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  1. The very first time I rode Jersey Devil earlier this year (also the first time I rode a Raptor), as soon as I sat down, my left thigh immediately got a charlie horse, which was pretty painful, and didn't let off the whole ride through the station, until after putting pressure on my foot for a while, it ebbed away just before we climbed the lift hill. The subsequent two times we rode at the end of the day, I didn't experience this. So, I don't know if it was because it was first thing in the day, and my legs weren't stretched out yet, or what. But that was my experience.
  2. You say that like it's a bad thing! My kids and I hit up both parks last year for our first time at each park, and we loved (yes, you read that word right), both of them! We can't wait to return to both parks in the future!
  3. I'm glad I didn't put up any of my pictures of my trip to CP! I'd hate to offend anybody's delicate sensibilities of how they should look!
  4. Well, to each their own opinions, but they share a great many similarities to me.
  5. I don't think there's any parks that I would say are a "never again" for me. Ostensibly, I'd visit any park again if they gave me a reason to. However, for the sake of this thread, I'd say the #1 park I currently have zero desire to ever visit again, even to show my kids, is Elitch Gardens. As somebody born in Denver, that kills me to say, but man, that is a terrible excuse for an Amusement Park! That's pretty much it. Even parks I have low regard for from my first (and so far only) visits, like Valleyfair, have added things that make me want to return at some point since I was there last. One park that kills me to see listed in this thread (other than the obvious ones like Holiday World, or BGW), is Indiana Beach. I LOVE that park, and in fact, got season passes to it for my entire family this year, and have even considered it a co-"home park" with CP (in spite of MiA being close than both), since my family all loves it so much! I don't know what those that hate it need to have a good time at a park, but it's clearly different than what I do, and what my kids do, because we've never had a bad day there under the current management! It's interesting to me that somebody who I know LOVES Knoebels, would hate Holiday World... Having now been to both after this year, I totally get the love for Knobels, and look forward to future visits to experience it even more. However, both parks are very similar in nature to me, and I still prefer Holiday World over Knoebels. Sorry. Maybe that's a controversial opinion, but I think The Voyage is better than Phoenix, and while Twister is underrated, and probably better than either The Raven or The Legend in my opinion, I prefer Thunderbird quite a bit to Impulse. The food is definitely better at Knoebels than HW, but I don't think the food there is terrible (like CF or SF food tends to be), and the free drinks make up for it. Again, no hate for Knoebels from me here, or intended. I just find it interesting people who love that place, would hate HW. I'll gladly drive to the middle of nowhere for that park, especially having kids like I do! Oh, one last controversial opinion: Mount Olympus gets WAY too much hate! My kids and I went last year and LOVED it! We'd absolutely go again in a heartbeat, and have nothing bad to say about our experience that day (which is WAY more than could be said about my experience at Kings Island - typically one of my favorite parks - last year!)
  6. The other frustrating thing for my youngest (who is 7), is that he's least fearful of all my kids about rides! He's actually the one who caused my older two sons to ride Zumanjaro earlier this year, as they were too scared to ride, but after my youngest was going to with me and my daughter, they felt they had to not to look shown up! lol He wanted to ride Kingda Ka, and rode Millennium Force, and wants to ride everything he can, but is held back by random height policies. For instance, he can ride Goliath at SF, but not Steel Vengeance at CP. I get that SV is a lot bigger and more intense than Goliath, but when almost every other RMC (including Twisted Timbers) is 48", it's strange to think 4" will make a difference on SV.
  7. Like I said, every other park, and park chain I've been to with my little guy has no issue with it, and it doesn't slow anything down. It's just one of those maddening policies that CF has, that frankly, in my opinion, doesn't really have any merit behind it. I think I've seen others mention it here as well (maybe even Shark Tums?), but they aren't really the most "family friendly"chain when it comes to smaller kids, especially when you look at the amount of coasters with higher height restrictions. It'll be a moot point in about a year, but it sure was annoying going to CF parks this year, and last.
  8. I have been delinquent in posting about my trip to CP last week with my 4 kids, so in response to this is as good a time as any! We were there at the park on Thursday, the 19th, in celebration of my Birthday that day! I hadn't actually been to CP since mid-2018, for a variety of reasons, but prior to that, I'd been every years for decades, often multiple times. So this was a long overdue return. At any rate, as it pertains to your questions NegativeGLover, the operations at the park seemed pretty good, for the most part, and as Mike240SX mentioned, the only main rides down were TTD and maXair. When it comes to the crowds, at least on that day, the claims of not being able to have a good day at the park without Fast Lane proved very untrue that day, as it was not very crowded at all, with the only real wait of the day on Steel Vengeance during our first ride at park's opening to the public, and even that was less than 45 minutes. My kids waited about 30-45 for Valravn as well (I didn't ride, as I was with my youngest who is too short for the B&Ms still), but that was the only other wait over about 25 minutes. Most rides were walk-ons or station waits. The three older kids actually went to SV for their final ride of the night, and instead of getting only 1 ride, they got 3, back to back to back, as the wait was only on the stairs each time. 3 NEAR WALK ONS OF STEEL VENGEANCE IN A ROW! Amazing! So yeah, I'd definitely say, at least based on that Thursday visit last week (which was when Michigan schools were still out, which seemed to be most of the people there), crowds are way down from their insufferable Summer levels. Getting back to my mini-TR, it was an absolutely awesome day at Cedar Point, and a great time as a family was had by all! It also reinforced what I've stated repeatedly over the years about the best way to visit CP being smart about WHEN you go, vs. going in the Summer, and wasting (in my opinion) two or three times the gate price on skip-the-line passes. Sure, some people have no other option about when they go, and what they do with their hard earned money is their business. But as I've maintained for decades, if you're willing to be flexible about when you go to CP, and can go when schools are either still in session or have started up again, you're going to have a much better time at the park, AND your pocketbook will thank you as well! We hardly spent anything at the park last Thursday (other than a fabulous meal our first time at the wonderful new BackBeat Que restaurant! A great addition!), and had what we all felt like was arguably our best day ever (cue groans) at Cedar Point! I have a lot of negative things to say about Cedar Fair as a company, and am one of their sharpest critics, but there were definitely a lot of positives to take away from the visit, and given what I'd heard over the past couple of years since I'd been, I was expecting a bad day at the park, and it was anything but that. Their absurdly awful policy of not letting kids who are too short to ride, wait in line with their parents and walk through at the station makes the mentally ill patients I work with daily look sane, and they are woefully out of sync on that issue with literally every other park I've been to over the past couple of years that isn't a Cedar Fair park. However, unlike Michigan's Adventure, which appalled me with a laundry list of negatives when I finally returned there this year as well, that was pretty much the only negative from the day. It exceeded expectations, and left my kids and myself very satisfied! One last exciting thing from the trip I wanted to share, was that I went in fully expecting not to be able to get a final ride (at least at CP) on Wicked Twister, which has always been one of my favorite underrated coasters there. I was unable to fit on the coaster back in 2018, the first time I'd ever been "Walk of Shamed" on a coaster, and tried the test seat on Possessed earlier this year, and didn't fit, so I figured even with my recent healthy lifestyle change, weight loss, and inches lost around the belly, it would be a no-go. I tried the test seat out for the heck of it though, and fit! I then made it on the coaster itself, in a glorious final comeback, and it was awesome, and so satisfying to be able to ride it again! So, all the work and the foods I love that I've given up for the past couple months paid off, and it was a very exciting and rewarding moment! Just know that if you saw me at Holiwood Nights, and you saw me at a park now, you would definitely see a different me, and one who is in a lot better shape, and will make his Dr. happy next month when checking in! It was actually that weekend (including KK) that was the final straw in showing me I needed to get serious about getting healthier, and losing weight, or I was going to ruin my enjoyment of parks, and also continue ruining my body. Thanks as well to those who have encouraged me in my weight loss from this site - you know who you are!
  9. Hey! That's the weekend I'm targeting on making my annual trip to Haunt with a couple of my kids and my girlfriend! It'd be great to meet up with you, AND Prozach and wife if they come as well! Maybe RawkinCoaster will make her usual appearance (KI's Haunt is where I first met her as well) also!
  10. Oh wow! So you were there Sunday? I was there that day with one of my kids, but we were only in the dry park from 5-7, and only rode Thunderhawk and Shivering Timbers during that time.
  11. Front row on Shivering Timbers, last train of the day on Sunday, with my son, celebrating his 13th Birthday!
  12. I have a number of issues with them, personally, but all of that aside, just from a practical standpoint, it boils down to this for me as well. With 5 of us every time we go to a park, there is no world where it's practical, or economical to do.
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