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  1. The new ride at MM - West Coast Racers was scheduled for 2019. Not sure if they'll make it.
  2. ^ Okay, I'll accept that. It didn't seem like a thing K.I. would do. Thnx.
  3. Why have they turned off the webcams? I wanted to follow the Orion construction. This is so much a "Cedar Point" thing to do. This is beneath Kings Island, which I love sooo much more.
  4. They always tell you it’s 1x only, but every time I use a flashpass they seem to be buggy. When they scan your watch, the reserve doesn’t go away. So technically you can go again over and over. I have to manually cancel the reserve after they scan me, if I want to reserve for a different ride after I get off the current one. Even if the watch cancels correctly, it's unlimited rides on TC.
  5. To the first question, yes. Same thing for Crazanity and Superman I believe. For the Haunted Houses, the set design is kinda cool, but there's no soundtrack in most of them and barely any scare actors. If you've been to horror nights or scary farm then be prepared to be let down big time.[/quote ] Superman hasn't been on FP in years. Crazanity, FT, X2 one time rides. TC is unlimited.
  6. One other thing I forgot to mention. Apocalypse is back and running great! Today there was a membership ERT and I rode it seven times without getting off. It's VERY RE-RIDEABLE. The only thing missing is the fire. I love fire...
  7. The Grunt Lantern (Green Lantern) is finally gone. I took this picture before they removed all the steel support structure. Good luck to the Canadians with this one. I only rode it twice and that was two times too many!!! Also the spaghetti bowl is complete now for West Coast Racers. Looks mesmerizing... Good bye Grunt Lantern Spaghetti bowl
  8. ^ For the most part it's the general public's fault for no duel on TC. They insist on bringing on bags, and slow walk back to the train. Generally, the rideops try to make it duel, but people don't care! There's always the issue of the "fat guy bounce" too. Yes, slowing down the second lift hill about 5 seconds would make it dual more frequently.
  9. I've heard the 2020 memberships and "big announcements" are coming on Thursday 8/29. Should be interesting... West Coast Racers for Christmas 2019!
  10. ^Yea, that store has been there for awhile. I've heard rumors that it maybe becoming a membership lounge.
  11. I've heard unofficially that Scream will be running 1 train for at least a year. This I don't understand...
  12. I was at the park today and had a great time. Very short lines everywhere. I did see a rideop with a Zodiac button on. I don't think they have a ride call that do they? If they do, it must be in the kiddie area. That would make sense with the "nighttime reveal" of this info. Just a thought.
  13. ^ Yes, they've done re-tracking earlier this year, but it's just been sitting out in the sun baking. Not sure how much good that has done.
  14. Here's a picture I took from "heart attack hill" of the WCR construction. Not the best, but at least something... The "spaghetti bowl" under construction.
  15. I just needed to "chime in" here. I'm past my mid 60's, and ride all I can. That means thousands of rides a year. I don't mind riding alone either. My job takes me all over the US, so I've got a season pass for Cedar Fair and a membership for 6 Flags, and use them extensively. I have friends I ride with, but that doesn't dictate when and where I go. I just can't get enough! Obviously I'm the exception to the rule.
  16. ^ You are correct sir. It's a drop not an incline. Inclines go up!
  17. ^ I'm guessing it's Wonder Woman at 6 Flags Great Adventure. I was there last week and it's closed. There were 2 cranes and guys working on the motor.
  18. The lines were too long to go back and complain. I was there to ride that weekend. I always have low expectations for their food. I'm not hard to please. I just heard this place was soooo good. Not my experience / opinion.
  19. I was at the park today and it was dead . I got lots of rides in - 37 without a flash pass. Had to leave early because of the storm moving in. I could've had a lot more. Wonder Woman is still fenced in, and there was no activity at all by it today. It looks almost complete. I was hoping to ride "her" when I was there . It looks like Crazanity at Magic Mountain in LA. I enjoy that ride a lot -- lots of airtime. Is there a reasonable guess for the opening? I'll be back in September for "Riding of the Bull." I'm hoping she's up then.
  20. ^^ I ate at that new BBQ place when I was there for Coastermania and the food was poor, and cold. The better new place is where the Midway Market was, over by Raptor. Great Italian food.
  21. I was at a Magic Mountain during yesterday's earthquake. I was in the flash pass office and didn't feel a thing. Others at the park did. All the rides were closed for less than an hour and reopened very quickly. I was quite surprised! I immediately got on Crazanity, and it was fine. It seemed to be the first ride opened in the back of the park. Quick recovery Magic Mountain! The fireworks were great too...
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