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  1. I was at the park yesterday and today. I was told by one of the Beast (relocated to Mystic Timbers) rideops that Thursday the general public was complaining about the roughness of the Beast, so they shut it down 2 hours early and relocated the rideops to other rides. Today I was there until 2, and it never opened. There wasn't anyone on the platform either. Maybe the guys were working on the track which you really can't see, even from Windbreaker.
  2. The two days following Coasterstock, I was on both Windseeker & Diamondback during the fireworks. It was fantastic. Just lucked out. Sorry I missed you guys at the event. Soooo much better than Coastermania at that place up north.
  3. ^ I see Gatekeeper running on their webcam. Just empty trains??? I'm heading there for the weekend with my family and I hope it opens.
  4. Hey you guys forgot to report on our new coaster friend - the groundhog, who came out of during the behind the scenes trip of Banshee. He looked like he was related to Don Helbig...
  5. I just saw Gatekeeper cycle on the webcam. It's too far away to see if people are on it. Either way, that's a good sign.
  6. I was at Holiday World yesterday. Legend was closed with no activity anywhere around it. It's been 2008 since I've been there and can't remember if I liked Raven or Legend more. I guess I won't know. I posted this as a "heads up" for those visiting. As of yesterday only 2 of their 3 woodies running. I'm definitely not a fan of Voyage, but that's just me.
  7. ^ My experience is that will NOT WORK. They have ride ops and security at the entry to those rides. These guys have X-Ray vision and will catch you. No metal detectors, as they don't need it.
  8. I really appreciate their ride / rain policy. Very different from the "big house" up north - Cedar Point.
  9. The website for Great Adventure has El Toro "temporarily closed" as of this moment.
  10. ^ It's the national anthem. Yes, Cedar Point does this. Sea World San Antonio does it too.
  11. I totally agree! They care about the customer experience. Cedar Point just doesn't care anymore. They demonstrate this on a daily basis. They've lost the definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not the case at Kings Island. I really love that place.
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