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  1. Just watched this. So cool. (Note: I knew practically nothing about this park and not very much about this ride, and haven't followed this thread, so I was pretty impressed by this video). It was uploaded a few days ago. Knew nothing about the hotel, or apparently the transfer track that lifts through the actual bar/restaurant, if I understood that correctly? The entire area and music really is amazing.
  2. Monster Stomp was a decent enough show (though I'm not really into the whole song and dance thing, they did have a cool "knife" segment. The bars seemed really nicely and heavily themed, though I only looked in from the outside. I didn't have anything to drink. The actors did a pretty good job, but I only found two of the four houses to be decently done set-wise. The fact that they don't do Conga Lines like Horror Nights does always give SEAS a step up in scare factor. Always a positive. I had high hopes for the Wild Arctic one but that ended up being the worst. The scare zones were very basic, but again, I think there are more scares at SeaWorld than say HHN. The makeup was pretty impressive in the scare zones too. Set-wise was very very eh. Not usually one to complain, but the night was a bit tainted and very frustrating by some of the guest services staff and the staff at the front of ALL the houses who were completely clueless on procedures that were told to us, so my group had some major ADA issues, but they did give us tickets for next year to try and make things right. They would have let us go again this year but we are no longer local and wouldn't have an opportunity to use the tickets. Hopefully nobody else has to go through what we went through. I understand it was their second day and have kinks to work out, but it was a complete shitshow and I feel bad for anyone who needed special accommodations. Overall I think Tampa is a much better value, but Seaworld was decent enough to warrant a visit. Just make sure you understand the cheese factor going into it and the fairly generic themes in the houses, and you will have a good time. Don't expect Horror Nights. A much more "budget-ty" haunt. Which is not surprising, lol.
  3. When you say it's not 3d anymore do you just mean it's still broken and not synced right all the time or do they literally not hand you glasses anymore and changed the video to 2d / unblurred? It would be great if they actually changed it.
  4. Only got 1 ride on it total but grateful for it! Hopefully the next time I'm in Florida (probably not anytime soon) I'll get to ride it some more and experience it near the back.
  5. Just wanted to chime in and say that Velocicoaster is the real deal. The restraint system caught me off guard right away, the fact the the "lap" bar did not touch my lap at all and had several inches of room between me and the restraint. This provided an even crazier ride. I know people have watched the POV and know what to expect but POVs don't do the ride justice. I really really really really wish I could have rode it more than once. The ride closed around 10 or 10:30 am or so for weather. When the rain stopped after we had lunch it reopened, and when we walked by we saw an empty train going around the track. Turns out they were cycling people off and the ride was have a technical delay. We rode some other stuff and came back and just waited and waited and waited. There was nothing else left in the park I wanted to ride and we needed a rest so we just sat in front of the entrance for a few hours hoping something would start up. It never did. We had Horror Nights to get to and the ride still hadn't opened by 5:30. It was so disappointing as there would be no other chance for me to ride it anytime soon. Went over to horror Nights and did a few houses. I got an alert on my phone that the ride reopened. You have to be shitting me. I was in a long line for the house and debated my next move. I looked on my phone to see if they offered re-entry into Horror Nights but saw nothing on the official site about it. I also found a 2021 unofficial guide that said reentry is not allowed. I thought this was weird because I could have sworn people said they ate at City Walk and came back in. I decided to ask in a HHN Facebook fan group and immediately got answers that I would be able to get back in. It was now 7:35, I was all the way in the back of studios near MEN IN BLACK and IOA closes at 8pm. I said F it and left my group behind (we were all in pain from walking around all day and they didn't think they could make it) so me and my Jell-O legs booked it as fast I could to the ride, hoping for the best. It didn't help my phone had 2% battery which was holding my tickets. Put it in airplane mode to conserve energy. So I ended up making it by 7:55. The line was posted 45 min and single rider was closed. I waited it out and am so happy I did. For anyone wondering about lockers they work by scanning your ticket. I only had a digital ticket on my phone so I had no idea how this would work. Turns out they had little cards with barcodes on them to hand out for those in that situation. Phew. Anyways, the ride is fantastic. The last inversion is absolutely bonkers insane. I loved it. Yesterday was a crazy day for sure. I ended up in row 2 which made it very hard to see due to the high backs but I didn't care. I would love to try it again in the back I think I would have enjoyed it even more, but alas the ride closed for the day by the time I got off. That's my story for now.
  6. I think it will be a flop. I expect no lines for anything once 10p hits because everyone will be done with everything. I can't imagine going until 2am in what will likely be such an empty park. Should have made Ice Breaker a HOS exclusive. Now that would be a smart business move right there... make up for disappointing everyone with lack of rides with some new hotness. I mean, I HOPE I'm wrong. I want it to succeed. But I just don't see it. Not trying to be a negative nancy but there is so much missed opportunity. And everyone is going to compare it to HOS in Tampa and be disappointed with lack of rides, etc, for a much higher cost. Maybe it's because I still have Six Flags Darien Lakes fright fest stuck in my brain from a few years ago. lol. I'll find out soon!
  7. Starting to think I'm wrong about this and they really will only have 2 rides open... with the $ they are charging compared to BGT which has a ton of rides open for a lot cheaper.... I know completely different locations, but... damn. Guess we'll see, going opening HOS weekend, but luckily also planned for a day trip to Seaworld as well so I can do everything else. Looks like everything will be closed off before shark encounter and they are using the side entrance for entry to the park. EDIT: WELP I guess it's official..... I love the excitement in the response... lol
  8. Thanks for writing everything up. I'll be back there in a few weeks after taking a several year Florida hiatus. Ops have always been terrible. I worked Gwazi for a short period of time, back when it was... Gwazi... and visited at least once a month after I moved to Orlando, but the management at BGT never cared, and being a ride supervisor at SeaWorld I got to experience the workers that didn't give 2 shits first hand. Some of the management did a really great job (pats self on back ;)) at setting a good example, but I feel as soon as a supervisor left a ride to go to another ride everyone went back to their old ways. There are always exceptions and some people were awesome, but overall there was no customer service / getting trains out fast mentality. Manta was the absolute worst for several years, though. lol. I'm excited to go back! Oh, and that garden grill place used to be a sit down pizza/pasta buffet. I'm guessing it changed once COVID happened since buffets weren't really a thing anymore. It may have changed well before that, but last I knew that was the case. I've only been on it once or twice, but Falcons Fury is an awesome ride. I wish more parks would get something like it. Definitely my favorite (not so) flat ride / non coaster that I can think of. I don't normally care for drop towers but that thing is a whole different level.
  9. If you could buy a membership anywhere and not go to that park then everyone would just buy from Six Flags Mexico. It says season passes don't have to be processed by a certain date and are immediately active. And since season passes are only good at the park you buy it at, that makes sense.
  10. I was going to prove you wrong and say they had a whole ornament section on their website.... but...
  11. The thing that kills me is the processing at your home park. My home park doesn't open until May, so if I visit any park before that (spring break, etc) I will have to buy the membership from another park unless I buy it before the season is over this year, but it wouldn't make sense to double pay because I already have a non local park season pass. If they had the GOOD perks for every park it would make sense, but the bring a friend, etc only work at your home park. I hate it. The percent off discount that's good at every park is usually more than the online prices anyways. Not that I want to bring a friend to suffer at Darien Lake, but still... to make it financially worth it there's no good way to do it for me.
  12. What's everyone's fascination with that stupid bridge over the antique cars? Like... there is a path just to the right of it that takes another 50 steps to get to. There's like not even a reason for it. Of all the things they could paint. I guess I'm just old and grumpy. Yesterday and today tantrum, predator, moose, motocoaster, corn popper, mind eraser, sleigh ride all closed for staffing. That's not even the full list. Like what's the point of even being open if everyone is angry.
  13. I still love that it has a multi colored Franken-train. It fits Darien Lake so well.
  14. Seriously awesome. Great work! Like night and day ever since the new forums started. Now I don't mind missing Tapatalk, the speed was one of the reasons I preferred it but now I like the web interface more.
  15. I heard that someone at Cedar Point had looked into a crystal ball and knew that the CP TTD accident was going to happen. They told Tony and he thought it would make sense to close down Wicked Twister because they could use the existing hardware to launch Top Thrill Dragster, save some money, and to please coaster enthusiasts which want the change for no apparent reason. PROBLEM SOLVED
  16. I'm not making the connection that only two rides will be open like all of you. It's just what they are "featuring" as being IN THE DARK. That could just be the featuring those two rides for the website right now, but it could also mean that I think they will turn the lights off similar to Six Flags for those two rides in particular, but I think Kraken and Manta will still run with lights on like a "normal" night. They would get a lot of flack did not opening all the coasters. A LOT. I don't see it happening, but then again SEAS never fails to amaze me sometimes.
  17. EDIT: nevermind, I'll wait for the official announcement... weeeeeeee
  18. It varies by the day. Just go to the cedar point site and pick the day you want to see the price for. Look for the Fast Lane price (not the plus) and that's what it (should) cost at the park. Used my pass to buy two on Sunday for friends with no issues.
  19. I posted my super quick review/description of Dine in the dark on a Facebook group, but thought I'd post it here: If you are a passholder, this is 100% worth it. $20 for passholders is an absolute steal. Even if HALF the food doesn't appeal to you, there was a huge selection (if you can find it all in the dark! lol) took me a few laps to find it all. As you enter and get your ticket scanned, they hand you a souvenir cup that had one of those lights built into the bottom to make it glow/flash/etc. You get free soft drinks to fill it with, or you can use paper cups that are also provided. There are 5 stations with a huge variety of food. There are little cards that are hard to read with each food item. More than I remember reading on the website. Some of my favorites: Garlic Beef, Corn fritter bake, shrimp , mozzarella tomato salad. Other things I had which were OK included perch tacos with slaw, sweet potato mash, sausage, Boneless Pork Chop, bacon wrapped chicken, fudge balls (too rich for me), tres leches cake, plantain pudding. Nothing was outright bad some things were a little bland or dry. But if there is something you don't like, take some more of what you do! I didn't try the red beans and rice, the garbanzo salad, papaya, jerk chicken, or saffron rice. Full list of foods is here: https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/cedar-point-nights They also had a mini bar but there was a line so I don't know what was offered. The only thing I overheard was some sort of lemonade that your can add Tito's vodka to. Highly recommend. Give it a try. The "dark" aspect was a little cheesy and the music was weird (it is NOT a party atmosphere), but it's really about the food in the end. I was surprised you serve yourself minus the carving station. The entrance is right by Windseeker for those that don't know where to go
  20. Ah yes, the Chic-fil-A. Elegantly and stylishly fashionable, lol.
  21. Tried to ride it yesterday, but, once again, the coaster I can't fit in as I am just a tad too tubby.... too bad, I do like impulse coasters.
  22. I'm 100% sure management was not like "hmmm...let's not open Legend today. Or the next day." There is no way it was due to staffing, they would have taken the people from the ice cream stand at that point and train them. Rides need maintenance. Earlier this year Thunderbird was down for a few weeks, but you know what? At midnight and into the early mornings they were tirelessly getting it back open as soon as humanly possible. They were doing MAJOR structural work and digging up all around the ride. I don't know what the issue with Legend is, but I can assure you it's not like they want the ride to be closed. Things happen, unfortunately it just happened while you were there. It may be going downhill over the years in your eyes, but major rides being down on purpose is not something Holiday World would allow to happen. I can see them maybe staggering rides if there was a staffing issue, or closing some smaller attractions or ones that require a LOT of staff to run, but cheetah chase is a brand new ride and there's no way they wouldn't just not open it due to staffing. (Unless you're Darien Lake). Sorry you had an unfortunate visit.
  23. There is a a cell phone video circulating from the boat behind them. They all witness the boat overturned and it's basically them yelling that they are about to get hit by their boat, and then freaking out with what they are going to do next after passing it. You can see some of them in the water getting out of the trough. I didn't look too closely and it was a one and done for me. Scary **** do not recommend. Makes me feel uneasy.
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