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  1. ^,^^ Nice! Good to know! As it stands, I think 2022 will be the year I finally make it overseas, as my son wants to go to Germany to ride coasters for his Graduation trip!
  2. Yesh and if you go to https://m.sixflags.com/overgeorgia/attractions/mind-bender it has it marked as closed for the season. booo. I was on the fence about making the long trek down to Georgia with the kids this year, as originally planned, but this news seals the deal. My first trip to SFoG will have to wait until 2021! It's not a park I'd regularly go to (I mean, a lifetime of being a coaster enthusiast, and I still haven't been there!), and I don't want to miss out on the classic Mindbender coaster. One less thing to save money for this year. Disappointing to delay yet another year,
  3. 1) I already have visited a park, Mt. Olympus, a little over a week ago! It was amazing to get back out and enjoy coasters again! The way Mt. O is handling safety precautions is reasonable too, and really contributed to it being a great day! Next up is Indiana Beach for their re-opening VIP event in a couple weeks, and I'm expecting that to be a similarly fun experience! 2) Much like Mike240SX earlier, I'm not going to get into all of the reasons, as it's simply not the reason for this site, and people get triggered so easily about the things I'd say. Suffice it to say though, that
  4. Here's the thing... It's private property. Dive bars can mandate that you don't wear a hat (been to a few of those, lol), bowling areas can mandate that you have to wear bowling shoes, restaurants can mandate a formal dress code, 7-11 can mandate that you wear a shirt and shoes. That's all that I care about. It's their property and those are the rules so I will respect them. Any discussion of masks as they pertain to Dollywood beyond that is irrelevant because it's their private property. Yes, I completely agree that it's a private establishment's right to set their own rules. A
  5. FWIW, we stayed in the "Value Room", the cheapest they had, which was just a basic hotel room, with few frills, and found it perfectly acceptable. None of us are super picky about hotels, and I love to save money, but it was nicer than the Red Roof Inn we stayed at later in the trip, and I thought it was a steal for the price, and getting admission to the park included. Tempting... Very tempting... What better excuse will you ever have to check out mt Olympus Well, I just went a couple weekends ago (I actually wrote a mini-TR here about it), but yeah, I really liked it, s
  6. That's what I'm doing with my kids! Can't wait to take them to both parks, HW for their first time, and KK for the first time for the younger two.
  7. I think the mask conversation should be filled with a lot of nuance, and understanding of multiple viewpoints, but alas, it rarely is. It tends to devolve quickly into name calling, and the fact that not even all medical professionals agree on either the efficacy of masks, or whether they're safe to wear for extended periods of time, should show the issue is not as cut and dried as some seem to think. Regardless of what side of the issue you come down on, shaming, or insulting others shouldn't be something applauded, and I think it's a shame that society has gotten to the point, especially th
  8. ^Yeah, I saw that just now! Funny thing is, I don't think that option was there last week. But I could be wrong. They had a pay now, or pay later option when I made the reservation, and I got the discount by paying in advance. Still, it looks like they've jumped prices up considerably since then, so I'm glad I decided to go early. Still, the price you pay is all inclusive, including parking, so in the end, it still seems like a pretty good deal, especially if you're bringing a group. Tempting... Very tempting...
  9. Sorry for the double-post, but I just wanted to address this. Here's the proof! No misprint!
  10. KI's BSC has always had the effeccts working for me as well, so you must have just had bad luck with it. KD's, on the other hand, was very vanilla when I went back in 2018.
  11. ^^Yup, DBru! That's exactly what I'm saying! And if I'd have acted quicker, instead of dragging my feet waiting to see how reviews of the first weekend it was open went, I had an opportunity to stay in one of their nicer themed rooms, for two nights, with admission covering everybody up to three days, for around $150 total. But the price for the themed rooms had gone up by the time I booked after Opening Weekend. Our room was one of their more standard hotel rooms, one of their cheapest offerings. And the way admission works, you get admission free the day you're scheduled to check in, AN
  12. ^I haven't been on Kentucky Rumbler yet, but Mine Blower is a good example of a coaster that seemed rough pretty much out of the gate. So perhaps it is primarily a Timberliner issue. I'm glad you liked the report! Hopefully you get a chance to make it up there and check it out. I definitely think the coasters are more than worth going out of the way for, in spite of any roughness, and the park just seemed like a "fun" place to me, in spite of how much is there, much like Fun Spot or Indiana Beach.
  13. That's too bad they closed it off. Nice to see it once was in use though, rather than all just window dressing. On a semi-unrelated note, I wish we'd tried the first Go-Kart track you come to, near Hades. It looked like it was just a flat track when walking by, but I missed the giant elevated structure in the back. Oh well... We'll be going again, that's for sure! We loved the whole Wisconsin Dells area as a whole, as well!
  14. So, you're saying that section that spirals down, after going through the upper part of the horse has been in use before? Because it certainly wasn't when we went, and it appeared that the entry to go up to it was cemented off, from what I could tell. I was really looking forward to that part, from having seen it before in pictures, so that was my only minor disappointment with the park. (EDIT: Looking at the Google Satellite image of it, you can even see where they've cemented off those parts of the track.)
  15. I don't plan on ever riding T3 again. Ever. Sitting on that brake run, thinking my legs were about to be severed from my body is still very present on my mind. So while not having my head beat around was nice, ultimately, the coaster was still a disaster, from my standpoint. My oldest kid feels the same way. I've told my younger two kids that when we go this year (assuming we do), that they're on their own if they want to ride it to get the credit!
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