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  1. Let's get off this CFA discussion please. All 3 of their webcams are off line now, and showing views from last night. Not sure if this means anything or they're just doing maintenance. The camera looking at Dragster recently has shown trucks near the down side of the top hat. Could be just a coincidence...
  2. Cedar Point has just announced the day for Coastermania. It's Friday June 2. This is the earliest post for this event ever. No other info other than the day. https://www.cedarpoint.com/events/coastermania
  3. ^ No more "off peak times" in 2023. That's thanks to their new "premium experience" for guests. In January they're open Saturday & Sundays only. Thank you Bassoul the fool!
  4. ^^ They did go up an insignificant amount a few months ago. I too am worried...
  5. I've been here all week. Their major rides: Scream, Full Throttle, Riddler, Goliath are not closed due to staffing. They are in various stages of disrepair. It's sooo sad. All the rides open late. Tuesday Wonder Woman opened at 3:45, Batman opened at 4:30. I've been told because of maintenance issues. Many of the restaurants are not open or available on the meal plan anymore. "Bassoul the fool" (CEO) is taking his toll at this park and it's too bad. Their hours for 2023 are a real joke now. The days of 365 are long gone. Look at the new schedule just posted online.
  6. The webcam is pointed at the city of Sandusky now. No more fire action...
  7. I could be wrong, but there appears to be something different in the water to the immediate left of the return track for Dragster. It's at the bottom of the screen. Looks like some type of materials on a barge?
  8. ^ Are you certain? The station doesn't look that big in the video. I hope you're right.
  9. ^ This new bag policy is for all day, not just during the fright fest hours.
  10. New bag policy at Magic Mountain. It seems a little extreme to me. I don't carry anything in, so I'm not effected. Just a heads up to save you a walk back to the car.
  11. ^^ Magic Mountain in LA has the same thing. I'm guessing it chain wide. Bassoul the fool...
  12. New Dragster update as of Thursday night 9/22. I was at the park this evening, and what I saw was amazing! There is a large crane near the "launch area" / Christmas tree area now. As I viewed it from power tower, a large amount of track has been removed from the ride. All of it is gone from the station and up to the "launch area." Track has been removed from the return brake run too. I don't see it stored anywhere nearby, but it was getting dark this evening. I'll be back for the next few days, and if I see more I'll post it here. I'm not sure if this is good or bad for the future of Dragster. They're definitely moving forward with this new project what ever it turns out to be. I'm leaning towards an LSM launch with this track removal.
  13. It was interesting reading your review. I'm originally from Cleveland (don't hold that against me), so this was my home park. I'm glad to hear things have gotten better with the staff's attitudes. I'm going this weekend, so I hope to encounter the same. This trip wasn't my idea, but the Kings Island's hours are just so bad. We'll see what happens.
  14. I'm not so sure about the Q-bot, but the watches are available. You must put down a credit card deposit (transaction) to get the watch. When you return it, they will issue you a credit transaction.
  15. Just a point of interest. I emailed Cedar Point to find out of we still get early entry during the Halloweekend days, and the answer is YES!
  16. ^ I might add, running great! When I was there in July, and they were running 2 trains with no stacking!!! Historically, that ride has had the worst operations of any.
  17. ^ That was a long time ago. Lot's of Intamin Major issues everywhere, especially at C.P.
  18. What has happened to Diamondback today. It's been down all afternoon and evening???
  19. ^ Magic Mountain is closing restaurants and reducing choices. They held out the longest with these cuts.
  20. ^ Upper management hasn't got a clue. It's so sad what he's doing to 6 Flags. Go back to Spirit airlines.. Bassoul the fool!
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