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  1. Testing / cycling Magnum right now with 2 trains from webcam.
  2. I'm curious. Did anyone go yesterday? Interested in your thoughts and observations. How did it go????
  3. I see from the KI webcam they're testing Diamondback this afternoon. That final brake run must have to hit hard since there's no water in their lake to slow the train down...
  4. I just saw on their webcam Valravn and Raptor are testing. They're not wasting any time!
  5. ^^^ As usual, great drone footage. I love your "flying under" the lift hill. This isn't the first post of your drone footage, so I'm sure you're good. K.I. would've shut you down by now. Thanks again, and I wish I was riding in person...
  6. ^^ It's raining at the park right now. I haven't seen any testing, but I hope you're right. They've got to start cycling to get each ride certified with the state before we can ride.
  7. ^ I live in Phoenix, Arizona and the governor has given pools / water parks the approval to open a week or so ago. There is even a 6 Flags water park here that they purchased last year. My point is, no water park has yet to open. The only water attraction is the tubing place on the Salt river in Tempe near ASU. Just assuming water parks will just open is a BIG ASSUMPTION! It's not just the chlorine issue, trust me. Either way it doesn't effect me. I don't do water rides even when they're open.
  8. ^^ I just found out from a friend and did it, you can "pause" your 6 Flags membership. If you already paid for April (I did on 4/1), it's non refundable. I've got a diamond, deluxe dining and platinum flash pass. You won't get the upgrades they spoke of but I'm good with that. It will automatically activate when the park reopens. I'm looking forward to that. You do this from your member portal. Not sure if this was in place when this guy decided to sue. I just received email confirmation from 6 Flags that my membership is paused not cancelled. This is a perfect solution in my opinion! Please corona go away and open the park soon...
  9. Today Cedar Point changed the position of both of their webcams. I wonder what that's all about???
  10. ^^^ I've got the platinum flash pass. Twisted Colossus (I love this), and Crazanity are unlimited. It's been that way for awhile. Superman has been off F.P. for many years.
  11. Great interview Robb. I can't wait for Iron Gwazi. I got a Sea World membership this year, so I'm good to go... I used to have a Busch Tampa Season pass, but now I can get admissions to all Sea World and most importantly both Busch parks. I really enjoy Tampa.
  12. ^ According to the KI website, 9 different clubs are allowed to register starting Monday. This will be a great 2 day visit... I can't wait!
  13. Diamondback camera back online this morning. Orion getting close!!!
  14. Are you sure about this date? Don hasn't posted anything on the website that I could find. I know it happens around this time every year. I hope you're right...
  15. Superman has been off the Flash Pass for years now. X2, F U L L Throttle and West Coast Racers are one time reservations. West Coast Racers is only available for Gold & Platinum Flash Pass. No skip the line for West Coast Racers either.
  16. ^ There's an entry into the store as you get off the ride, down the steps. You don't see the "landscaped area" you spoke of. That takes you outside of the store. I'm guessing this entry wasn't open when you were there.
  17. ^ I rode it 4 times today. It's a nice addition to their coaster lineup. The line does mover slow... They even have extensions for the comfort collars too. Even with that, they were having trouble getting a guy out of his seat this afternoon. We had very light rainfall, and the ride went down for several hours. Not sure if the rain was the issue. That's what we need is another ride like Superman that can't or won't run in the rain even if it's in the forecast. It's bizarre that the train accelerates (both sides) right as your picture is taken. Seems very strange. The pictures are visible as you enter the store. The big screen weren't working yet. One last comment, on Flash Pass for WCR. Only gold or platinum can reserve WCR one time. No skip the line either. I do understand that, since it's new and in high demand.
  18. ^^ Hey J.T., thanks for those pictures. That was way before my trips to the Mountain. That construction had to be a major job! I'll ride it occasionally, only early, since I won't wait for it. I only ride it in the now last row with 2 seats. I like the reverse launch better now.
  19. Today is the day for members to ride West Coast Racers! I can't wait to hear the reviews... I wish I was there.
  20. I can't wait, I'm so excited. I knew they would come through this year....
  21. I had noticed Revolution running only one train over the past few weeks and had just assumed the 2nd train was being rehabbed. I wonder if Six Flags plans on using that train on Mindbender and keeping Revolution at permanent one-train ops? Permanent one-train ops isn't a typical practice for Magic Mountain, but Revolution rarely has a sizeable wait anymore and doesn't have much need for a second train outside of exceptionally crowded days - so who knows? I'm hoping that's just a test of the "new" "Rev train in Atlanta. The 1 train operation on Rev, makes for long lines just about any day, in contrast to your comment. I also thought the other train was in rehab. I do enjoy Rev since the new trains without horse collars and the VR is permanently gone (I hope).
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