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  1. Hello, I am new and excited to be here and finally found like-minded people. So I always loved theme/amusement parks, not the least all the thrill and adrenalin you get from all the different rides. In the past years, I have visited 1-2 max per year such parks and always had a blast, now I want to step my game up to visit them more often, at least 1 time per month if possible. I have put to my goal to experience new rides instead of the same 3 good parks I have access to in my country. Now, I have a couple of questions about how to start: What is your ritual or what are your go-to things to do when first looking for a new park and then when you arrive there, how do you start, which places do you visit first of a park? Do you think it's a good idea to go blind inside any park, like just book the ticket online and not inform yourself beforehand about all the attractions? Also, when you have ridden all the good attractions, do you select a fave of them all to ride again, with different seat positions this time, to see if it feels better? I am glad to receive any answer!!
  2. I haven't done one of these in a LONG time. If this isn't in the right forum I apologize. I've been riding roller coasters for 25 plus years. My current credit count is 331! My family got really lucky last year. We went to Disney World right before COVID shut it down. Literally we got home 4 days before everything got closed. Since COVID even when stuff slowly started opening, we stayed away. My hobbies (apart from coasters) is watching sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) I root for the Yankees, Rangers, Jets, Sixers, Temple (football), Villanova (basketball). I also enjoy playing video games, watching movies, reading, fishing as well as spending time outside. I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and a newborn son (less than 3 weeks). Happily married to my wife for 7 years. My oldest is finally tall enough for some coasters. The only coaster she's been on is Goofy's Barnstormer (prior to this trip). She loves rides & I can't wait to bring her to more parks now that things are slowly becoming normal. I live in South Jersey, a theme park hotspot. I plan on using this thread to post all of my trips this year. If you give me a read, thanks! Storybook Land 5/20: Don't go out of your way to come here. This place is for KIDS. I'm talking 0-10. They do have 1 credit: Bubbles: the Coaster. A small family style coaster. The place has been in operation since 1955. They do have a cool Christmas lights display that I recommend (given the time of year). Today was a good day. Not too hot for an end of May day. Park wasn't crowded either. My daughter got on 20 plus rides so we definitely got our money's worth. She did NOT like the coaster said it was too fast. On to the photos: The front entrance. Rock Spin Roll Snow White's house. Bubbles: the coaster! Not a new credit today. Random scenery. More Bubbles. My daughter's favorite lol.
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