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  1. I'm 100% sure management was not like "hmmm...let's not open Legend today. Or the next day." There is no way it was due to staffing, they would have taken the people from the ice cream stand at that point and train them. Rides need maintenance. Earlier this year Thunderbird was down for a few weeks, but you know what? At midnight and into the early mornings they were tirelessly getting it back open as soon as humanly possible. They were doing MAJOR structural work and digging up all around the ride. I don't know what the issue with Legend is, but I can assure you it's not like they want the ride to be closed. Things happen, unfortunately it just happened while you were there. It may be going downhill over the years in your eyes, but major rides being down on purpose is not something Holiday World would allow to happen. I can see them maybe staggering rides if there was a staffing issue, or closing some smaller attractions or ones that require a LOT of staff to run, but cheetah chase is a brand new ride and there's no way they wouldn't just not open it due to staffing. (Unless you're Darien Lake). Sorry you had an unfortunate visit.
  2. There is a a cell phone video circulating from the boat behind them. They all witness the boat overturned and it's basically them yelling that they are about to get hit by their boat, and then freaking out with what they are going to do next after passing it. You can see some of them in the water getting out of the trough. I didn't look too closely and it was a one and done for me. Scary **** do not recommend. Makes me feel uneasy.
  3. Had a ticket question, and putting it in here because DHS is going to be my first park of my visit and the chat with customer service wasnt very helpful. For FastPass+ and entry into the park I had always used the RFID (?) plastic tickets like they do for annual passes. I know magic bands are also a thing. But I have a comp ticket that someone gave to me with a barcode, and also a two day ticket that I bought online. Both tickets appear in my account separately. Do they have barcode scanners at the front entrance as well? And do they link that to my fingerprint? Or do they exchange for a hard card at the gate? They mentioned in the chat I can go to Disney Springs to get hard tickets, but since we wouldn't be going there I don't want to go out of the way. Also because DHS is going to be my first park and I need to reserve the Star Wars ride, I just don't want to have any issues where I have to wait in separate line to get physical tickets. Also, I am going in September so (if) FASTPASS did make a return I would need a hard ticket because the scanners don't read barcodes around the park, right? I don't know, I mean I added the tickets to the app and linked them to my account and made all my park reservations, so hypothetically I should be fine, but I don't want to get screwed over getting on the star wars stuff because I need to wait in a different line or need to do some sort of exchange that the ride reservation/lottery would need to be tied to. If that makes any sense. Has anyone used a comp ticket or bought online without physical cards and can walk me through how this works? Thank you! EDIT: I actually take that back, you can't even bring up the barcodes in the Disney app now that it's linked to my account. Now I'm even more confused. I don't have any magic bands or hard tickets to link any of this stuff to.
  4. Interesting, the equipment has been there since the start of the season but I have yet to see them uncovered or in use at CP yet. Glad they finally got these up and running! Typically there would be like 4 lanes open even at opening, so getting them all going will be a great help. They have had them at Kings Island for a few years now.
  5. Just bought my ticket, unfortunately only one day for me. FYI it took about 4 hours for my tickets to email or appear in my account... so don't freak if you don't get your tickets right away. More excited for Velocicoaster, but can't go there with HHN the same night, as much as I hate what it has become. Hoping for a good year!
  6. Sounds like a lot of work. Or, you know, go at 1:00p with fast lane. ... but no there are some good tips in there for those without FL. Having stuff for the free lockers can potentially slow you down a bit, as you said, if you go with empty pockets you bypass everyone getting the lockers. At least when I was there... but we were super quick getting the lockers so it didn't matter.
  7. This might be a stupid question but in these scenarios do they generally replace the entire chain with a new one? Or do they just replace a few links somehow?
  8. So for those wondering about SV, it was around 1-2pm I think. Its kind of hard to explain but there is a merge point before the lockers and a long hallway before getting to the lockers. The line to the merge point was about 8 min in the FL line. They were keeping that "hallway"clear and only released people into it when the previous group was done getting their lockers. Since the stairs were empty at that point, we walked right on after the lockers/metal detectors. I think they still need to figure out this flow, though, because when the stairs were empty when we walked up, there were quite a few empty seats going out because there was nobody to group. If that makes sense. Trains were going out faster than they could load due to the metal detector / locker situation. We were at the "front" of the group released to the hallway and we got our locker quickly so we beat everyone else behind us. It's a little weird but it was awesome for us!
  9. SUPER QUICK OVERVIEW: Had A GREAT day today!!! You would think it was a completely different park from opening weekend. Got in the park "late" at 1030am, immediately got through security and picked up our FL+ wristbands with no wait. Went on the rides in the following order: Valravn was 10ish min, Magnum was 1 train wait (both FL and regular line, they were actually using 3 trains), one side running on Gemini 5 min FL, Dragster took about 20 min since they opened late and when it first starts running it's much lower capacity since they only load a couple rows. Maverick took about 20 min, steel Vengeance took about 10 min (!!!!), Millennium force about 20 min, raptor was a 1 train wait with FL, Gatekeeper was closed due to chain snap yesterday. All the food stands for frontier festival had no lines and many opened before 2, all the drink places were open so I could actually use my all season drink thing without waiting, pretty much all the food places were open. No complaints honestly it was a great day and a huge change of pace from opening weekend. Got everything we wanted done + multiple food places with our tickets in 5.5 hours! The regular lines were probably a minimum 1 hour for all the bigger rides judging by eye. The FL+ *really* helped. Let me know if you have any questions! I have a 4 hour drive each way so if I can blast through the park it makes my life easy driving, even before the sun goes down. Next time we get a hotel I will go for the multiple rerides but seriously it was a great day (minus the fact it was HOOOTTT) and I'm burned lol edit: oh I forgot to mention the asshole bird that DIVE BOMBED FULL SPEED INTO MY HEAD near Maverick. wtf!? *SQUAWK*
  10. So.... why haven't I heard a peep about cheetah chase since it opened? This ride is hilarious. It is absolutely unbelievable how much water gets poured / shot over you at the top of the hills (imagine those giant buckets on those play areas but falling on you during a water coaster. Absolutely bonkers.) Love it. Just wish they weren't so restrictive on the # of people and weight of the boats, luckily had some friends and we're able to even ourselves out and ride, but with myself and my wife we couldn't get the green light. I love how all 3 water coasters were vastly different. Mammoth in the dark was insane. With the popularity of Holiwood Nights I would guess ERT waits to be comparable or longer to regular season days. Since the park doesn't have any skip the line features, the only REALLY advantages to the event are hanging out with other enthusiasts, getting more night rides in, and taking in the theming of the event. ERT isn't really ERT anymore, lol. I can't believe how many people were there, but not having the Voyage the first night also hurt lines the second day. Completely understandable though. Very sadb what happened. I only got one ride on Voyage but the line for Legend and Raven was relatively short. My sides can't take the legend like it used to. The is still one little part near the end of Raven that gives a good jolt to the head but I still think the ride is absolutely awesome and I love that one hill in the middle of the ride as it launches you out of your seat in the back Good times! I need new feet, man that park is rough on the body lol. I don't know if I would have been able to make the walk back to Thunderbird.
  11. Six Flags Darien Lake put its Fright Fest together in like 3 weeks the year it was last taken over by Six Flags again. I believe an outside company that came in to do the work. That said, if it's ANYTHING like that, it will NOT be a good event.... lol. My point is that just because they have an insane amount of work to be done doesn't mean it can't be done. Yes I know they better have higher standards but with 3 months they can definitely throw something decent together. With Howl-o-scream TAMPA reducing to 5 houses I'm guessing they will take over some of the stuff from there as well. I'm interested to see how this will play out. It's never going to be as "good" as Horror Nights, but with smaller crowds houses I can see them being more enjoyable than the HHN conga lines... even though the sets themselves may not be as good. I also think it's a great way for people to experience the coasters that they generally would have passed on by otherwise not visiting the park. I don't think a lot of people realize what great rides SeaWorld has. We all know, but those that go to Universal and Disney usually couldn't care less about SeaWorld. That may change when/if they get bodies into the event. I'm definitely going to try to make it on opening weekend Saturday night. The only problem is I need to wake up early for Hollywood Studios the next morning... -- might need to replan the order of my parks.
  12. I spent the afternoon at the park with FL+. Rode "the circle" complete layout with just about all the coasters from 4-7ish, though I had to double back over to mystic timbers at the end of the loop since it was down on the first go around. Some thoughts: - The BEAST was absolutely brutal. Easily the worst ride I've ever had on it. I did not enjoy it one bit and I got shook to death. I got a bad headache immediately and my back physically hurt after it. Note that I was directed to a wheel seat, but it shouldn't matter THAT much. No thank you. - DIAMONDBACK I got second row and really enjoyed it up front. I'm usually a back row guy, but it really impressed me at the top of the hills. Protip: don't smoke on the lifthill as they will stop the ride and escort you out of the park. Why are people so dumb. Saw someone do the same thing on the swings at Cedar Point.... like... what!? - ORION was a really good ride, especially for all the flack it gets for length. I thought it felt longer/better then LEVIATHAN, but not quite up to FURY. I liked it a lot! - MYSTIC TIMBERS: absolutely my favorite ride in the park. Easy. Love love love it. Rode it a few times and had a blast. Only complaint is the SHED is hot as balls. Ugh. Not a good way to end the ride. - FLIGHT OF FEAR was a ton of fun. The MCBR is a bit of a buzzkill but I still enjoyed it a lot. - RACER ran decently well but it wasn't all that exciting. At least it didn't hurt. - Coney BBQ had no line for food or drinks. Hell yeah. - BANSHEE was running shakey, probably the most "wooden" steel coaster I've been on, if that makes sense. I believe I was row 2. Only rode it once. Still fun though, but a lot different than what I remembered. - ADVENTURE EXPRESS was ok. All the effects on the tunnel appeared to be working. Everything is blue lightning now? Not sure how long it's been like that. - Skipped the BAT and STUNT COASTER, I know BAT is an awesome ride but I was in a time crunch and I'm still hurting from Holiwood Nights lol to do that walk and not know the line without fast lane. I have their clones if Wonderland decides to open again as I only have a short drive with our (now extended!) platinum and FL+ passes. I feel like I'm forgetting some things, but there you go. FASTLANE THOUGHTS: As everyone has said over and over, the FASTLANE here is fantastic. Notable exception was Flight of Fear which took I would guess about 20-25 min if I had to guess. But compared to the regular line I know it was a saver. Orion was a 5 min wait, Diamondback was about 5 minutes (minus the smoking mishap while I was in the station waiting to board, that took a good 10-15 min to clear up). adventure express, mystic timbers, banshee, racer, and beast were all walk-on for me. The regular lines were pretty significant, but not out of control, for comparison sake. Would have loved to stay longer to re ride more but for reasons out of my control I couldn't. Overall this experience was 8 million times better than Cedar Point opening weekend, and I really feel Kings Island is really far up there with overall experience. The Beast really did taint my experience a bit though, my head took a while to recover. I've always thought the ride was "meh" even when not running so horribly, I will continue to say that Mystic is the superior ride. Fight me.
  13. REALLY happy they moved HoS forward a week from what they previously announced! I had to plan my trip earlier in the month due to work stuff, I thought I would need to miss it, but I rearranged a few things and now I can take advantage of opening day of HOS!
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