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  1. This sentence alone makes me miss Waldameer.... lol. Really brings me back.
  2. https://www.thoughtco.com/what-good-are-wasps-1968081 But... But... "without wasps, we would be overrun with insect pests, and we would have no figsā€”and no Fig Newtons." Made me LOL who the hell cares that much about figs and fig newtons. Most parks mitigate the situation by closing the rides...
  3. No body slides at Holiday World so no worries there. You'll have time to do some of the other slides, lazy River, wave pool, etc for sure, just don't expect super short lines for anything in the waterpark. Zinga (tornado slide) and the enclosed purple one (ZOOMBOBWAY) have notoriously long and slow lines. While fun, not worth it IMO and you might have trouble finding a group to ride with. Otto-ron-go, the enclosed black slides, are fun for single riders and lines are quick. As always in the waterpark, the more weight per boat/tube/etc the faster you'll fly. I think they have scales on everything now though that will give you a red or green light for whatever group you end up with, so long are the days when you could put 4 adults on the purple slide of death lol. I'll never, ever, ever forget that ride and the biggest mindf*ck I've ever had on a ride.... lol. It's a fun park and fantastic water park for sure. Don't listen to Coasterbill who will poo poo on your parade. If you like turkey and thanksgiving-like food, eat at Plymouth Rock. The food court near the entrance there is a large variety, the food is OK, but if you want some unique eats go for Plymouth Rock Cafe down near Voyage instead. Take advantage of the free sunscreen and the free drinks/Gatorade/tea. Also they have Dole Whip in the waterpark if you're into that.
  4. Not an expert but been enough times for some pointers. I've never been RECENTLY In the heart of summer, but for a Friday, even with a holiday weekend, I don't think you'll have an issue getting everything given your itinerary. If it's nice weather your longest lines are going to be the water coasters, but, mammoth and wildebeest both have single rider lines and they will group you with others. Most people are family's and don't utilize it. I didn't notice if cheetah chase had one, but I don't think it did. That one was tough given the weight distributions for my party we had to find other people to ride with w/o the help of the ops. When you say water park, I'm just assuming the 3 water coasters and nothing else. You can spend all day in just the water park if you are doing all the other slides... easy. There are some other fun ones (but with no single rider lines be prepared to wait a LONG time for things in the waterpark), but really, for the truly unique experience just go with the 3 "coasters". There are dividers meaning people won't be in your lap for wildebeest and cheetah chase, but you'll still get people's feet near/to the side of you unless you're in the back row. Mammoth is a non issue and is very comfortable and you'll get on quick in the single rider line. Don't make the rookie mistake of doing the dry coasters in order from the top of the hill when the park opens (UNLESS you can beat the rush) because pretty much EVERYONE goes to Raven first. And then when people see when that line is too long they go next on the pecking order to Legend. Etc. The lines for those two are long around opening time / the first hour or two until the water park opens. Probably best to make the VERY long trek to Thunderbird (+ rerides) FIRST if you get there at open, then do voyage (+ retyides) and then do gobbler getaway right near the Voyage, then hop on over to the drop tower, log flume, and finally Legend and Raven. Then do the waterpark with single rider lines. Then if there is any extra time after the waterpark that's when you'll want rerides on the dry side and there will be no lines for Raven and Legend. Let me know if you have any other questions. Some other locals might have better advice but that's generally what I've seen and my order of operations that I'd recommend to cram in as much as possible. Don't forget the time zone difference from the rest of the area! Another rookie mistake, lol
  5. Since there are only bigfoot photos out there I'll join in and post a majorly cropped obscure one as well but at least it shows a major landmark and a closeup Watch as coaster nerd YouTube users use this stupid photo crop image because they can't wait a few weeks until opening day as they salivate at anything they can get and don't believe when I say it's already there (moreso than White Lightning lol)...
  6. Iron Dragon already vallied. Opening weekend tradition lol. Not at the park today but will probably hit it next weekend. So far zero rides are open due to wind/cold combination, as per coasterbill.
  7. What's the advantage to booking QQ prior to your trip? They sell it at the park. I would look at the lines and decide from there. Nothing like blowing $80+ for nothing. Even on a Sunday if you go to the park early when it opens you can knock a lot of stuff out. Cheetah hunt maybe not so much. If you're afraid it's going to sell out I wouldn't let that hinder you... it's 99.9% a non issue for a Sunday that isn't even in the heart of summer. Just my opinion though after visiting busy parks and even busy days, but every park I've ever been to even on those days you can knock out a lot of stuff early if you get to the parks at open. Just depends if you want to have a "strategy" or not, or just want to take things as they come with QQ and not worry about anything. I can't tell you what that strategy is because Iron Gwazi is new, but I wouldn't even make the consideration of buying QQ ahead of time. At the very least check in on the forums or social media weekend prior to the weekend you'll be there for any info online about crowds. You'll have a better idea once June rolls around how you should plan your game plan once there are more "knowns" and get an idea of traffic patterns at the park. Just my opinion though. If IG was unlimited I would most likely say take it, if you wanted to ride it many many many times even if it was a quiet day, but since it's not, just wait and see.
  8. Yeah sounds like you fell into the quick queue / flash pass etc. trap. I've made that mistake thinking there's NO WAY it wouldn't be crowded but alas I was wrong. Memorial Day Saturday at Six Flags New England, absolutely dead. Now I always wait, just in case the weather gets bad and clears everyone out, etc. If you're early enough at the parks they really aren't at risk of selling out. Stinks you only get 1 ride on Iron Gwazi.
  9. Did I miss something? I know they put Titan track on a very very small portion of the ride (1 hill?) for testing/proof of concept; did they end up doing more/all of the ride or is that why you consider it Hybrid? Just curious. I'd imagine hearing more about it if they transformed any more of it. I do agree it's a fantastic ride but I rode it when it first opened.
  10. not just ERT... but ERT... on 3 coasters... one being Cedar Creek Mine Ride... I mean, there is entertainment, too.
  11. No activity on this thread in a while. Well, let's add some excitement! For a low low price of $100 you can stay in Frontier Town for 3 hours after-hours. If Disney can do it, why not Cedar Point? You get to choose from 5 rides, and for extra $ can purchase food and specialty drinks. A little bit of entertainment and a bull riding simulator. ADULTS ONLY! Not for me (I'm too cheap, and FL is "good enough"), and probably not for a lot of the target demographic of Cedar Point, but I guess good on them for trying. I think what hurts the most is that supposedly the night of CoasterMania they are doing this as well, so everyone is up in arms on how they "could" have been getting ERT during this time but instead they are sharing the park with "outsiders". -- I couldn't care less but those are some of the comments out there. After looking at the itinerary of CoasterMania this year I can see why some people might be mad lol. If more stuff was included I could see more people paying for it, but.. that's just me. Disney proved me wrong so maybe there will be loads of people for this too and I'm just wrong in my thinking. Then again, if I think nobody is going to be there, then that's 3 straight hours of Maverick and Steel Vengeance with no wait. Is that worth it? https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/wild-frontier-nights
  12. Or.... if you are on newer versions of Android, you can perform witchcraft and toggle to the "app switcher" screen, hit "select" at the bottom, and voila now you can click or copy/paste/search/launch text or URLs from a screenshot or anything else on the screen. But then again, who's on Android.... [/that guy] You can even do it on my screenshot of a screenshot.
  13. Awfully big building for a restaurant, with multiple floors... but alas.... https://dailyhive.com/toronto/canadas-wonderland-new-restaurant-yukon-striker
  14. Yeah from the highway it took us about 40 min to get parked, and then another 20 min to get through security/gate. If I didn't have Fastlane I woulda turned around lol lines aren't bad with FL+. Starbucks and the muskoga burger place were a shit show. I rode Leviathan twice and Wilde Beast before my wife even got her drink and they ran out of stuff and were giving attitude. At Muskoga, after waiting 30 min to order a burger, then an additional 30 to get the burger, they said they ran out of beef and it would be another 30 min. So people just took chicken or impossible burgers because there is no way anyone was waiting any longer than an hour. I enjoyed my cider and the impossible burger wasn't that bad. In line for Yukon Striker front row line with FL+. More than 90 min in standard queue, about 15 with FL. Great weather and definitely enjoying myself. I haven't been to a park in a long while so it's good to be back. Food service to be expected on their "opening day" but just informing everyone Also nobody appears to be directing people to the real entrance of Yukon Striker everyone is thinking the single rider is the real line that is overflowing onto the midway. And to add extra insult tons of empty seats going out. I'm sure they'll get in their groove soon, but, eek.
  15. Thought for sure some major rides would be closed due to weather this past week but alas queue times are posted for their park buyout special event today. Looks like the 2 water rides, drop tower, riptide, soaring timbers, and windseeker are the only major rides closed. Unfortunately Time Warp is open and still in existence.
  16. The new re-record breaking longest coaster by 2 ft and steeper drop has not reopened yet.
  17. Excited for pass preview day in 2 days! They finally confirmed my all season FL+ will be available to redeem so I'm definitely there. The weather is going to be perfect and I suspect it's going to be really busy. Just curious if a lot of rides won't be ready due to the terrible and cold weather this week.
  18. Oh crap, sorry, with all the Wonderland talk I thought this was a different thread. Sorry about that >.<
  19. So a park in another country, not even at the edge of the border, near a major Canadian city, sees more foreign visitors than Canadians? Curious where you got that stat from... -- anyways, yeah, what Johnlloyd said. Anyways... back to Kings Island... and editing my post...
  20. Uhhh... Wut? That's like saying nobody eats at the Chick-fil-A at Cedar Point or King's Island because they charge double a normal one. Yet it typically has just as long of a line as Maverick next door, lol. Not many people leave the park to eat. It's more convenient to pay an extra $6 than to leave the park, for most (not all) people.
  21. I typically don't like dry or semi dry ciders, but this was the only option I had at a brewery I was just at and it was on draft and actually pretty good! https://untappd.com/b/blackbird-cider-works-estate-reserve-semi-dry-cider/1077634
  22. There is Titan track already installed on a portion of Predator, I can assure you.
  23. I've already seen the track, but where did GCI announce this, out of curiosity? I haven't seen anything recent.
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