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  1. Yesterday ran a very popular German tv show called "Wetten, dass ..." (I bet, I will ...) where the participants bet curios things and the best bet wins the show. One woman balanced with her bagger on one chaine and tipped a hole in five eggs using the bucket. Two guys betted, that one can throw a mobile phone and another guys catches it. What sounds less than interesting was spiced up by the fact, that the sat on the first and last row of Silver Star which was running in the night. They hat six phones to throw and attempted it at the airtime hills during two laps. While it's something, that is completely forbidden during normal park operations, I think ist funny enough to post here. But I need to say it again: It was a stunt by professionals in a save environment! Do not attempt to do that yourself! Here is a video (you might need German VPN to watch it. It's not on Youtube yet): https://www.zdf.de/show/wetten-dass/videos/wette-achterbahn-102.html
  2. So, apparently Silver Star had an Oopsie today: https://bnn.de/mittelbaden/ortenau/rust/silverstar-im-europa-park-bleibt-stecken-fahrgaeste-zu-fuss-evakuiert (German) Got stuck on the lift hill. Evacuation lasted almost two hours. Didn't went up again. It was an chain clutch failure. (Not my informations, that's what the news said).
  3. Well, you were in Rhineland-Palatine (our home state).. It's famous for wine and beer. And you were in the wine region. I'm actually surprised this was a big one. Could have been bigger! The glass is also not called a tumbler, ist a "Dubbeschobbe". So the dimples are called "dubbe". They help to keep grip on the glass when it's wet.
  4. Thanks, Bert! It really was an amazing day for us, meeting you guys and having some ride with you! I think, you may be the winner with Paul not riding with you, since he didn't want to go high in his car But I'm sure, next time he will not be missing out on the opportunity to share a ride with you!
  5. Yes, that sounds better then the operations last year. And joining the extended front row queue on Taron is fair. You skip about an hours wait on a normal day. The front row queue should be around ten minutes. Seems reasonable. I'm glad that you had an awesome experience, Bert. Reminds me to finish my Tripsdrill report!
  6. Last time I checked, their Fast Lane option didn't let you go on the front ride. Therefore sadly a no-go for me. I hope it changed "after COVID".
  7. Thank you for your insights. Thread closed. Sarcasm off.
  8. They don't need announcements. Just some fences, some markings and three garbage cans next to it and the fanboys will go full crazy.
  9. No. This is the predecessor for the Dorney Park "New for 2023" announcement.
  10. We were at Holiday Park yesterday. It should have been mostly a kids only trip, so don't expect a trip report. But there were some things, I want to share with you. Mostly, because I'm usually a bit critical with the operations there. The park was open until 8 pm, so after 6 pm and the kids were done, we planned on going for Sky Scream, GeForce and end our day there. Sky Scream had, on a hot summer holiday day, no line at all, so we were done with it in no more then ten minutes. On GeForce, the line emptied out the entrance because of a breakdown. As the kids were happily locked at the playgrund, the four of us went to the station anyway. As most people went home, we got a ride, two of us in the front row, two in the very back, with a four train wait. The ride itself was awesome as the sun downed behind the mountains. But the best thing for us occured after the ride: Our compaignons agreed to sit the kids for another while, as Sarah wanted to do a front row ride with me. So we waited another three trains when 8 pm passed and the line was closed. We were the second to last couple to board the front row and were already restrained when again a system error occured. We already thought, that this would be the end of our day, but the OPs pleased us to wait it out. After five minutes three technicians arrived and fixed the sensor that made the train stop a couple auf centimeters late in the station. So at 8:15 pm, we boarded our train again and had another sundown lap. And when we arrived at the staion, there were five more people to board the train and so the OPs allowed everyone to reride, as long as the waiting people got their reserved seats. So Sarah and me got out the front row and found two seats in the middle row and had the luck to be an the two last trains of the day! SO SHOUTOUT TO HOLIDAY PARK AND THE GEFORCE CREW FOR AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A VERY FUNNY END OF OUR DAY YESTERDAY!
  11. But they were forced to try it this way. TTD is closed.
  12. Interesting. At least someone whose climax at a CP trip is (at) a ride in the ferris wheel.
  13. The longer I look at the enhancement, the better it gets. CP - for me - is a multi day experience. And an area, where I can sit down, take a beer, enjoy the day and the lake and which takes me away to boardwalk style envorinment is well appreciated. The fact, that the Wild Mouse is called Wild mouse, but is not some standard model, but CPs approach how a CP wild mouse looks, is a good try. I hope it will be as good as I imagine it. Personal note: From my last visit in 2017 (before MELT and BBQ) a food enhancement was deeply needed. Is it too much now? I don't know. But I never heard someone mutter about Europa Park having too much restaurants. An there a way more than at CP.
  14. Of course. You may ride everything without it. But count the half hours together you will be not standing in lines, but eating, strolling, reriding, enjoying the park, ... I will always recommend it everywhere where you are not a lot of times and everytime you are there for a limited amount of time.
  15. I tried being sarcastic. If you see the responses below the tweet, dozens of people think that it means Magnus is giong to go.
  16. I'm kind of disappointed,, Just read the tweets from Tony and CP about the announcement of an announcement of an announcement, followed by a kind-of-farewell-looking Magnum video. So I made a kettle of pop corn and got ready for the hype here and - NOTHING? I'm in the mix between being worried and proud of you all!
  17. What @AmyUD06 says. With our short time window, Flying Turns and Impuls ate the most of our time. It was (on a hot summer saturday) easily 45-60 minutes each. If the Turns are running and you want to do that for sure, scratch that off your list first. Same for Impulse. Twister can have a long line, too - but it's moving constantly, especially if they are running two trains. On my visit, in the morning was one train and we had more then half an hour of wait. Later, there were two trains. We started walking in the exact same sport as earlier, but waited only 15 minutes. It's definitely worth it. The Phoenix line is no line like you know it. The last four trains before we had our first ride were in and out of the station in 30 seconds each. They are incredibly fast. So don't worry if the line spills out of the station here. If you're not sure if you want to do a ride or not, do it. Every ride we did was incredibly better then comparable rides elsewhere. Even the antique cars. Go for the Whipper. I'm sorry, I can't stop raving about this park.
  18. I have to second what Bert says. We've tried the very same, been there on a July saturday around opening and had to leave in the afternoon due to already existing bookings. We had two rides on Phoenix, two on Twister, one on Flying Turns and Impulse and missed out on 80% of the flats. And we were riding/queueing/eating nonstop. No time for looking at the beauty of the park. There is no way to do everything on a holiday weekend in five to six hours. Even without rerides. You'll have to make an importance list and work that down. Please put Phoenix, Twister and Flying Turns on top. Our plan for our next visit it arriving early at day one, stay somewhere an leave on day two when we are done.
  19. I don't know if there are official numbers, but here's an interesting article about the launch. Maybe someone can elaborate! https://www.powermotiontech.com/hydraulics/accumulators/article/21883506/want-thrills-go-with-hydraulics
  20. Some CFO and their assistants will tell you that it also needs to be way more reliable and way cheaper in operations for being further a part of the Cedar Fair coaster lineup. Especially in times when power sources are getting more and more expensive and said ride is - outside of the coaster geek community - constantly making negative news in terms of accidents and downtime. Don't get me wrong, I'm terribly in love with TTD. But I see why there is a big chance I will never ride it again, even if it's going to be open again some day.
  21. I paid our two hotel room via Mastercard at arrival and paid surely everything we bought in the park the same way. Perhaps not all food stalls accept them, but most will do.
  22. You may eat anything at Rutmor's. It's great food and nothing like normal park food. We had almost everything there over the course of the years.
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