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  1. I looked at the power point and found it interesting that Cedar fairs 15 parks had higher attendance then six flags 27Parks. I see some parks shutting down. I don't feel they mess with Cedar point and Kings Island. You also have to remember that most of the GP will not care or no that they merged. Just keep the ads off the cedar point and kings rides
  2. My Guess is that Test track will push hardcore on going green and will be based around ev's
  3. I am not 100% buying the leak from Zamperla. Tomorrow we will find out more
  4. This will be interesting to see what "theming" they go with, since Red force is kind of F1 themed. Can't wait for the 1st to find out all the details on this thing.
  5. Thanks for this review for family's. Might try to talk to wife into a trip next year. I feel like I remember that our kids are around the same age.
  6. Could you imagine a roller coaster playing Alanis Moresette? Epic lol
  7. From what i know you might get lucky with KIngs island but its just as Busy as cedar point. The weekend of September 8 and 9th is normal a non Halloweekends weekend that brings less crowds
  8. I am pretty sure its ban to fly on to the property, but from the videos I have seen looks like its launched from a boat and filmed over the water with just a good zoom. Well that is what they said in a video . I have also been waiting for that channel to get shut down and Cedar point to take action but nothing yet
  9. Looks like a lot of work is going on. Lots of people have been seen on the tower. Not sure what they have them doing but its progress!
  10. The Boardwalk is the selling point. It's new its fresh brings energy to that part of the park. If it brings joy then that's why they built it, and that is what brings family's to the park. You need to look at the big picture. As for the food it has came a long way from frozen burgers from many years ago. Your at a theme park its going to cost a little more. I mean Taco bell is almost $15 dollars to feed me now. SO you don't really have a point. The target market for parks is not the coaster fan who doesn't spend money in the park buy packing food.
  11. You could just look at it as a Business move to get people to the new part of the park. They have also had staffing issue and this gets them more time to get stuff open on time! They Early entry Rides has dropped off a lot over the last few years but still nice to get in and and walk around way not many people in the park.
  12. The only people who can use the magnums gate is lighthouse point or Breakers guest.
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