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  1. A second day will be a definitive win for you, no matter how awesome your first day will be. Period.
  2. If you want to enjoy the whole park, you have to be there at rope drop and don't leave until it closes. If you want to doe the wildlife park, plan an additional day. There is mostly no ride, that isn't quirky or funny. Just do them all. the Bathtub is a real must. Also, there's a drop tower thing looking like a tree next to Hals-über-Kopf. That's really a gem! As for the first thing, I would do Volldampf first. It had by far the longest queues when I visited the park the last time. Hals-über-Kopf was a ten minute wait at maximum on a holiday weekday. Karachon can get up to 45 minutes all day. Mammut should be not longer then 20 minutes. You can run to the back to Karacho first, but the front of the park will surely be slammed by noon. So just hit that first in the morning and return in the afternoon. If it will be a rainy day, cloth yourself up and prepare for empty trains on open rides. Then you hit the jackpot.
  3. Easy to answer. For F.L.Y., I refer to my last trip report. The loose article policy is stricter than a sports bra. You have to do everything in a locker before the final queueing undergruond. If you have anything (read: ANYTHING) in your pocket at security check, you'll be sent around the corner to your locker (EVERY rider gets a mandatory own locker), put your things in, and have to rejoin the queue at the end. There are no exceptions for zippered pockets or else. For all other rides, it's pretty loose. There are rotating lockers for each train at Black Mamba, Taron and Raik (and maybe some other rides I don't remember) or you can leave them at the floor in the station or even take them with you. But on all other rides, you'll have zero problems with zippered pockets.
  4. ^^ there shouldn't be any difference what you hit first. I'll promise you that the park is a lot bigger then it looks, you#ll walk 10 to 15 minutes from Wodan to Arthur if you are alone and speed up. If you are in the hotel, just go for Wodan first and Blue Fire second. Normally, Wodan gets the longer line. Additionally, I recommend Wodans front row for your first ride. It's one of the coasters were the visuals are a lot more amazing in the front row. But the last row left will give you the best forces everywhere. For Blue Fire, opt directly for the last row, left seat. Wait should be moderate. Last time I visited the park, the virtual line only was available for Voletarium. It would be great if they extended it to other rides. The ride with one of the longest wait times (but with one of the most enjoyable queue lines) will be Eurosat. Consider this for your morning plans.
  5. Hi there. If weather is good, stand by waiting will be around 30-45 minutes. Row 2 will be an additional 20-30 minutes, row 1 more than 30 extra minutes. It will be the whole day like that. If the park will have an extended opening (e.g. 10 pm), you may get more lucky after 8 pm. If you are in the stand by line, you may choose freely up from row 3. The last row will have an additional wait of two to four trains. A train is sent out every three to five minutes. My wife and me love Wickie Splash and the setting makes it a must ride, if you like these rides. It's one of the best log flumes I know. If the boat is fully loaded, you get a decent amount of airtime in the double down. Pro tip: If you can afford it - and want to - go for the express pass. Usually, no one does this and it guarantees you a direct drop intop the station and free choosing of rows. As for downtime - @KBrylczyk - it was reliable last year. If it ran. Means: Either it was down all day or running all day. Downtimes during the day were rare.
  6. Do you have first hand informations if single rider lines and quick pass are back in the game?
  7. I would definitely recommend visiting the park on two days during the week to be able to ride everything you want. One day - especially if it is a weekend - will never be enough. Please Note: There is no skip the line system at the park and queues will even on a non-busy weekday be 30-90 minutes for the major rides. If you will only do one day, there's no way to do all major rides in June, predicting weather is great. But even in thunderstorms, the park will be half full during a weekday. Yes, June 6th is Pentecost, on of the major holidays in the religious part of the area. I would recommend to plan half a day at Holiday Park when you drive from Europa Park to your next destination, as it will be directly on your road, to get a couple of laps on Expedition GeForce. Here is a skip the line system available. It's two and a half hours north of Europa Park, roughly in the middle between Europa Park and Phantasialand.
  8. Hi there! We made a round trip from Germany four years ago. We hit Kings Island, Cedar Point, Knoebels and Coney Island. We had the trip of our lives. Why I'm telling you that? Well, we made one huge mistake in our planning we are suffering from to this day: We only spent six hours at Knoebels due to our too strict plans, as we had to be in New York that the same evening. We would never plan this again. Even heavier: We swore to ourselves to have the night before and after our Knoebels day in the area as soon as we go again, so that we can appreciate this place more, at most in the evening when it is lit up. Also, it will not matter to us what we will be visiting in the U.S., Knoebels is set as one destination. You can't imagine how beautiful and awesome this place is until you are there and you see it with your own eyes. So I am totally with Bill, even besides the fact that Hersheypark is still on our bucket list: You could leave Knoebels early, but there is no single good idea why you should do this. Go early, stay long, stay overnight if possible. Also: Don't mind if lines are longer than 30 minutes for Flying Turns, Phoenix (will not happen) or Twister. All of them are worth it. If you like the backstory of the building process of Flying Turns (if you don't know it, read the first couple of pages of this thread again), wait for it, no matter how long the line is. It's a gem you have to see.
  9. I read it as there was one support structure before the tunnel. Now the will change that so that there will be two different support structures, one for the tunnel/helix entry out of the drop and one for the second run of the helix. In the tunnel, it will remain one structure for both laps.
  10. Thanks, Bert! Not being on Facebook I missed that. That really looks crazy. I didn't know it was a thing to strip a wooden coaster down to the footers. Nice that they really want to improve The Beast!
  11. I'm a little late to the party and the link seems to be expired. Does anyone have the photo on hand? The Google did nothing to please me here.
  12. Well.. My Inverted B&Ms were Banshee, Raptor, Monster (or Orochi, the japanese-french Raptor clone) and Black Mamba. Out of these, Black Mamba was the least bumpy (and the slowest). As soon as trains are balanced, they aren't shaky. But especially with Banshee, we had our first rides on a rainy tuesday, all walk-ons for the front with barely any other people in the trains. they weren't good. Later that day, as soon as it cleared up and the trains were close to full, the bumpiness faded away.
  13. I have the very same feeling for every B&M invert I've ever ridden. Empty trains plus front row is a no-no.
  14. Hey! Glad you had such a good time. Yes, Wednesday last week was an awful night in Rhinelanp-Palatine. I live about 40 kilometers away from the park and I thought of your visit on thursday morning. I'm surprised you managed to get some rides in. Consider yourself lucky. Glad you liked it. It seems we share a detail of our coaster seasons with our last ride of the season being GeForce in the back.
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