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  1. Is it $5 per cart or $5 per person? 2 adults 2 kids... --- really? Either way.... yeesh. Just raise admission $0.75 for everyone if you really want to do something like this. I guess they only went to run 4 carts at any given time. Oh, and don't forget the surcharge! Then again, I remember a time SeaWorld Orlando used to charge for the sky tower.
  2. Visited a week ago... the Halloween stuff was very "eh" (for the love of god please get rid of the haunt that is back in the woods) but Pantheon... damn. That whip backwards over the airtime hill is probably one of my favorite "experiences" I've had on a coaster. Notable others that stand out to me that I can think of, but very different, are the final rolls on Velocicoaster and Blue Fire, triple down at night on Voyage when trims are off (or just the ride at night in general), Beast helix, intensity of i305, Goliath @ SFGAM stall, 2nd launch on Maverick for the first time... etc. -- Its a very cool and unique feeling. Looking forward to adding the Iron Gwazi death roll in the future, lol. Sad I missed out on monster stomp by a few minutes as there were no more shows the evening we went. I dunno, the whole night didn't do much for me overall but i have been feeling that way about a lot of haunts lately. Knotts Scary Farm and Horror Nights [actually, surprisingly] have been the exceptions this year though. I've missed going to a lot of parks and haunts this year due to weather and getting sick. I know local haunts are normally a lot better but I haven't been able to do any this year yet . Oh and random note, if you are able to do the horror themed escape room at "red vein escape" in Ashland, VA I highly recommend it. It's closer to Dominion but it was worth the trip even from Williamsburg. Granted, it was my first real escape room, but the others I went with said it was way better than other ones they have done. Sorry for all the randomness of this post, lol
  3. If you bought your season pass from Kings Island or Cedar Point, the add ons don't start working until 2024. If you bought from any other Cedar Fair Park, then all the add ons, including FASTLANE, meals, drink+, etc work for the rest of 2023 as well, regardless of what park you are visiting. If you haven't already purchased your single use FASTLANE for today, just buy the all season one from Dorney NOW, it will activate instantly and it will also be the cheapest as prices may go up later. Provided you have the funds since it's a big chunk 'o change o.o
  4. Well, my September trip ended up getting cancelled due to getting COVID, but alas I'm better now and we rescheduled for Sunday the 15th. We will be there the full day so it should be enough time to do the rides and shows we want to do during the day, and then hopefully hit the haunts in the evening 1x each without QQ. Any recommended pecking order for the houses? Does it make sense to go straight to the new one (looks like it's in the Pompeii building) first or will it die down later in the night since everyone goes there first? I'm not too worried about having a game plan and was going to try and take it leisurely since it's a Sunday, but maybe I'm under thinking it and hoping for it to be lighter than it actually will be. I guess we'll see.
  5. It was not running on Thursday/opening night of haunt. I don't live in the area but from my understanding based on what I've found in different groups is that it hasn't been running or testing at all other than a short amount of time a few weeks back when they released the teaser but rumor has it something happened during testing that "broke" or will require more parts. So don't expect it any time soon. Missed it yet again lol.
  6. Any update on xcelerator? Will be traveling afar and going Thursday for opening of scary farm. Looks like the past 7 days it hasn't opened according to Queue Times. Anyone have any more information? Has it still been testing or has that stopped?
  7. ^ thanks for all the details! I'll be visiting end of September, and since Pantheon is on unlimited QQ I'm considering it. I'll wait until day of though before purchasing in case weather is bad or it's not too crowded for a Sunday.
  8. Interesting. Glad to hear its not a huge deal. Just never seen that before. On a separate note, never been on Pantheon yet, but I was reading some old threads on Reddit about the restraint sensors being all over the place. Do the ops push down and help the larger folks in our are you on your own? Do they do one check of the light and say ' see ya' if it's red? Is there still inconsistency with the way the sensors do their thing and measure? I am borderline size for most of the tighter fitting rides and while I am ok with using test seats and not being able to ride (though this would be a real sucky one to walk off shame on) it would probably ruin our day if we one of us had to walk off of without riding. I was fine on velocicoaster and TARON , and I fit all lap bar rides I've ever gone on, but my wife would need that extra push either from me or an op most likely. Just curious how accommodating they are in 2023 now that it's been open a bit? And if the sensors are now more accurate and reliable for the red vs green?
  9. I always knew go pros were allowed on coasters with approval, but Is this a new policy for HowlOScream this year? I can find this to get very annoying very quickly...
  10. The $34.99 drink plan is good at all the cedar fair parks for when you visit. 15 min between fills and they are strict on that. You don't need to do anything special to enter the parks and redeem your stuff, just use the same card or QR code you have now it's all attached to the pass. Sometimes funpix is weird and you need to activate it first up front but it doesn't sound like you have that.
  11. So anyone looking to buy 2024 passes and/or any add-ons, buy it all at Canadas Wonderland if you have a credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees. Not only do you get the lowest price for gold+all park passport after exchange rate, but all add-ons for 2024, including ALL SEASON FASTLANE, work for the rest of 2023 as well. At Cedar Point and a few of the other parks they don't offer this, BUT, it still works at all parks for this year if you buy from Wonderland. I bought a drink plan for 2024 on one of the passes that I didn't have it in 2023 from Wonderland, and it worked at Cedar Point yesterday with no issues whatsoever. I confirmed with someone else I was talking with on Reddit that they used their 2024 all season fast lane from Wonderland at Dorney yesterday. They did not have a 2023 pass at all. As a reminder you don't need to add on a parking pass at Wonderland because the passport automatically adds on parking for ALL parks, including Wonderland. Let me know if you have any questions I'm pretty well versed in all the season pass stuff and options from the different parks. And I've bought Wonderland passes 9 out of the 10 past few years. I guess your milage may vary and this could potentially change, but everything is looking up. No wonder Wonderland gets so many new rides everyone purchases their season passes through them And unlike six flags you don't have to "process" the passes at your home park. DO KEEP IN MIND the bring a friend ticket, one time use fast lanes, and pass perks, will only work at your home park... from what I've gathered. So that is the only downfall but with all the money you are saving just but a bring a friend ticket for someone lol.
  12. Noticed this while browsing today... Top Thrill 2 will be on FASTLANE+... which means that's the only way you are going to get on it without waiting in a veerryyy loooooooong llliinnneeee...
  13. But... it will only get worse as the weeks continue. @Swedeontour The first weekend of Halloweekends is usually the least busy of all the Halloweekends in my experience. We have been going every year on either the first or second Sunday since 2013. We tend not to go later weeks because it just gets insane. Better to go first weekend Saturday than a later Saturday in the season. Obviously your milage may vary and weather will play a factor. May the odds be forever in your favor. Thursdays and Fridays if you can get away with it are optimal for Halloween time. There is a reduced ride selection but the "good" rides will remain open. They expanded to Thursdays (two?) years ago but no guarantee they will do it again. They may start later on in the season.
  14. Reports of structural issues. Don't know how true it is but that's what people are saying and they've been doing work on it apparently. It was open for about 30 min on Tuesday -- my friends got on it but it closed the rest of the day.
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