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  1. (Screen cap from a video they just uploaded) Ice Breaker is back open with no comfort collars, an added seatbelt, and a 48" height requirement! Also: Pipeline: The Surf Coaster made it's first full circuit test run! Exciting stuff!
  2. You should be by now... you're only there more than anyone else in the country that lives outside of Florida. Seriously. Just move already! I have nothing else to contribute.
  3. The completely removed rides from the site make sense and I wouldn't expect them to reopen anytime soon, but I wouldn't put too much thought into the "closed for the season" ones...
  4. A decorative helicopter crashed... https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/bergen/east-rutherford/2023/02/19/american-dream-water-park-nj-helicopter-falls-into-pool-four-injured/69921406007/
  5. Official CGI POV was released by the park. Looks nice https://fb.watch/iuhfngYXhS/
  6. Great writeup. I've ridden my share of really good top spins, but Tolocan is a whole different level of extreme. Like you said, the G's it pulls are absolutely insane. Not even taking into account the awesome fire and water effects.
  7. We had an amazing time at the hotel as well, totally worth it. I was skeptical at first, but it was awesome. The food was great, it really wasn't that expensive to be on site given the meals, fast passes, etc and you literally just have to walk down a set of stairs from your room and be in the park. Having a coaster wrap around your room is the equivalent of having a beach house on the ocean... but for coaster enthusiasts Though... *we* didn't get free chocolate!?!?! lol what's up with that!
  8. For the love of God, just, no. The children of today should never be subjected to this "joke". Carry on. So how about those howl-o-weekends? We didn't get to go this year (first year missed since 2012 or so). I feel like it's been on a pretty steady decline (either that or because I've done so many local haunts everywhere that it just doesn't do it for me anymore, or because it just doesn't change much from year to year house-wise), how were the new house (s?) this year?
  9. I was today years old when I learned there's more than one path on Hagrids. (I've only been on it once, but this is the first I've heard of anyone speak of it)
  10. $10 upcharge show? That's the first I've ever heard of that at this park... or any park... -- are you not allowed to tell us what happens in lost souls? What happens in lost souls stays in lost souls? Edit: ok I just found a video from media day, looks fun! Not sure I'd pay an upcharge, but I applaud them for trying something different!
  11. Can't bundle up for the cold when you barely fit the restraints, tho.... had to take off my jacket for some holiday in the park rides at SFGADV when it was sub 30 degrees... that was .. uh.. cold... but I realize that's my problem and not everyone else's Curious what the ride lineup will look like.
  12. Manta is great, it is also my favorite ride in the park. And the most fun to operate (but slowest staff in the country), too. It was the coaster that turned my mother off of roller coasters FOREVER... lol! Gotta love that loop.
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