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  1. Please reopen California’s amusement parks! Done, thanks for the help on this. I don't think it'll do much good, but I did my part! I really miss Magic Mountain!
  2. The only way these parks will ever open is to take this to court. Obviously, the governor and his "task force" haven't got a clue. I hope they had a nice visit to Florida. They didn't learn anything. These are unrealistic targets to achieve before opening the park. This whole thing is just sad. So many peoples lives being effected. Recall Newsom Now!
  3. Cedar Fair sells a fast lane pass like this for all their parks. It's quite expensive though.
  4. Looks great Robb! Now you need to reopen Club TPR membership to help pay for all these upgrades...
  5. Since I can't ride out west, I've really been missing the forums. Great to have them back!
  6. ^ I'm definitely looking forward to it! A Thanksgiving visit would be great I hope. I know it's out of the park's control. You've got a crazy governor... I'm just worried that won't happen until 2021.
  7. Do any locals think Knotts can open soon this season (or at all) with Orange County taken off your Governor's shit list??? I just read that Disneyland is putting up plexiglass barriers at it's entries. Possible preparation for reopening. Not sure if this is true or not. I hope so, since I'd love to ride again even if it's at Knotts. I really need this to happen at Magic Mountain. I know that's another thread.
  8. ^ Wow that was quick. I guess he resigned / quit on Friday or earlier. I'll look for him in Tampa. He's a nice guy... I'm sure he'll do fine. Moving from 6 Flags to Sea World is quite risky right now.
  9. I just saw this on another site. So sad Neal was a great guy! I guess he's just tired of the California politics ruling the parks. Thanks Neal for all your hard work over the years for 6 Flags. Will Magic Mountain ever open???? According to a report at Thrill Capital Insider, Six Flags Magic Mountain park President, Neal Thurman, has made the decision to leave Six Flags after a 25 year career. According to a statement released, Neal has opted to leave “in order to live and work closer to his extended family.”
  10. Yes, but if you're in the first few rows you won't hear it because you're down the hill already.
  11. I know this is the Cedar Point thread, but I was at Kings Island for the past 5 days and they never used the access pass for Orion at all. Just wanted to make that clear.
  12. ^ Yes, I agree. Seems pretty marginal at best. Maybe they're charging a lot for the beers...
  13. I’ve rode basically every seat on Zumanjaro, and I almost always soil my clothes. - However, I was still able to clench the cheeks and enjoy the ride! Yes, it’s terrifying, but I promise... it won’t make you sh!t yourself. It just feels like it will. Thank you for a good laugh this morning.
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