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  1. I cannot select Manta at ssd 6 Flags San Diego as ridden. I get an error -- 404 track not found.
  2. ^^^ Just curious. How did the flash pass wristband work? This is the first I've heard of it. Was it scanned at the entrance of the rides? Obviously, the wait time isn't displayed right?
  3. Thanks for sharing this video. It made me sad watching it. I really miss that place. The holidays won't be the same for me.
  4. Boy I hope you're way off with your August comment, but you've been quite accurate in the past. I really hope and pray you're wrong...
  5. I've been at Busch the past 4 days (would've been 5 except for the hurricane / tropical storm). Every time I pass IGGI - Iron Gwazi, it's calling my name and taunting me. I really looks great!
  6. ^ What does your statement mean John?? I'm flying to Tampa tomorrow to spend some time there. I'd be good with "technical rehearsals." I've done that before at this park and Magic Mountain too. Please advise - thanks.
  7. ^ The views of the park and the music made me sooo sad this morning. I really miss that place. Thanks for sharing the video.
  8. ^ Is the Big Dipper "still standing" Wolf Bobs? Just curious...
  9. ^^ This must be an old picture. None of the leaves have changed color. That seems hard to believe in November for the Smokey Mountains.
  10. ^^ I hope they could save the Big Dipper, and run it which I think is still standing SBNO. It was one of my favorite woodies. I miss it.
  11. Please reopen California’s amusement parks! Done, thanks for the help on this. I don't think it'll do much good, but I did my part! I really miss Magic Mountain!
  12. The only way these parks will ever open is to take this to court. Obviously, the governor and his "task force" haven't got a clue. I hope they had a nice visit to Florida. They didn't learn anything. These are unrealistic targets to achieve before opening the park. This whole thing is just sad. So many peoples lives being effected. Recall Newsom Now!
  13. Cedar Fair sells a fast lane pass like this for all their parks. It's quite expensive though.
  14. Looks great Robb! Now you need to reopen Club TPR membership to help pay for all these upgrades...
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