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  1. Does anyone happen to know what the ride policy is for medical boots. I was at universal 3 weeks ago and could ride everything with a boot. I am thinking about cancelling my Cedar point trip since I just had surgery on my foot, and have moved to a boot from a cast. I see a lot of rides will not let you on in a cast but i am not seeing anything about a boot. Almost sounds like can do some rides.
  2. Looks like Magnum Is getting track work done. As for the parade I would say like 4 floats kids will like it. Cedar point has done a parade during the daytime for Halloween for years.
  3. So what KK is doing just not for 16 year olds? Also has anyone seen the Two kings island beers in any of the local Cincinnati stores?
  4. I am about 95% sure that I will be making my first trip to the park this summer. Any good food places and or breweries near the park. What hotel would people say is worth staying at. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know how far out you can book park reservation for when you stay at a Disney resort? I am looking to book a trip for November and wanted to know if lets say i book next week if i can make park reservation at the time or if its more like fast passes and can't do so say 90 days before the trip
  6. I told my brother the same thing, I am not coming till Gwazi is open. Is anything going on with Gwazi say test runs or what looks like final opening prep?
  7. pretty pumped i found this. I will start sharing beers i enjoy. I had Puff Tart Megas Berryz from The Brewing projekt. Really really good sour/smoothie style beer.
  8. it looks bad from the outside also, every time i go to cedar point the hotel amazes me how run down it looks.
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