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  1. I understand your point. If I'm there again (next summer, tickets purchased!), I will enjoy it as always. No question. For me, it's just odd to know that this masterpiece stands somewhere else without anything around it that makes the complete impression that Phantasialand provides. Or perhaps I am just undercoatered and need the lockdown to be over.
  2. Totally get that. But I'm also a bit.. "Annoyed".. that the "unique" status of Taron is touched. I really like it, but what I liked most about it was the fact, that the whole combination of area, coaster, theming was completely unique. Worldwide. Now, this has been scratched somehow. And to be able to see the coaster as a whole piece ist somehow odd. One of the best things about Taron is, that you are never able to see more than half of the coaster at once. So this differs from Raptor and Orochi/Monster.
  3. Wow, I just learned that Taron has been cloned! https://rcdb.com/14947.htm
  4. I reallly don't know if I understand your question, but I think you want to know which is the tallest coaster currently. It's Kngda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. You can also use the Roller Coaster Data Base (rcdb) fur such statistics; https://rcdb.com/rhr.htm?m=1
  5. I can second that. We don't discriminate burgers.
  6. They really could send some of these cars to Holiday Park to create a second train for GeForce. I'll gladly bring them with me back the next time I'm over there.
  7. Those are awesome! But 200 bucks for the train plus shipping to Germany? Whoa.
  8. Well, in Summer it ran great as hell. I loved it. But what really annoys us is the inacceptable operations. It always lasts aroung three to five minutes for them to load and check a train. Looking at Millennium Force (same train and restraints) it's just ridiculous. Then, the second train wasn't there for the whole season, serving as a parts donor for the first one, making lines again way longer then they should be. Third, they had to wait until the train was loaded up to more that 50% of all seats occupied to save electricity (the opetrator told me. I aseked if they are in fear of valle
  9. Thanks so much for these pics. I miss Cedar Point so much. I would never have thought that Cedar Point will be so far away for us one day.
  10. Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park last friday. Man, I hope that coaster will be better next year. It's normally so awesome.
  11. I had the exact same issue with my latest trip report from Tripsdrill which I did on the old forums. I shot my pics with my Nexus 3XL. Some (!) untouched pics were upside down. If I opened them with paint, did nothing else but saving them again directly, they were displayed correct. I haven't done my trip report from Holiday Park last week, but I'll have a look if it happens here again. It looks to me more like a problem with how the phone cameras are saving the pics and not with the forum software itself.
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