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  1. They are free but nobody has been able to tell me how you actually lock and retrieve. Do you have to memorize your locker # and pin? Biometrics? Use a ticket or your season pass that you need to hold on to? etc. -- Steel Vengeance will F up your memory so hopefully it's not a PIN lol and what happens when you ultimately forget Guess I'll find out tomorrow!
  2. Wow, thanks for bumping up this thread. Just spent my last hour reading the entire thing (and drooling!) as it was my first time seeing it. And Bill, we got that released in the USA as well! I will pick one up tomorrow and let you know my thoughts. Very interesting to see your perspective Phil! Other than the taste of Elicottville festival and the one restaurant there, and the wing festival (just like you I always have other plans) I think I've been to every WNY restaurant and festival you've listed / talked about! Keep posting maybe you'll find a gem I haven't eat
  3. So there are iaapa job listings from Indiana Beach looking for help in Buffalo NY. The people on the memories page are so pie in the sky. It's like they don't understand what due diligence is, have any business accolade, and the fact they are talking about it without Indiana Beach announcing anything seems very off to me. The park is a mess. If they can prove me wrong that would be amazing, simply because I'd like to ride Silver Comet again...
  4. I bought the 2021 pass at SFA a few weeks ago for $49.99. it got me parking and admission at SFA, and the next day at Great Adventure, and I will frequently use it at Darien Lake. You are correct HOWEVER the extra gate water parks are no good unless you buy a membership. Unless your local park has a separate gate then it's good at that park only. So if you get a combo pass at Great adventure is good for THEIR water park and THEIR safari, but season passes from other parks will not get you admission to Great Adventures water park or safari. No problem getting into any of the dry parks, though.
  5. Just announced: 2020 and 2021 season passes will be good through labour day 2022! Considering I have platinum from Wonderland, and Cedar Point is my park of choice, and I bought the platinum all season fast lane, this works amazingly in my favor! The FAQ says add ons will carry over as well. I'm guessing when 2023 passes go on sale they will allow the rest of 2022 to make up for the lost season. I'll take it!!
  6. I heard that pirate was getting a huge refurb and that sleighride will live to see another season. Remember when the Darien Lake logo had the ferris wheel in it? And remember how the grizzly run tubs still had that logo on it. COINCIDENCE!? lol I knew grizzly was going a long time ago, but the wheel is a bit of a surprise. If it's no longer on the map it's definitely going...
  7. Is the skeleton of floodgate falls still over there? I can't remember. Anyone remember what year that stopped operating? I'm gonna guess it still looks like this (but honestly I don't know -- and LOL I just noticed the photoshopped tuber): Yeah I don't expect to see Grizzly Run's area being cleared out any time soon. There's no reason to and plenty of other areas to expand. You know. If they wanted to.
  8. Compliments of Cedar Fair (specifically Kings Island and Kings Dominion) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/65REf5thv8onz5MKVEql4n?si=xoG1qBhJQgG-jvyEi6J4pg&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 You're welcome!
  9. Popped up on my "discover weekly" in Spotify today. Lovin' it.
  10. Members and passholders: May 14 Public: May 15 https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210427006188/en/Six-Flags-Announces-Reopening-of-Six-Flags-New-England-Hurricane-Harbor-Los-Angeles-and-Hurricane-Harbor-Concord Edit: ah someone beat me to it Back on the Windexcyanide topic (never forget word filters), I could very well be wrong but I'm pretty sure they run more than one type of wheel on it. In the cooler season it runs different because of the wheels they put on. Yes weather effects it too but I think that's why you see such a difference sometimes (and why it m
  11. So the low/high this year for Fast Lane + is $101 for the slow days and $159 on the peak days. I'm surprised they didn't go higher honestly. I think in 2019 the low was $85 for slow days (don't quote me), so still an increase.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I still get the little annoying bar at the bottom of the screen to open in tapatalk vs chrome if I go incognito BTW so I think there is some leftover code somewhere.
  13. For the past two weeks or so I haven't been able to access the forums through tapatalk on Android. I reinstalled, cleared cache, cleared data, etc but not having any luck. Other forums seem to be working fine through the app? Any idea if there is something you need to do on your end? Here are the two error messages i'm getting. One while accessing the forums without logging in. One while trying to put in my username and password. Has anyone else reported this? I'm fine with using the website, just that the tapatalk nag screens at the bottom I h
  14. Not much has changed. They still need money. They are hoping for 2022, but I don't see it happening. "Marshall Dan" has been posting updates on the Fantasy Island memories page on their behalf. here is the latest video from last week: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=745985259444747
  15. You thought YOUR Six Flags park had bad staffing.... holy crap... https://poststar.com/news/local/great-escape-job-fair-nets-nine-new-employees/article_5495030e-904f-56ad-ac16-86f1248abbd0.amp.html
  16. Acesso Store Protip: when it asks you to register your tickets to a name after you purchase them and before you print them, just put in generic thing like "person 1" / Voucher 2" etc. I think they still print all the buyer details on the tickets now, but just an added safeguard if you need to give the tickets to someone else in your party later, etc. Not that they ever really check the name, but for things like coaster events sometimes they prepare a packet ahead of time for the purchaser of the group so it might be best to call. I don't know how Coastermania works, it's been awhile.
  17. Keep in mind that the $133 3-park ticket does NOT include parking, which is now up to $30/day. If you are parking all 3 days I think its actually cheaper to get the 4 day ticket which DOES include parking. OR, you know, go to Discovery Cove and get the ultimate package, which gives you Discovery Cove and up to 14 days (?) admission to all the FL SeaWorld parks. If you want the "tickets at work" discount on the 3 day ticket.... Go here: https://www.ticketsatwork.com/affiliates/lifecare/packages.php?sub=packages&action=view&id=78
  18. Strictly speaking for the coasters, of all the parks I've been to, Hershey definitely has the most restrictive rides that I can think of. Not just some, but a huge majority. I'm 250ish/6ft and in 2019 I baaaaarely made some of the rides. Even rides that have the same manufacturer / seat designs as other parks are wildly different at Hershey due to shorter seatbelts or necessary "clicks". Not fluffy friendly at all in my experience, unfortunately. Flats I'm not too familiar with, so I can't help you there.
  19. Thanks for this recommendation! Our party of 4 all had a wonderful meal. No complaints whatsoever except I got one of the specials and it contained a crab cake as part of it, however that was the one thing of everything we all had that could have been better. From the bread, to the mussels, to the ribs, to everything else we had, all great stuff! And the service was phenomenal as well.
  20. I wonder what this means for the laser show. They probably won't do it during the week when they close at 7, but will they still do it on the 9pm closes? Just stinks that one of their most unique Six Flagsy things will be so limited if that's the case.
  21. From 10-11:30 the ride lines in the back of the park were non existent today in the morning but it picked up pretty quickly after that. Toro (which opened up late today) had no line when I went a little later on, and Ka was a "walk on and wait" because they had 3 trains going but they were waiting to fill trains up and allowing re-riding. We requested the front but since they needed to fill the vehicles they wouldn't let us wait. We did second row and last row. Damn it's shakey and hurts the front of my shoulders even with my arms down (well.. holding on to my mask) -- 2 rides was enough despi
  22. FYI in case anyone was wondering season passes from parks other than SFGADV will not work for the safari. Our $50 SFA passes were a no go and they wanted to change $50 for the both of us to drive through. No thank you. Memberships will work fine. Doesn't really make sense considering it's normally included with admission with the trucks, but whatever... PS: El Toro is still awesome.
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