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  1. ^^ Looks like Magnum is open today. Of course I'm gone. Must not have been too bad of an issue...
  2. I found out more on the Magnum closure today. Not sure the accuracy of this source, but here it is. The lift motor was blown. This will take awhile to replace. Looks like no rides on Maggie for me.
  3. Magnum was closed all day today. Not sure if this had anything to do with the evac a few days ago.
  4. ^ Thanks for the info on LIM / LSM. I didn't know the difference other than the spelling.
  5. He announced / published nothing new that wasn't "leaked" on the Zamperla website. Had to be lack luster. 74 MPH first launch - pretty lame. That won't send us very high up the top hat for the rollback. I'm glad "Dragster" is returning. Quite disappointed in name and details. Cedar Point normally does better. I just hope it runs better that TTD did.
  6. ^ Do you really think Tony is going to give us significantly more???? He's very good at saying nothing. We'll see... I'll be flying to Cleveland all day, so I won't catch the "breaking news."
  7. ^^ Seems strange to go to 420. That's the existing height of the top hat. If you're going that high, why not beat Kinda Krap at 456 --37 more feet? I can't believe they'd leave that on the table. Just a few more feet...
  8. I've been at Hershey for the past 2 days, and Wildcat's Revenge has been closed. No information on this at all. Another RMC with issues????
  9. The new B&M support is being installed this afternoon. That was easy...
  10. New track arriving for "Dragster 2.0" yesterday. It's in the normal storage area near Breakers Express.
  11. According to ride times - El Toro is open! Can anyone confirm this? If so, how's it running???
  12. ^ Call me amazed! I can't believe the park and state moved this fast... Let's hope it's improved. It used to be my #1 wood.
  13. Magic Mountain just posted this on Twitter a few minutes ago. Any ideas???
  14. ^ Thanks Bill. So sorry to hear this. I looked on their website and this is what is posted. At least Medusa will open Memorial Day. Medusa Opening Memorial Day Weekend BATMAN™ The Ride Temporarily Closed El Toro Opening Summer 2023
  15. This thread has been so quiet. Any news on EL Toro? Will they be opening the entire area back there soon??? Someone's got to have some info?
  16. Now you've changed "your tune" on this. You "beat me up" when I complained about the early entry before. Not as good as before, but better. It's now worth it to come early.
  17. ^ Thanks for your "2 cents." Just wanted to let people know about this major change to the pass benefits, so they're not surprised / disappointed when they arrive.
  18. ^ Compared to the way it's been for years, this is nothing. We used to have several coasters to choose from. For me Wild Mouse is a one and done for the credit that's all. Cedar Point just continues to disappoint... CP Not the place to be!
  19. Early entry is worthless this year at Cedar Point. These are the only rides open 1 hour early, so not a benefit anymore. Only major coaster open is Gatekeeper, so the lines will be bad. Thanks Cedar Point!!! 2023 Early Entry Rides The following attractions are scheduled to be open for Early Entry*: GateKeeper Wild Mouse Atomic Scrambler Matterhorn Calypso Dodgem Kiddy Kingdom (select rides)
  20. ^^ They better not be closing / replacing the other Skyline! I need my 4 way when I come to town..
  21. Today their webcam is showing them pressure washing the track for Diamondback. They're going to need to hurry to paint it before opening day.
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