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  1. What a great idea! Idk if I'll be participating this time around, but I'm excited to find out how it goes for everyone else! Will you be releasing a video after the event?
  2. Where I think there's going to be a weird divide is when a chunk of the population has been vaccinated, and another chunk of the population hasn't. The ones who have been vaccinated aren't going to want to social distance on the rides, wear masks in the heat all day, etc. while it's still going to be pertinent that the non-vaccinated people do those things. I don't see a way for parks not to have the same rules for everyone, so it's likely going to be a struggle to enforce the rules across the board. I just got vaccine #1 and I am STOKED at the idea of visiting parks with that extra bit
  3. I've heard these stories but never in so much detail. My aunt actually had a job at KI in 1991 but wasn't on shift during the Black Sunday accidents, though she knew people who were working at the time. It was obviously very traumatizing for the people who witnessed the accident.
  4. If anyone is interested, I just posted a TR of a Gravity Group tour I did last January. They're based out of Cincinnati if you didn't already know.
  5. So I've been terrible terrible at doing TRs in the last year and around one year ago (January of 2020) I got to join FYE Coasters on a special tour of the Gravity Group factory in Cincinnati and I never got around to making a TR of it until now. Downside is I have a TERRIBLE memory so I'm really not going to remember much of anything they said or any details, but I'll still share the photos I took with you all! Front entrance! It was kinda hard to find the place. Picture displayed in the lobby. This is the dude who gave us the tour. I can't remember his na
  6. Walruses are back at SFDK!! This makes me really happy. The walruses were some of my favorites and I was really sad when Uquq had to go away. Glad she's coming back and she has a new friend! I'm not sure what the verdict on walrus breeding is but it would be super cool if we got to see a baby in the future.
  7. I'm planning on doing some sort of weight management after the new year too! My main goal is to go at least the month of January without drinking and to watch my sugar consumption during that time. Alcohol and sweets/snacks are my main pitfalls. I'll probably try to drink La Croix or something similar in the evenings as a replacement. For eating, I'll probably try counting calories again using MyFitnessPal. I also want to exercise but I prefer exercising outdoors and my success will depend a lot on the weather.
  8. Add me on Pokémon Go!

    5991 0066 0140

  9. The land looks FANTASTIC but I agree that it appears there will be a bottleneck problem and odd clusters and lines around the blocks and games. I'll have fun looking at the photo and video TRs when this opens, but I wouldn't want to be a part of the MASSIVE crowds this thing is going to draw until they expand the land a little more.
  10. I didn't know this, but I'll have to check it out! Speaking of 90's shows, I just started watching X-Files on Hulu.
  11. I've had strangers literally tell me they were going to grab onto me if they got scared during the haunt. I remember one time these teenage girls I had just met five minutes prior grabbed onto me and held on for the entire haunt. It was awkward but I felt kinda bad for them. The most awkward haunts are the ones like Total Darkness at Six Flags and Blackout at Kings Island where you get grouped in with strangers and have to hold onto a rope while you navigate in the dark. You have no choice but to stay huddled pretty close together and usually end up brushing/bumping into the person in f
  12. I forgot to mention Holiday World! I'm definitely planning on attending Holiwood Nights. Anyone else planning on attending the event this year? I'll add in Kentucky Kingdom as well if they do another enthusiast event on that weekend. Someone else mentioned Coaster Stock and CoasterMania. I'll probably try to hit those as well, but I'd rather attend Holiwood Nights than CoasterMania if they conflict this year (anyone know if they do?).
  13. Ideal: Germany - Because I'll say this every year until I get to finally go. I doubt '21 will be the year, but I can dream, right? NE Trip (PA, NY, NJ) - I wanted to go this year but didn't get the chance, obvi Florida - Kinda in the middle of Ideal and Realistic. Since I'm moving and it would be too far for me to drive, I'd have to fly, but flights are pretty cheap. As far as places I want to fly to in '21, FL takes backseat to CA, but FL would be my second choice. Realistic: SFStL - It'll be my home park Worlds of Fun - not too far, plus I've never been s
  14. The theater was definitely not open in December, 2019 and I don't believe VooDoo was as well, so it makes sense that they wouldn't invest in either ride for 2020 when they weren't even able to make progress on their new-for-2020 ride. Also, I just noticed that SFDK is also doing a drive-through HitP experience. Is anyone planning on going to this? If so, maybe you can see if there has been any movement around the rides in question. Plus, make a TR because I'd love to see what their drive-through looks like!
  15. Yes! Do you have Christmas lights on the outside of your house this year?
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