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  1. We need one more in this league for this season, as the last person I recruited from here just disappeared in the middle of last season. The team is linked below, and we start a slow, E-Mail Draft as soon as the league is full! Hopefully one of my fellow enthusiasts is ready to join us! https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/325583/teams/1652006
  2. So, the website says Wonder Woman is STILL down for refurbishment! Can the locals confirm that is accurate? If so, what on earth is going on with it that their newest coaster is down so long? I'm going to the park for the first time since the year before Full Throttle went in, so there will be plenty of new coasters to experience regardless, and I've ridden Jersey Devil, so I know what WW would be like. But I quite enjoyed Jersey Devil, and would have liked to get on a similar coaster to it! Maybe I'll get lucky, and it'll open by Monday! lol
  3. I have been running a Roller Coaster themed Dynasty League on Fleaflicker for a couple years now, and have an opening for a new owner to take over a team in it. I thought I'd check here, to see if I can get an actual roller coaster fan, who also enjoys Fantasy Football. Follow the link below to look at the team, and league, and if you're interested, let me know below, and either provide your e-mail to send the invite to below, or PM it to me. The team available is currently named Banshee, but you can change the team name, as long as it remains a coaster from a Cedar Fair park other than Cedar Point, as that's the Division it's in. Hopefully I find somebody else here up to the challenge! https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/325583
  4. Arie Force One at Fun Spot Atlanta, Saturday the 1st of April! What an absolutely fantastic RMC, and coaster in general!
  5. Echoing the previous sentiments, yes, Arie Force One was awesome! The kids and I grabbed 5 rides on it during our few hours at the park, trying out the front, back, and middle, and it rides great everywhere, but also a little different in each spot. Very front at night was probably my favorite overall ride, but Row 6, the middle (also at night), gave me my favorite moment on the coaster, as it went up into the zero-g roll, and I lifted out of my seat for what seemed like an eternity, during the longest sustained period I think I've ever been out of my seat on a coaster ever! The going straight from that in the outer bank ejector hill is simply an amazing transition! The two rolls later in the ride also hit different, and better, in the middle, which was interesting to note. The back was definitely great if you love violence with your coasters, because AFO definitely brings that in the back, especially at the end of its run on the quad down, and hitting the brake run! Just be prepared to come to a VERY sudden stop if you're riding back there when you hit that brake run. I rode my first ride of the day in the very back, and it was awesome, but it was also incredibly intense, and I did prefer my rides in the front and middle more, personally. But that will obviously be to taste and personal preference of thigh abuse. All in all, Fun Spot absolutely knocked it out of the park with this coaster, and it's a gem, that is definitely in my Top 10 coasters somewhere, though I'm not sure where all the dust on my new ranking will settle from this Florida/Georgia vacation. Adding three Top 10 coasters though (this, Velocicoaster, Iron Gwazi) definitely made for an amazing week of fantastic coaster riding for myself and my kids!
  6. Great to hear! I'm about an hour away from the park now, on my way back North from Florida, and look forward to spending about 3 hours at the park riding it tonight with my kids! After riding both Iron Gwazi and Velocicoaster on our vacation this past week, it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up! I'm betting from the sounds of it, quite well!
  7. Yeah, it very well could be across the tracks, as that "space" makes way more sense.
  8. Now, I haven't personally been to SFStL since the early 2000s (hoping to remedy that finally this Summer), but from looking at the Google "street view" of that area, unless the entrance to The Boss has moved since 2011, it is LITERALLY right next to the swing ride, and where Jamesk25 is suggesting this ride may be going. I have to admit, based on the animation art choosing to include the pond (when it didn't need to), it does appear that's where it's going, and I couldn't find the swing ride anywhere on the Six Flags park site.
  9. Am I the only one actually excited for the Spinning Wild Mouse Coaster?
  10. It just so happens I'll be driving back up from Florida the 1st of April! Very nice!
  11. FWIW, Prozach, the three days previously in the Pittsburgh area we stayed at a Hyatt Place, and I thought of you! lol
  12. Had another great visit to the park yesterday evening, and earlier today, and once again lived the "no FL, no problem life" to perfection! On our way back from our trip to Pittsburgh, my kids and I stopped for a two partial day trip to CP, and our first time staying on-site at a CP resort, as we utilized the Lighthouse Point Cabins. Let me just say first off, I think paying what the Breakers charges is absurd, and there isn't any justification for it in my mind. They are basic rooms, and staying on site, in basic rooms, just isn't worth it in my mind. Period. However, Lighthouse Point proved to be a different matter, as the price, which is actually lower than Breakers, while still high, was much more justifiable to me, for the great location on the water, and the unique experience. We loved staying the night there, and I definitely will do it again sometime, when I have the funds to do so! The great view of Steel Vengeance right next to it was an added bonus! So, if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, I definitely recommend it! As for the park last night, we didn't show up to LP until 4:00, which was check-in time, and then it was storming and raining off and on then, so there was a mass exodus from the park around that time. We ordered some pizza, picked it up, brought it back to the cabin, and enjoyed it while the waves lapped at the front porch, and the coasters started testing again in the park. We finally entered the park around 7:00, and went straight to Steel Vengeance. My 8 year old just now hit 52 inches (with shoes), so he was able to ride it this year, and was super excited! With the cleared out park, we only waited around 20 minutes, maybe, and we were off on my personal favorite coaster, out of now 300! My 8 year old loved it, and his mind was definitely blown! I think it's now HIS favorite coaster as well! Next up, we hit Maverick, with about a 15 minute wait, and it was my 8 year old's first ride on that as well. He loved that one too, particularly the fact that I hadn't told him anything about it, and he was totally surprised by it! After a quick spin on the Wave Swinger (just because it's there, relaxing, and fun), we went down Frontier Trail, and got in a couple night rides on Millennium Force. It was all of my kids' first time getting night rides on it, and we waited for the front on one of the rides as well. It was walk on without the wait for the front, which added 15 minutes to that wait. To close the night down, we returned to Steel Vengeance, and after an even shorter wait this time around, probably 15 minutes, tops, we were on board. SV is a whole different beast at night, as it's even more wild, and disorienting than it is during the daytime! So I was glad my youngest got to experience that for the first time as well (my oldest three kids got to before.) We decided to directly go around and re-ride, and not having any cell phones or watches on us, had no idea what time it was. The line was open, however, so we got in it. It was apparently closing time though, as we ended up basically being at the back of the line. Consequently, we got on the last Steel Vengeance train of the night, and not just that, they sent us around again for an encore ride, which was totally awesome! My kids were stoked, and my youngest was amazed, and getting three consecutive rides (essentially) on SV to close out the day on the best coaster on the planet (in our opinions), was the best way possible to end it! Getting four rides total on SV for a combined wait of less than 45 minutes, without FL+, three of which were at night, was just icing on the cake! We were all very hyped off that experience as we walked back out of the park, and returned to our nearby cabin, to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves... Today (Monday) was another short day, as we were only in the park from 10:00 to 2:30. But we got to ride GateKeeper, Valravn, Blue Streak, Magnum, Gemini, and Skyhawk, all with minimal wait time. Plus, we tried out the new Farmhouse Kitchen and Grill, and all came away very satisfied with the food! It was very good, and filling, and fed my big brood well! All in all, it was a very nice visit to the park, and in some ways, one of the best I've ever had!
  13. On my Birthday a couple days ago, I finally collected my official (for counting purposes, though I never made a hardcore point of counting credits back in the day, so it may not be100% accurate) 300th credit! It ended up being Steel Curtain at Kennywood, through no planning or coordination, but I thought it was a great milestone coaster! Very enjoyable, and unique, and while it didn't dethrone Phantom's Revenge as my favorite coaster at KW, it's an easy 2nd! It was my daughter and my 8 year old's favorite coaster there, however!
  14. Ok, I'm not saying this isn't a great addition for WOF, but anybody acting like KC ISN'T a "major market" is ignorant as all get out about US cities, population growth, and is using such a tired and stupid coaster enthusiass excuse for defending why cheap park companies don't add new coasters to parks that absolutely merit them based on geographic and population metrics. This area is one of my wheelhouses, and I'm not letting that nonsense slip by.
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