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  1. There maybe life for Dragster after all. I was speaking with a rider today here at Kings Island, and he said there are new markings for a different queue line. Also tonight the tower and platform were illuminated. Maybe the lawyers won't win and TTD will live again next season, or possibly later this year.
  2. ^ Thanks for your input. Sounds like it's nothing. See I couldn't even get it's name right...
  3. Thinking about going to SW for a day in a few weeks. What's the story with Tidal Surge being closed, and should I care?? I enjoy Manta and Emperor seems to be a nice addition.
  4. I just read that many fights broke out at Knotts Saturday night. They decided to close the park 3 hours early. Even the Buena Park police had to show up. I would never expect that at Knotts. Maybe they were just upset with the closure of both Monte and Xcelerator.
  5. ^ Well I"m glad they did a good job at CoasterCon. Coastermania was a disaster! That was my last one! Never again! Thank you Tony...
  6. ^ Those great operations were a long time ago! It's so sad what has happened here. Although, last year was better when they were paying $20 / hour. This season is back to the same old...
  7. ^ Very amazing!!! What's happened to the Magic Mountain I thought I knew??? This is great!
  8. ^ As I had expected no answered questions including: Tony, head chef, general manager, ride operations. They were answering what is their favorite food at the park. What ride would you move to CP from anywhere in the world. Nothing of any substance. You couldn't ask live questions only text so he could screen them. No answers on Dragster, and Wicked Twister. I did expect this, but who cares about this stuff that they talked about. Also Tony's annual "drone on" about wanting a log flume. Just a waste of 1 hour, which was precious since the morning ERT's were almost non existent. As I said before this was my last Coastermania. The coldest slap in the face was their changing our normal evening ERT's (which were better) because they had a $99 paid extra event in Frontier town. They could wait 1 day to start this on a Saturday??? All thing considered, it was a major shit show...
  9. ^ CM was the worst ever! The morning ERT really didn't happen. 90 minute wait for Maverick - really... We did get a lot on Blue Streak which I love. This was my final year to attend. I'm not paying for virtually no morning ride times, and a BS question and answer session. I'm done with this...
  10. ^ I totally agree. I was there last week, and the Beast is amazing! I'm even riding in the back of the train now...
  11. ^ Operations at K.D. were definitely dismal today. You didn't miss much.
  12. ^ I was at the park yesterday too. That's funny, both from the Phoenix area. I'm in Ahwatukee. Lot's of restaurants closed. Tough to find places to eat. I'll be back today with a buddy. I305 was closed for most of the "post rain" period. I ended up marathoning Dominator.
  13. Just to let you know, I was at the park today with my Sea World platinum pass. You need to go to Guest Relations at the front of the park to get your free ticket for their food festival. I was denied the free ticket since I have a Sea World pass. No soup for me....
  14. I was at the park today for my "pre-Coasterstock" rides. Just wanted to let everyone know, that the Beast is running soooo smooth. Lots of new wood visible. I normally only ride it in row 1 or 2. I started in row 2, then moved to 14 (non wheel) and finished in the last row. All rides were very enjoyable, and the best I can remember. My only complaint was, now you can really feel the 4 sets of trims hit. Other than that, I'm looking forward to our Saturday night ERT rides...
  15. I remember seeing traps at the top of Sheikra's lift hill, right before the drop.
  16. I'll be visiting this park this summer. Is the flash pass available to use on your phone? Also can you get your skip the lines on your phone too? This would eliminate going to the flash pass office. My home park Magic Mountain has this and it works great.
  17. ^ This is a joke. NO WAY for me! That's $33. / hour for ERT. Right...
  18. ^ The exception I found about 8 years ago was Canada's Wonderland. I understand this, but they didn't even have an American flag at the entry way. They had to have at least 15 - 20 different country flags displayed. I asked about it. No intelligent response from anyone there! I said Cedar Fair is a US corporation, and I'm sure at least half of their visitors were from the US. Not sure if that ever got resolved. I hope so.
  19. I miss Mr Six... You can still see some of the buses at selected 6 Flags parks.
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