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  1. I mean TTD dragster broke a few weeks into its first season if not the first week and was down for a month if not longer.
  2. My Guess would be wheel related. And kind of re-engineering is going to take some time. Hopeful opens before September.
  3. Each week you wait will Get a little busier. If the hotel is fully booked means its going to be pretty booked. Like he said you can knocked alot out the last hour or so in the park, and first hour if you dont waste it waiting for something to open. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/sandusky/44870/june-weather/1167 This might help not a big change from start of June to the middle. Also its on a leak will always have some kind of breeze.
  4. From what I understand A lot of out of states schools are still in the beginning of June. You might get lucky and have less crowds, but must of Ohio schools will be out by the end of May. I would always go around my birthday on 10th of June and it was never crazy busy but the closer you get to July the busier it will get. The Ride ops issue shouldn't be as bad by June. A lot of it is just over all staffing and they should have more staff and getting reps in. They have a few weekends and more staff starting after the first week. The temp in Ohio can be between 40 and 100 degrees. Its Ohio. June can be mid 80 to 90 depending. Pushing it out a few weeks wont change that much. The weather today in Ohio was a high of 60 and yesterday was almost 90. Fast lane i would budget for one day do all your riding that day then the other two just enjoy the parks and if you want to get it the rest of the trip you always can. I would just try to plan for weekdays if you can. Just depends on one if you want night rides and two just what works best for you. If your warried about your health might be bust just to go as soon as you can why your feeling great.
  5. It is hard to tell Lawyers, Ride test brought things to light, Zamperla, Cedar point, Peoples inability to just be smart and put things away. I mean this thing is 420 feet and 120is MPH. Things happen. I wish TT2 lockers was my biggest worry in life. They saved this ride and have been getting great reviews, just go ride the thing and stop worrying about something you have no control.
  6. Its Still very helpful at cedar point on a weekend on some of the bigger rides.
  7. If you get in early you can knock out a few of the big coasters but i would guess and hour wait later in the day for most the bigger rides if not longer, but a lot of people will be in the water park
  8. Too answer your question. I haven't heard anyone complain about the locker issue yet that has been. We will see more on Saturday!
  9. Kings Island can get pretty busy during the summer due to all the local city's to the park. Cedar point is about 3.5 hours from Mason, so you are going to want to stay, not seeing you make a 7 hour drive in one day. The best bet would be stay at one of the cedar point hotels. Cedar point would busy and fast lane would be recommended.
  10. They Could always do what Universal does do free locker for a posted amount of time and if your stuff is still in the locker after said time then you get charged for it. People have also said why not just leave your stuff in the SV locker then walk to ride TTD. This is a long way and people freak out about not having a phone for 5 min could only imagine people starting to freak out about the phone being gone for hours on the other side of the park.
  11. What happens when the Fastlane line opening weekend is as long as the normal line. Can't wait for that S storm.
  12. People are mad about only getting one ride, yea it sucks but you can always wait the 6 hours to ride it if you want. People never got to ride the OG one and they all lived to talk about it.
  13. The first week in May is Pretty slow but they also do some kind of Physics week/math days, but the kids have activates that have to do and still leave pretty early. You can get a lot done early and later. I went the Tuesday after Memorial day last year and was pretty slow and I think that week was kind of slow. A lot of the Ohio schools start Mid to late August so that helps in August. With that said a lot of Michigan school go back after labor day. Like said before the Week before the park closes for weekday operation is pretty slow. I have also been told the weekend before halloweekends starts is slow. The thing is that with TT2 opening people might go early but that is still a small group of people.
  14. Cheaper in this case doesn't mean its a less good product. They could of asked for a bids from a few company's. Zamperla could of picked to be less just to get the project. This is kind of the one chance they have show the world what they can do in the Big coaster game. Zamperla Could of approached Cedar Point with a idea that could of kicked started the project. I feel like I heard intamin was never given a chance to discuss the redesign but I could be wrong.
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