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  1. At Seaworld Orlando there were different temperature thresholds and not an exact number... I don't remember the exact numbers, but let's say the day starts up warmer and then cold down later, Kraken can start running at a minimum of 45 degrees, but if it's been running throughout the day it can still run down to 40 degrees... as an example. So if it started off 40 degrees they wouldn't open the ride. But if it was 45 and then 40 degrees later in the day they kept running it. And yes the various "starting" temps and "running" temps were actually listed in the SOP. Journey to Atlantis just cou
  2. Happy birthday! You share a birthday with Dolly Parton, too!
  3. On repeat: "GATTÜSO x Damon Sharpe - When In Rome (Steve Brian Remix)" And will be the perfect song for a Pantheon coaster footage music video once it opens... just saying.
  4. I'm still using the same card from 2014; the awesome Leviathan one. They shall never take it away from my grubby hands! It has had 3 different home parks over the years despite having Canada's Wonderland on the front. I think I finally uploaded a new headshot photo last year though. Haven't been to the pass processing building since I originally got it 7 years ago. Doesn't Cedar Fair allow you to pick up a card at the front gate now (provided you uploaded your photo online)? -- I thought they started doing that if you wanted a physical card. I know Six Flags also does at the gate and will
  5. So... Canada's Wonderland is offering all season FastLane for $450 Canadian ($352 USD) for just Wonderland, OR $875 ($684 USD) for all Cedar Fair parks. If Cedar Point (and Cedar Fair in general) decides not to do daily Fast lane again this year, I feel like this is a MUST and worth the premium... however, for us, it wouldn't pay for itself if they offered the daily versions again and we just bought it each time it's needed. We usually go to Wonderland around 5 times and Cedar Point the same. I'll hold off for now to see what they end up doing, but just wanted to mention it here that it's a
  6. I didn't see the photo or video or whatever of what you are all talking about, but standard operating procedure on Manta at SWO is after the trains go into flying position, all ops on platform are supposed to neel down a bit and check the entire train for legs being out of the restraints. In my tenure I had personally seen it happen maybe three times, and only once did they make it around the track. It's actually easier to miss a foot out than you think when checking restraints all day or quickly. Lucky for SeaWorld nobody ever checks restraints quickly. As a rider, I've had my restraint clo
  7. https://www.shopthreebros.com/products/winterberry-red-apple-bombshell-hard-cider Limited edition.... I think? But one of the few ciders I have really enjoyed recently. My wife bought ~40 or so cans recently... so I think she's a fan too....
  8. Saw my first musical of 2021 today.... https://www.playbill.com/ratatouillemusical For $5... it wasn't bad. It was impressive how quickly it all came together and the cast they got. I don't know anything about the tik tok stuff or the background of it, that's all my wife, but it was entertaining enough and an alright way to spend my night. lol.
  9. They hit capacity at 8:52am this morning [emoji54] even sooner than I would have guessed. Sorry to those that don't have express!
  10. Holiday World. Voyage. Anybody who has been on it knows it defies all physics and somehow goes from a complete (except HWN) stop to crazy s*itshow in a manner of seconds. Not to say the part before it isn't intense, but it's unbelievable how it keeps its speed especially after that midcourse.
  11. They have hit capacity the past four days, the most recent at 10:15 am I believe. Usually the week from Christmas to New Years is the busiest time of the year. Anyone in operations in Orlando refers to it as "hell week". I would expect them to hit capacity by 10am each day, but that's just a guess. Good luck!
  12. The park has been hitting capacity on Saturdays and not reopening so get there early. Yesterday it didn't even make it past 11:30 and it's probably going to get worse on other days of the week as Christmas approaches and passes.
  13. ("only I didn't say fudge") Haven't been in this thread for a month.... and now I wish I had just let that continue and just skipped over the last few weeks. Can't wait to see the Darien Lake thread debate about THE Predator becoming a steel, hybrid, ibox, Titan, totally tubular, sensually seductive .... whatever you want to call it..... coaster. But that will be for another day. Just someone please private message me when that starts so I can stay far away. Anyways, anything to keep Lightning Rod more reliable, as others have said, is the most important. How it is classified... well, I'll
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