My tip: Use machine gun for zombies, and use shotgun for Director H.) Hurry up. If you fail, whole Lotte World Adventure and Seoul City will be overrun by zombies!!
  22. I searched about the recent incident, that new attraction: 'Fly Venture' got stuck with 70 riders. They were stuck in there like 3 hours. Lotte World is getting some outrage from public due to the fact that they didn't called emergency personnel. When the fire fighters arrived to rescue 70 riders, It was revealed that one of the riders called fire fighters. Also, Lotte World told riders to stand still, doing that for a hour, without doing anything helpful to riders. news.kmib.co.kr/article/view.asp?arcid=0011665587&code=61121211&cp=nv It all started when one of the riders decided to get off and signaled staff to stop the ride. Staff tried to reset the ride, but something went wrong and ride didn't reset to original position. Public is mainly blaming Lotte World for not taking things seriously, but some people are blaming the rider who signaled staff to stop the ride. Blaming to the rider includes: "If you're scared, you shouldn't ride it in first place." " One person ruined others' experience." When I analyzed this, some people blamed the rider who signaled staff to stop the ride. This is because, if you stop the ride due to your problem in body condition (including vomit, dizziness etc.) that's fine, but this rider just signaled staff to stop the ride just because she got scared. Well, Fly Venture will be shut down for 2 weeks in response to this incident.
  23. www.lotteworld.com/notice/view.asp?cmsCd=CM0051&ntNo=419 One important reminder from Lotte World about French Revolution and Gyro Drop VR. I translated it for you. VR function in Gyro Drop and French Revolution will be unavailable for the following date. This means these two rides will be run as a normal only, without any VR. According to Lotte World, they're developing new VR content for new experience. 1. Gyro Drop VR: 1st day of July- August 31, Expected to return in 1st day of September 2. French Revolution VR: 1st day of July- November 31, Expected to return in 1st day of December http://www.lotteworld.com/webzine/2017summer/index.html -Also, 'Cool Water, Hot Samba' Season has started. It will take place in Lotte World from June 24 to August 27. Most important change in this season is 'Cool Water', which takes place in Magic Island. First, all areas near the magic castle has named as 'Wet Zone', as water cannon is installed. Also, Lotte World provided some 'Dry Zones', where you can dry yourself when you're soaked. Be sure to check the Lotte World homepage for show times, so you don't miss it!! Important Reminders for anyone visiting Lotte World in this season: 1. Be sure to get your water gun ready.You can buy it from Magic Island if you don't have one. 2. Be sure to use water-proof camera. You don't want your camera to be broken down by getting wet. 3. Prepare some extra clothes so you can change it in the toilet. You don't want to ride a public transportation in the wet clothes!! Entertainments include: 1. Water Play Time (Last Video in this post): Get soaked by water cannon while listening to music! I recommend visiting in weekdays, since it happens in 4 times in weekdays, and 2 times in weekend. 2. Exciting Water Gun Battle (Included in the second video in this post): Work as a team!! In the limited time, you must use the water gun provided and fill the tank by shooting the eyes in the skull. However, actors dressed up as a pirates will work hard to stop you. Clear the mission while resisting brutal water gun attack from pirates. 3. Water Nanta Show (Included in the second video in this post): Watch great music performance with water cannon!! However, this show only takes place in weekend. Also, it's only performed once. (2:30 p.m. on weekend) 4. Water Balloon Boxing (Included in the second video in this post): 2 people are required to play this. In limited time, One partner throws the water balloon to teammate and teammate, equipped with boxing gloves, must punch the water balloon. Team punches most water balloons wins, and will receive special gift. 5. Water Boom! Boom! Boom! (This show is not ready, starting from July 15): There's a beach dance party going on in Magic Castle! However, some big, tough bad guys have gathered to ruin everyone's fun! Get your water gun ready and bring down the bad guys and save the party!! Are you ready to get soaked? Come near the Magic Castle to get soaked!!
  24. http://cafe.naver.com/lastar/65763 I just got important news for everyone who wants to visit Everland. South Korea is now available in Pokemon Go, a famous game that shocked the world. Now, some pokemons are appearing in the Everland, and it's heard there are 90 pokestops in Everland. Everland just released imporant messages for anyone who wants to catch pokemon. 1. Turn on 'AR' to see where you're going. 2. Catch pokemon, but be caerful not to go off from the waiting line. 3. Some attractions won't allow phones like T-Express. Take some rest when you ride it. 4. Stop catching pokemon when there is parade, performance and fireworks show. 5. Be sure to watch where you're going. 6. Even there is pokemon, you can't go into restricted areas, such as ride area, performers' backstage, employee area etc. 7. Did you know that fountain located in the middle of Four Season Garden is extremely crowded with players? 8. Want to hatch the egg? Try riding Royal Jubilee Carousel. 9. At the price, you can charge phone battery in Service Center in main gate and Grand Stage. I'm thinking it will be hard to visit Everland without bumping into random people walking around to catch pokemon.
  25. I checked on Gyro Drop 2 VR, and according to Korean News Article, in VR, Riders will see the futuristic city while Gyro Drop is going up, and when it goes down, Robot in the futuristic city will come to the rescue to land you safely on the ground. Currently, Gyro Drop's waiting line is divided by two: Non-VR Riders (Normal) and VR Riders. Of course, VR line is longer than Normal line. news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LPOD&mid=tvh&oid=056&aid=0010403259
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