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  1. People have already said I didn't like wicked twister so I wont like this! I think this will be awesome
  2. Anyone know when schools go back in the city's around Chicago? Wondering if a late August trip would be good or if the kids don't go back till after Labor day like most states?
  3. Seems like they have stopped removing track. So the idea of them just changing the launch seem like that could be true.
  4. Sorry to jump off topic from TTD but I have a quick question. I think i read that they no longer do the fast lane + for the fast lane price for pass holders. Can someone confirm this for me or is this going away as of the 2023 Season.
  5. Saturday in October at Cedar point is one of the busy times of the year try to get in early and do what you can knock out fast. Sunday should be less busy. Fast lane is the most expensive that time of year.
  6. Going to Kings island for the first time this season? When i went last year the blue ice cream beer had not came out yet. Is Orion and Blue ice cream beer still sold in the park and if so where can I find them?
  7. Kind of off topic but does any one know when the 2023 season passes go on sale?
  8. I think CP rundown also posted you can see markers when you ride iron dragon near the TTD brake run. Not sure what any of this means. I assume that the marks are for marking utility lines. So i guess all we know is that something is going to happen.
  9. This is the first i have heard of a launch change. seems like it would cost to much for no real return on investment The only thing I heard that made a little sense was a rework of the line.
  10. For the new fence that went up near breakers express, It could be for what ever flats will be getting moved, or is new coming in. Unless huge ground moving starts I don't see, a roller coaster coming. A Place for TTD track also would make sense sadly.
  11. The weekend of September 9th might be your best bet, or get the point in the next week. Most schools have ended or will be ending in the next few days so it will start to pick up.
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