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  1. Yes, I've noticed that too. It's a bonus for the 1 ride only choices. It also saves time for any other rerides you want to do. I find it more of a positive than negative. I do hate the watches. I wish they could bring back the q-bots!
  2. Today I spotted the first white and yellow track for WCR - West Coast Racers in the park. Yes, there are a few pieces of track along side the employee road into the park. These 3 pieces of yellow and white track are "hidden" behind the Green Lantern. It's hard to see, but I spotted it today riding Batman. I don't take pictures on rides (following the rules), or I would've posted some. Progress...
  3. Lots of new supports have arrived for the ride in the staging area. They are preparing and pouring footers in the go cart area now. I can definitely see progress. I still can't figure the layout. This area seems so small.
  4. I'm glad to report that finally I see some work being done on WCR - West Coast Racers. Lots of footers being dug and cement being poured. They're even doing work to the Apocalypse track too! That's a surprise. Even some ride parts are being delivered for WCR. Finally, something is happening...
  5. I'll miss Volcano, but I won't miss the "Grunt Lantern." I rode it twice during year 1. That was 2 times too many. Good bye!
  6. Coasterstock tickets went on sale today! This is a great 2 day event...
  7. ^ I'm just concerned that the new watch version's font size will be difficult to read and interact with.
  8. I was at the park last weekend, and was told Crazanity will be down for an extended period. That means maybe weeks. I saw the maintenance climbers leaving the ride, so it's something they checked up top. If you look closely, there's even a rope from the top (near the center of the ride) to the bottom. They didn't even have the lights on at night.
  9. I was at the park yesterday. I've never seen it so busy. If I didn't have a platinum flash pass, I would've been gone early. The overflow lot was full at about 3 or so. They were parking cars to the right of the road the employees use to drive in. Crazy day... Both the membership website and flash pass sites are down this morning. I guess too much traffic!
  10. I was at the park today, and here's a ride update. Rides closed: Twisted Colossus - working on supports under the track. Lex Luthor - Maintenance in catch car riding up with water dummies in the seats. X2 - for me no biggy Viper - ditto see line above. I was really surprised how many rides still had 2 trains running. Exceptions to this: Ninja, Batman, Goldrusher.
  11. I was at the park yesterday - Friday, and today. This evening the park was slammed. You couldn't even walk around, it was so packed. Even the line for Judge Roy Scream was long. I got my rides in this morning and early afternoon. I just had my season pass dinner & snack and headed out. Too much for me to deal with at this small park. I'm used to my home park Magic Mountain. As a 6 Flags stock holder, it made me happy. As a "Coasternut" not so much...
  12. I got an answer online about the membership rewards site. I've been trying for the last 3 days. I was told it's down, and to try in 2 weeks...
  13. I've tried several times today since I was at the park with no success. It keeps coming up with an error. I want to start getting my points.
  14. Yes unfotunately. However they're allowing anyone who came today to come back another day for free. Nice of them to do that! That's a nice touch! C.P. is good for doing thoughtful things like that. I'll give them credit...
  15. It's been my #1 woodie for years now! I loved it so much I even moved to Phoenix!
  16. Great trip report. I really love K.I. so much more than it's neighbor to the north. All their rides run, and the ride-ops are great! They actually make eye contact and speak to you! What a novel idea... On Diamondback they actually take your loose articles from you before you sit down, and put them in the bin. No drama on this ride like Sven. Also they not only have 1 Skyline Chili but 2! I always enjoy it when I'm at the park. Just too bad they close so early in August from daily operations. I guess all the kids are back in school.
  17. I really, absolutely, think its' the design of the restraints/trains tho. at least for me. I mean, Magnum has a ton of bucking, and it's never really caused me to get off it hurting. and tho I agree with you on Texas Giant (which I just rode for the 1st time three days ago, and found the 2nd half of the ride to be slow and meandering). . it and iron Rattler have the older version of the restraints (yeah, I realize a different train manufacturer too), but the restraints don't bother me at all. They put in or activate a new mid course brake on NTAG. I rode it earlier in the season and the second half was great. I was there a few weeks ago, and that brake ruined the second half of the ride. LOOSE THE BRAKE!
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