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  1. Here is the link to the reveal for the new TT2 trains with Tony and Zamperla from Cedar Point at IAAPA. Nothing was said about the lighting package in the video. I hope it has it too...
  2. ^ Let's see how long it lasts this time! I'll be there in less than 2 weeks. Now we need an announcement / progress on Monte!!!
  3. ^ I hear what you're saying, but this lady - Lina Khan who is chairman of the FTC is "drunk with power." I hope she stays out of it.
  4. Not sure if this applies to this situation. I just wonder if the government - FTC Federal Trade Commission will let this happen. They blocked many mergers as non competitive. For me this could be a good thing. I have both 6 Flags & Cedar Fair high end passes. We'll see what happens. I may save money.!
  5. ^ I asked that question when I was at the park in August. I was told he left by his own choice. I also got the comment that Coasterstock is very doubtful. in the future. He was a big part of that. He's recently been posting on Twitter. Nothing so far about the merger. I don't think he knew about this it that far in advance. He wasn't that "high up" to be privy to that.. Although, I'm sure it was in the works then. This has got to be one of the biggest well kept secrets...
  6. I was at Knotts today and noticed (from Supreme Scream) 5 or 6 new large wooden crates in the Xcelerator work area. One train is in the station, and the second one is disassembled. Let's hope these are parts to fix the ride so it can finally open, and not just "new stuff" for the train. Possibly encouraging news I hope. So sad to be there without Monte and Xcelerator.
  7. ^ I don't go for the haunt stuff. I'm there for the coasters....
  8. Glad to hear of their change of heart. I'll be there next weekend...
  9. ^ That's just happened recently. I'm guessing only 1 train ops? Probably just a Halloweekends thing. I've not experienced that this year.
  10. ^ This is according to another source. Sad developments... "So what has happened to Xcelerator at Knott’s Berry Farm? After many witness accounts of seeing crews on site, the ride making empty text runs, and crew members apparently being brought over for re-training ahead of reopening… all has gone SILENT. According to a source during testing an issue arose with one of the coaster’s brake units. Like any major theme park ride, there are redundant systems in place, so nothing bad happened and the train stopped as it should, but Knott’s is not going to reopen Xcelerator until it is 100% and now they are waiting on parts (once again) to fit the brake. This is obviously disappointing to everyone, Knott’s included, as they had been planning on having Xcelerator reopen intime for Knott’s Scary Farm and now clearly that isn’t happening." Also some other bad news about Knotts. They maybe giving up on the Monte project. I really hope that's wrong! I really miss that ride...
  11. I see people have been posting about Scary Farm. Any news on Xcelerator? Rumor had it, to be opening for the Haunt. I guess that hasn't happened right? Also, I'm very worried about Montezooma's Revenge...
  12. Their third webcam is now pointed at TT2. You can see some crane action... They're also occasionally running Millennium Force while the park is closed.
  13. It's been almost a month. Any news on this testing, but more importantly reopening????
  14. Well I hated the Wild Mouse at Cedar Point. It was very uncomfortable and the ride was unreliable. Their new "lightning trains" look good, but time will tell. I'm mostly concerned about them getting TT2 to work and operate reliable.
  15. ^^ Looks like Magnum is open today. Of course I'm gone. Must not have been too bad of an issue...
  16. I found out more on the Magnum closure today. Not sure the accuracy of this source, but here it is. The lift motor was blown. This will take awhile to replace. Looks like no rides on Maggie for me.
  17. Magnum was closed all day today. Not sure if this had anything to do with the evac a few days ago.
  18. ^ Thanks for the info on LIM / LSM. I didn't know the difference other than the spelling.
  19. He announced / published nothing new that wasn't "leaked" on the Zamperla website. Had to be lack luster. 74 MPH first launch - pretty lame. That won't send us very high up the top hat for the rollback. I'm glad "Dragster" is returning. Quite disappointed in name and details. Cedar Point normally does better. I just hope it runs better that TTD did.
  20. ^ Do you really think Tony is going to give us significantly more???? He's very good at saying nothing. We'll see... I'll be flying to Cleveland all day, so I won't catch the "breaking news."
  21. ^^ Seems strange to go to 420. That's the existing height of the top hat. If you're going that high, why not beat Kinda Krap at 456 --37 more feet? I can't believe they'd leave that on the table. Just a few more feet...
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