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  1. ^ This park has TERRIBLE OPERATIONS. I was there last month and left disgusted. Orlando is sooo much better.
  2. Reservations are sold out for next week except for 1 day - Tuesday at 3:45 and they close at 6. Definitely not worth it...
  3. Just bought mine on Amazon. They're saying it's a pre-order. Not due out according to them until May. That's okay, I'll wait.
  4. I'm hoping a focus on their customers again. They really need to improve customer service...
  5. Coasterstock tix sold out in 15 minutes. Coastermania at C.P. are still available after being on sale for over 1 hour. What is this telling us???
  6. Coasterstock is sooo much better than Coastermania at Cedar Point. It's the way Coastermania used to be years ago. Both are good, but this one is the best! I'll be at both...
  7. I didn't use the mobile ordering, because the waits were not that bad. I heard from a friend that you could set the time to pick up your food and they would notify you when it was ready. This was at SFOT.
  8. I do love this park, #3 as I said before. I've got to give it a #1 ranking for the most dangerous park I go to especially on Saturday afternoon. Line jumping and groups moving all over especially on Nitro (my fav). You get all the tough guys from: NYC, Philly and Jersey. Makes it interesting... I still love it, and you need to go...
  9. Thanks for your great report. I'm so happy and very excited!! Just one food question. Did they remove the "lunch and dinner times" for the season dining? In Texas they said 90 minutes between meals.
  10. It's my third most favorite park. Magic Mountain, Kings Island, Great Adventure in that order.
  11. See, I shamed them into the announcement on April Fools day..
  12. ^ Kings Island is selling tix for their coaster event Monday. It's just C.P. being C.P.
  13. ^ I've been to nearly every one since it's inception. Never have the ticket sales been this late. I was betting on today April fools day for the announcement. I guess I was wrong. Not really sure what's the "hold up." You know Tony is Tony...
  14. ^ Looking for a full report on your visit ASAP. Good luck to you! I'm jealous of you going, but not that brave / patient...
  15. Don't ride it, it's brutal as others have said. Ride Lightning Racer -- it's a blast...
  16. I hear what you're saying, and I'm wondering what they're going to do. That is really discrimination! I'm already vaccinated and healthier than probably 90% of the people they'll let in. This rule would be tough to enforce. Maybe initially they may ask, but I don't think they'll continue -- I hope.
  17. Hey Bill, just one more question about Great Adventure. Did they load all rows on Nitro & Batman (for instance) or just every other one? At both 6 Flags Texas parks earlier this month, they loaded every row of every train. To achieve "social distancing" on the loading platform they installed plexiglass between the rows. I'm hoping this is a 6 Flags innovation for all their parks and not just for Texas.
  18. Wasn't Great Adventure open this weekend? Where are all the trip reports??? I've heard from a friend living in N.J. that Covid is surging in the state again
  19. My best guess for tickets going on sale is this Thursday April 1. April fools day seems appropriate for Tony to do this... I too agree, they probably will be more limited than before and will go quick. Stay alert
  20. ^This is off topic, but I just had to comment. I totally agree. None of this is 6 Flag's fault. They owe the public nothing. It was outside the gates. People are just looking for a free hand out! I hope they don't come back. That make more room for the rest of us.
  21. ^ Keep in mind that 6 Flags corporate has a new CEO, as Jim Reid Anderson retired. He was involved with all these announcements before. He made a big deal of it.
  22. 6 Flags really seems to be doing it right. I wouldn't sell them short! Initially, there may be some minor issues in 2 weeks. Cedar Fair continues to disappoint with their openings and policies. Cedar Point said they'll close rides early now - before posted closing. That's taking care of their guests... A buddy of mine said his paused membership at MM automatically reactivates tomorrow 3/21. It looks like a go! Unfortunately I can't participate now because of the governor's rules you must be Cali resident. I can't wait for my return to the mountain!
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