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  1. Anyone have experience reserving multiple park visits with a season pass? I am looking to buy a season pass for SFA and visiting the park on April 3, and then plan on visiting Great Adventure on April 4th. I know I've had issues reserving diamond elite parking back in the day when I had a membership at multiple parks at the same time, will reserving multiple park reservations work or is there a limit for simultaneous reservations? Also will not having the card processed yet factor into reserving the second park? I won't be buying a membership this time around, just a sorry old $50 season pas
  2. Looks like April 2nd Busch is the place to be, lol. That was also my plan; it would be my first park in about 17 months; I hadn't realized that spring break was happening in the area, but I love me some food and wine so that's an added bonus for sure and why I'm holding out as long as I am. If they aren't expanding their ride options I may wait a few weeks given it's a long trip for me. I guess we'll see.
  3. That's an amazing photo! lol I saw it on Facebook and laughed. Very appropriate.
  4. I think they are implying that the ride lineup was based on a smaller capacity, and if the capacity is increasing now, will they make more rides available from what is currently published?
  5. I'm curious what having Fast Lane was like last year (I'm aware they didn't sell it, but they did allow prepurchased people and those with all-season). Anyone have experience with it? What were waits like compared to a standard year? I'd imagine there were a ton less people in the park with it, but maybe they changed the ratios of FL to regular guests? I took the plunge and bought the platinum one (from a different park) tonight, and plan on visiting my fair share this year as my wife and I are fully vaccinated, unlike the zero parks we went to last year. Curious if they will sell daily this
  6. I don't think the Texas Trip is going to happen anymore, so I may have just spent waaaaaaaaay too much $$ on cedar fair platinum all-season fast lane plus.... Now I don't have to worry about Cedar Point not selling daily FL+ if they go that route again... and I plan on visiting KI, KD, and Dorney (ha.) at least once each. Who knows if I'll ever actually get to visit Wonderland given the border restrictions, or if they'll even open on time like they're planning. May have bit on it a little early given I don't know the situation yet, but my spidey senses tell me that Cedar Point isn't going to
  7. Luckily got to ride Lightning Rod exactly once. It was closed down almost the entire day but reopened 20 before close. We were half way between LR and Wild Eagle (which was closed all day due to bees) and had also just opened. This would be my one and only visit to Dollywood but I hadn't gotten the Wild Eagle credit yet. Only time left was to ride one or the other, the others in my party wanted to ride Wild Eagle. I almost ditched them to run to LR but opted not to. The only ride on LR was such a blur I wish I had opted for a another ride. Still regret not ditching them
  8. Fair enough. Thanks for posting something official. I'm not on Twitter so I missed that.
  9. "They have Wahoo Wave, whether they put it up this year or not is up in the air, thats already been stated here as fact" By who? Why are you so sure that wahoo is going to open at Darien Lake? Genuinely curious. Besides, Darien Lake is known to get rides they never actually build... If you look at the Facebook thread of them reopening, or any of the news sites comments, nobody seems to know or even care about Wahoo Wave. I threw up the question just for you though, curious if they will respond.
  10. They *are* great parks! But have a very different history. Remember when Herschend managed Darien Lake? Dollywood 2.0!!!! But in all seriousness, I see people raving about the RMC they got but I don't think they are getting a return on it. The $50 season passes can only go so far for a small park like this. Honestly I don't know much about the park, I've only been to it once, but those are just my thoughts based on not many facts other than it seeming like they aren't getting a ton of attendance. I don't have the numbers to prove it. I think it's going to be a challenge regardless of who i
  11. What's the point in having a hotel when you can do the entire park including flat rides in less than 3 hours (well, this year, 2.75 hours... bye bye more flats*)? And another 1 hour for the water park. I always see ads to stay 4 days or whatever like it's friggin Disney World. I still don't understand it. Its not like there is even anything else to do in the area. Unless you want to go to Target the next exit off the thruway. Fun. I will give Darien Lake credit for the laser show, though. It makes it a bit unique and fireworks are fun.
  12. You still think they are going to get wahoo wave? ... and predator titan-ed this season?
  13. Wow, Bert! You always overdo yourself! Thank you for all of that! Locally in Buffalo we have a "Texas de brazil" chain which is absolutely one of my favorite places ever. I did go to a fogo de ciao in Orlando last time I was there. Food was good, but didn't blow me away. They also seated me in a deep dark corner and they barely came around. Very friendly but the service sucked for me. Not to say that would happen at a different one, it always gets rave reviews, just had a bad experience. Originally I was going to stay in Texas longer, but we won't have time to go to the Zoo given the itinera
  14. Well I've made a bunch of changes now that schedules have been released. I won't bore you with all of that. I've moved into the food portion of my planning... lol. Need to know your favorite: - BBQ Joint - Tex Mex joint - Brazilian Churrascaria - anything else worth checking out that is near Fiesta Texas, SW San Antonio, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, or Six Flags over Texas.... and.... go! Just through some initial searching...
  15. There --is-- a sign. lol. Still don't understand why they couldn't put the grizzly statue out front or something... but whatever. Can we put this on the stupid things cedar fair does... list... we have going?
  16. Thank you both for the great info. Much appreciated. Flight of fear was definitely a tough one so I'd imagine it's similar to poltergeist. Glad to hear about Wonder Woman though, I know it's a weird position but just want to know going into it what to expect. Thanks again!
  17. Were they processing season passes and memberships if you bought one? Or did you just get through with showing your sheet of paper? Just curious. Id rather make Darien Lake my home park over Six Flags America so I can get the perks at SFDL given I live 30 min away, but I plan on visiting parks before SFDL officially opens... if it ever does...
  18. How "fluffy friendly" is Wonder Woman? I can fit in any standard RMC with retractable belts such as Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers of I remember correctly (with a good push from an operator), and can usually barely fit the b&m invert clones on the non-modified rows with the belt being just barely king enough, but I've never been on a single rail and obviously the restraints are much different. Are they more lenient than a standard RMC? Or something like a standard b&m invert? I know it depends on where you carry your weight, but just need a general comparison. Also: How are the
  19. So I'm still going to wait things out to see if things will go down in price on American (which I'm confident they absolutely will), but CURRENTLY there is a $110 difference for the two of us if we take.... spirit... (hears screams in the distance) -- never flown them before but is it worth another $100 to avoid them at all costs? lol I know the nickel and dime everything, but I'm more worried about the flight getting cancelled more than anything. I can deal with some inconveniences. The only two options for my itinerary are Spirit and American out of DFW (Dallas fort worth) to Orlando. Fro
  20. Elissa, did you do the monthly payment plan for the SWSA passes or did you pay outright for the 12 months and are able to continue to renew at SWSA every 12 months without revisiting? Just curious if you HAD to do the monthly payments or not and then continue to do that for eternity. Edit: nevermind, I'm dumb you literally just said monthly payment plan, lol. Also I can't spell.
  21. Last time I sent them an email through their online form on June 11 and got a response on August 7th. lol
  22. Holy Jesus. Something in the water up here.... Now that I think about it, Disney could go for a two park resort, Fantasy Island is available and less than 15 min away. Just saying.
  23. This. This. THIS! The filters are absolutely fantastic. Not just saying how many people, how many bags you need to add to the costs for each individual airline (in my case frontier may not be your best deal, not just because of the bag, but also if the plane arrives in the middle of the day it's pretty much worthless to me), but using a little slider bar with times you want flights to arrive (great for planning amusement parks without blowing another night of hotels), number of stops, the 'price graph' where you can put in how many days you need your trip to be but find the best days for the
  24. It'll blast you up! Then blast you down! 17 years ago! In a SON OF BEAST t-shirt! My one and only visit despite living 30 min from the park. You're not missing much.
  25. I'm always into sampling the wide array of food these different parks do for their special events. I would probably go for many of the food offerings since I'm a fatty. During their food and wine, granted I only went twice, but even parks like Epcot and Seaworld there were never any lines for the booths. I would hate to get a tasting card and then wait in lines exclusively for food all day and not be able to get on any rides. I wouldn't mind having only those small sampling of rides open if the day was a little longer, (especially with 30-45 min waits for the rides) but hopefully a visit in Ma
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