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  1. Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park last friday. Man, I hope that coaster will be better next year. It's normally so awesome.
  2. I had the exact same issue with my latest trip report from Tripsdrill which I did on the old forums. I shot my pics with my Nexus 3XL. Some (!) untouched pics were upside down. If I opened them with paint, did nothing else but saving them again directly, they were displayed correct. I haven't done my trip report from Holiday Park last week, but I'll have a look if it happens here again. It looks to me more like a problem with how the phone cameras are saving the pics and not with the forum software itself.
  3. We'll be at the park on Friday! If anyone else will be there, give us a hint. If not, prepare for some autumn shots of GeForce!
  4. Oh, okay! I thought this was a different way, like one liking the post and one liking the poster! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I'm not sure what I am missing. But where can you give someone a good reputation?
  6. Our son is two and would ride every single coaster he sees. In Tripsdrill, it was really hard to explain to him, that there's no way that he can do Mammut (the wooden coaster). The best advice I can give you is to encourage him, but don't force him. That he also rides thing you know that will scare him. So he can learn better what he likes - and what not. On the kiddie coaster in Tripsdrill, I had him on my knee, so was touching the lap bar, to reduce up and down movement. The first laps, he was a bit terrified. But the second was much better. I'm glad we are not alone with taking li
  7. Hey everyone! I'm glad the forums are back. Honestly, that were some hard days for me! Everything looks really nice. I'm sure it will be well received! Greetings from Germany!
  8. Woah. Take it easy, Karen. Enough. She'd like to speak to your manager now. MANAGER. NOW!
  9. Six weeks late - but here ist our trip report from our last Tripsdrill trip! https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1943414#p1943414
  10. Photo trip report from Tripsdrill, August 3rd 2020 After having a blast with the kids at Holiday-Park the week before, we went to Tripsdrill with my uncle and his kids. The park was at about half corona-capacity, weather was between good and beautiful and most rides had an absolute tolerable waiting time for the fact that all states around the park had holidays. We started our day at their new hotness, the new suspended Vekoma coaster calls "Hals-├╝ber-Kopf" (meaning "head over heels"). To our suprise my neice and me only waited about five minutes for a front row ride. Because the others d
  11. ^ beat me to it! I'm really excited. Let's hope that I can gt wife and kids there for a weekend!
  12. Aquatrax. Was built for CP 14 years ago, but they didn't build it. After beeing in storage, CF they now finally found a place.
  13. Well, up until last Sunday when I finally got to ride Coaster in PLayland, the last coaster I had ridden was at the Disneyland Resort...back in mid-September. It still sucks not to be able to ride at least one coaster in this year. Oh, Bill.. I didn't intend to critizise him. In no way. I was just sad for him not to be able to go on coasters. If I hadn't been to Europa Park in January, my hiatious would have been over nine months, so I now how hard it is.
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