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  1. Absolutely love that shot of Windseeker at night! Tasting event looks fun, I've always like their brew and bbq, etc. offerings and agree they should do it every year. As much as I love the atmosphere I couldn't imagine going to CP and not do any rides. To each their own! I can also understand not wanting to wait in those lines I've read about... wowzas. Thanks for sharing!
  2. So I played all the new games on Jackbox Party Pack 7 the other night w/ a streaming party of 6, and I definitely think it's a great pack! I hosted on ZOOM and everything went really smoothly, surprisingly. Here's some info on the 5 new games: If anyone is familiar with the JBPPs I recommend picking it up!! or message me privately if you want to try to join in some night! It seems like they are still working out some bugs, but I didn't run into issues on release night. Even if you've never played any of them before they aren't too hard to figure most of the games out. Some are trivia with
  3. Jackbox Party Pack 7 was released today! Excited to give these new games a shot tonight, I've been following the 5 new games pretty closely the past few weeks to get a feel for them and what to expect and they look like a lot of fun.
  4. Six Flags Darien Lake debuting Holiday In the Park after specifically stating they were closed for the season and during a pandemic when they've never done the event before.... that Darien Lake?
  5. Looks like tapatalk is working, I'm posting from it right now. I know in the past a lot of images and attachments and stuff I would miss out on and not always see with the app, so the mobile TPR site worked a lot better, and found myself going to "view in a browser" anyways quite a bit of the time, but we'll see how this goes with the new format. I'll spend time in both and see what works better. Thanks!
  6. Great to be back! Will there be any support for tappatalk moving forward? I know you display ads to get revenue to keep the site up and running, but it is my understanding that you can also display ads through there, too. Also, as a pro member or whatever they call it, supposedly they give revenue back to the forums you visit as well. I don't know how true any of that is. I have no problem visiting the mobile site, it looks very clean and put together and love the new features, but was just wondering if you were considering that at all or what the negatives of doing so are.
  7. I know it's comparing apples and oranges since they are two different chains, but Canada's Wonderland was the only park in the CF chain that still hasn't thrown in the towel, either. I'm curious if they could pull off a winterfest or not, but I haven't been following the COVID cases or government entity's or anything like that so realistically I have no idea if they are even close to being able to open, but just found it interesting. How amazing would it be for both parks to open for their respective winter events? I don't see it happening personally, but it seems like they are both really hop
  8. That's such a Six Flags thing to do, lol. In the words of Sisqó... Those tong-to-tongs-tongs-tongs. This is the stuff the world needs today (how did this end up in the BGW thread? The world may never know.)
  9. Jackbox Party Pack 7 comes out October 15!
  10. It's always been my dream to be one of those Halloween bungee people. I've been a scareactor at a local haunt, but that bungee stuff is next level awesomeness. Then again I'm sure it takes a lot of strength... and... yeah. Being a ride op on the B&Ms is great! Other rides checking lapbars are not always that fun cause you gotta slouch over, and, you know... work. Or you can just stamp everyone all day, like you said. lol.
  11. *Does not compute* Oh wait... you've been drinking the water at Darien Lake based on the username. Never drink the water at Darien Lake I could see how crowds play a factor but never in a million years would I hear anyone say they enjoyed La Ronde over CW. Granted I haven't been there since Goliath opened, but not a whole lot has changed from what I can tell. I know operations were ridiculously horrible when we went, and Bill has told some wonderful stories of the place, so I'm glad you had some decency there. Goliath's equivalent is Behemoth, and I will say I do love the B&M
  12. Started playing my first new game in a long time today... "Fall Guys" on PS4. A fun casual game that gets intense with 60 players. I can see how it could get stale after a little bit but hopefully they add more free content. I don't know much about how it works since my wife bought the game. Edit: just saw some others post above lol
  13. Baby I'm back III - PLUFFADUFF -- mashup of a bunch of pop songs
  14. Labor day* -- yeah, I'm that guy. For two rides I don't think you'll have any issues. Then again, I haven't visited this year... sooo... good luck! Avoiding Vengeance is probably a good idea all-around given the circumstances. As you know, holiday Mondays are never really as bad as everyone always thinks they are gonna be. Enjoy your trip!
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