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  1. ^ It's the national anthem. Yes, Cedar Point does this. Sea World San Antonio does it too.
  2. I totally agree! They care about the customer experience. Cedar Point just doesn't care anymore. They demonstrate this on a daily basis. They've lost the definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not the case at Kings Island. I really love that place.
  3. I'm confused about SV. Are the pouches gone now from the trains? That's where I'd put my phone & keys. This locker thing seems to be a nightmare....
  4. The call for the "commercial photo shoot" I posted a week or so ago, said early June. That's where they do their commercial filming. Opening must be after that. Hopefully in June.
  5. This sounds more like Great Adventure in Jersey than K.I. That's especially true on a Saturday afternoon back by Nitro. Lot's of line jumping...
  6. I remember when you worked at the Point. I enjoyed it then. Seems like quite a mess now. For $20 / hr, and a $500 bonus, I'd do it except I live over 2000 miles away. That's a long drive to work every morning! Seems like great pay for a part time job. With their staffing crisis now, you could call your own shots for more...
  7. Yes, you can use an app on your phone for fp. It works great for us, and even to for staff. It scans easily unlike the watches. I have the season fp, and still must go to the office to process daily. I was there a week or so ago. I'm very happy with it! If you've purchased the daily fp, there are signs near the park entrance with the qr code to scan, so you can download the app I spoke of. Supposedly, you don't need to go to the fp office anymore. Just be sure your battery is good on your phone with the fp and mobile food ordering. I had no issue, but my phone is 2 months old.
  8. I guess the Jersey Devil opening is getting closer. Definitely, not Memorial day 2021 as rumored. Promo filming is scheduled for early June. Please see attached form to participate. JDC Shoot Flyer.pdf
  9. No trip reports from opening day??? How was it? I see it's raining there today.
  10. I was at the park again yesterday. It was very busy. It seems like normal attendance for this time of year on a Saturday. The 3rd parking lot was full and they were even running the buses to the front gate. I'm sure they increased the number of admissions as per the change in the county's lower infection status. Now they just need to load all rows on the trains to speed up the longer lines.
  11. Batman opened today. I rode it several times. Good thing I had a flash pass, line management is a nightmare for the general public...
  12. No activity on Batman today. Sorry for the false alarm. No more predictions...
  13. I was at the park today and heard from a lead that the newly painted Batman will open tomorrow. It really looks nice. Let's hope it lasts a little longer this time. It's deep blue.
  14. ^ I just got it from Amazon. I haven't started reading it yet. As per your comments, looking forward to it.
  15. Here's what I just saw posted on Screamscape. Just saw this on Screamscape. California - (4/21/21) According to the latest updates from California, theme parks in the state had previously only allowed California residents to visit the reopening theme parks, but now there are finally some changes to this rule. According to the revised guidelines, theme parks can now allow visitors from other US states to visit the parks, provided they can provide proof that they have full fully vaccinated. I repeat… theme parks in California are now allowed to admit “fully vaccinated out-of-state visitors” to the parks. Keep in mind that the parks can still opt to only accept California Residents if they wish for the moment, so be sure to check in with any park you are planning to visit to get an update on what their rules are. And if you were wondering, California Residents do not have to proof they have been vaccinated, that particular requirement only falls on those visiting from outside the state
  16. ^ I hear 'ya on this one. Although it appears like Sea World is close to opening Ice Breaker soon. Rumor has it Memorial Day. We'll see...
  17. I also heard that from a friend at the park the past few weekends. You get a qr code and use your phone. So far it's being used for day customers only. We have season flash passes, so no go right now. I really love this idea. I remember from 2019, the watches were not ideal IMO. I liked the larger (pager type) devices better for visibility.
  18. ^The ticket packet has your name on it. Not sure if this would work. You definitely should call to check.
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