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  1. That's a gorgeous photo! I can't wait to see your guys' TR of the event!
  2. I honestly don't have any complaints or suggestions, I just came here to say great job! I'm sure it was a TON of work but it looks great and it hasn't been too difficult to navigate. From what I've seen so far, there are way more features with the new forum and it's way more user friendly! I've been using the old forum since... 2007? And I usually don't like it when social media platforms change but I think this will be much, much better. The old methods made making TRs SUPERRR tedious but I think the new method will be a LOT easier! I'm excited to try it out! Edit: Actually, my one perso
  3. Good point. I'm not sure if he meant that the exact layout of Orion was intended for CGA, or that CGA was intended to get a B&M hyper this year and instead the money went to KI for Orion. I'm thinking moreso the latter.
  4. Why would they say exclusively designed for CGA on their site, even it that was the case? Plus, technically adding the 13 feet or whatever to make the drop 300 means that it was exclusively designed for KI, even if the coaster was originally intended for CGA. I still think the timing of removing Vortex and completely clearing the land is weird. I can easily believe that the land was intended to make a longer giga and for some reason plans changed. Whether or not CGA had anything to do with the change of plans, who knows?
  5. Speaking of CGA hyper, I heard a weird rumor yesterday. Take it with a grain of salt. My coworker's second job is at KI and he said he heard Orion was supposed to be CGA's hyper, but it ended up as KI's giga. According to my coworker, KI was originally supposed to get something much taller and more extreme. Honestly, I could easily see Orion fitting perfectly at CGA but it's underwhelming because it's at KI and we all know they *could* have gone more hardcore with it.
  6. Got my reservation for 11:30 on the 2nd! I was hoping for an earlier reservation but hey, I don't usually get up very early anyway so maybe it's for the best. I'm also hoping they end up letting passholders go more than once if all the slots don't fill up, but I'm just glad that I can go at all!
  7. UGH, that's bad news for me. Non-smokers don't know how annoying that is. I bet that's going to mean more people smoking as they walk around the park, which is also annoying. I hope it'll only be temporary, because there's nothing like that calm-down smoke after a good scare in one of the houses during Haunt, and there's no reentry during Haunt soo.... Does anyone else get Stranger Things vibes from that song?
  8. LOVED your video! Definitely way more entertaining than traditional vlog videos. I could never have the patience to watch one of those things in entirety. Never too late to coin a term for your unique style! And I made sure to like and comment on YouTube as well. Also, glad to see that the park's safety policies are being followed pretty well. I can't imagine wearing a mask on some of those water rides, though. Walking around with a damp face smelling like ride water... just another reason to bring more than one mask to the park, I guess.
  9. Certain coaster enthusiasts won't have any trouble keeping people six feet away from them.
  10. E-mail from the park today saying we will hear from them "VERY soon" about reservations.
  11. I haven't ridden any of the Raptors yet, but from what I've seen and the overall positive reviews they've gotten, I think a Raptor would fit in very nicely at this park! KK would have an awesome triple-threat on their hands.
  12. Either I'm looking at that photo wrong, or that is a CGA-level of unshaded queue. EDIT: I realize it might not be completed yet. I really have no idea how far along they are. Just selfishly hoping there are going to be more shade structures than what I'm seeing in this photo.
  13. ^Thank you for the clarification, A.J.! That helped clear it up a bit more for me.
  14. I wasn't comfortable getting into it either but now that you have, I can say that I've also been noticing that, and it IS weird! Some people I know actually kind of frown on me for having a SeaWorld pass for that reason. I almost didn't post it and I'm trying really hard to keep from injecting my politics into it in hopes that nobody else will, I really just think it's weird that they're targeting the niche-iest of niches and you can't NOT talk about it because it's just so weird. "Hey, do you want to make America great again but also learn about only eating sustainable seafood, fig
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