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  1. According to Cedar Point's policies, the disabled guest and only up to three other people can enter through the alternate entrance, the rest of their party has to wait in the regular queue, AND if they all want to ride together the disabled guest and their companions have to wait until the rest of the party is on the platform before entering at all. Also, the policy states that disabled guests' parties are given a specific return time to board in every circumstance. I would also assume that the disabled guest isn't allowed to ride three times in a row with different party members accompanying them, either. https://www.cedarpoint.com/help/accessibility Now, whether this stuff is actually strictly enforced or not, that's anyone's guess. I noticed this during my visit to CP last week. A lot of families of 4 or 6 with perfectly able bodied and well behaved tweens had these passes as well and had no noticeable disabilities (maybe autism). These families (I only noticed two physically disabled rides (one with a cane, the other with crutches and a boot for his foot over a couple days) used them a lot on SV and TTD (when it was open) and several rows were blocked off for these disabled park visitors to ride. On Monday night when exiting the park after riding TTD past closing I noticed the four guys (one with a cane) that had used the disability pass on TTD for several rides earlier all shaking hands with the guy who had the cane and saying things like, "it was great meeting you...thanks again," then the guy with the cane went to his car in one of the disabled spots near the front and the other three continued to their car. Not sure if there was anything to this, but it reminded me of the WDW disability escort scandal a few years ago. See this is my point about the ADA passes. I'm guessing it sounds like those 3 guys never met this guy before but "skipped the lines" because of him.
  2. I agree, but it's hard to tell the disabilities. The group should be limited to the disabled person plus 1 if help is needed to get in and out of the train. I've seen groups of up to 12 suck up all the seats. That's not right! If more need to ride together, the disabled person waits until the family comes though the line and they are joined at that time. This is really getting out of control. It's not just Cedar Point either.
  3. I noticed that last week. I was in line at the end of the night (night is when the spiders are much worse) and the lady in front of me actually turned around, and screamed every time a spider moved. I know it’s not pleasant having those over you, but she was being a bit over dramatic, leaving the line after waiting an hour in the switchbacks. Hey that just makes the line shorter!
  4. I’ve always thought the punishments should be stricter. Maybe it would finally get people to stop with the “selfies” and “cell phone povs” on the coasters. People need to understand they are risking everybody’s safety while being on their phone “cause it can’t wait a minute when the ride is over”. My thought on this should be take their phone. You get it back at security at the front gate as you leave. Your hand also gets stamped with a BIG RED X, showing you can't reenter . If you're a season pass holder it's cancelled (no refund), and you cannot come back until next year.
  5. ^ No surprise here. That's the way it goes these days... Sad
  6. That seems to be the norm this season with rides being down. I'm really not sure if it's a maintenance issue or staffing or both. Very disappointing performance, but I've learned to expect it.
  7. Hey Robb, this ride looks great! It's good to see you and the Mrs. riding together. It's been a long time since I've been to K.D. I need to get back there soon. It does look much better than Steel Vengeance. Just too much drama associated with that ride for me...
  8. Sorry I don't keep track of the number per ride just the total number. I can tell you 0 on Raptor (down a lot), and 0 SV. I just can't take the drama there, so I just pass. I have a lot more fun on other rides there.
  9. I was at the park today too. The rain / mist was on and off several times during the day. That kept the people away. I got a total of 42 rides in today. I left at 7:30 this evening. C.P. has always got to due something stupid every time I visit. Today they were running 1 train on Magnum. I have never seen that before in it's 29 years of existence! I thought I'd be able to marathon Maggie today with the lite crowds and weather but no. Now I've said it and I feel better.
  10. I've been at the park for the past several days. The ride operations have been great! Soooo much better than that place to the north... There has been major land clearing behind the Great Wolf Lodge. Not sure if this is the hotel or KI. It's really off the beaten path, behind The Bat. Should be interesting... I love this park so much more than Cedar Point - the food, rides, and most of all the employees. They know customer service!
  11. I just wanted to add that only on Diamondback at Kings Island, the crew normally takes the bags / stuff from guests waiting to board. They put them in the bin for us! Always a great hustling crew on that ride. Great throughput and no locker issues. There are lockers available if you are worried about your stuff.
  12. My fav at the park is Intimidator. I can ride it many more times than Fury. It's in my top 10 where Fury isn't. Looks like a great time. I'm guessing K.D. is the next stop???
  13. I'm going to try to get back to the Mountain for a few days this upcoming week. It's funny, all the hotels are now overpriced, and I can't find my normal air bnb locations available. I guess everyone's on vacation there. I see they're finally removing VR from Lex this Sunday. Got to get my drops in...
  14. I've had that experience too. It's hard to believe that human weight could effect the launch height that much, especially with the weight of the cars.
  15. Great trip report. I wish I was there. SFOG used to be my home 6 Flags park, when I lived in Florida. I was at the park a few months ago and loved it. Unfortunately, Twisted Cyclone wasn't open yet. It looked great then! I didn't ride the scream machine because it was running backwards. I don't do that, but enjoyed the ride when it was "running normal." Got to get back this season.
  16. They're pulling people out of the queue line at Cedar Point - Sven, and make them use a lockup. Then they then start at the end of the line - 2 hour wait. Rideops are searching people in line for "loose objects." I have a friend there today and he was carrying a magazine and they let him into the queue, but said it must be discarded on the platform. They are definitely enforcing this in Sandusky. These Cedar Fair people are idiots!!!
  17. I have a friend at C. P. - Crappy Park today and he was carrying a magazine. He was allowed to enter the queue, but was told it MUST BE DISCARDED on the platform. Cedar Point and Cedar Fair for that matter are on my last nerve!
  18. I too was at Great Adventure the week before last. On Nitro, the lead saw a phone out going up the lift hill. They stopped the ride, and she walked up to get it. The idiot had it out during the lift stop, and then argued and didn't want to give up his phone. He finally did, and when they returned, security was waiting or him. Security held the phone, as they filled out some form. They announce constantly if they see a phone they will take it and escort you from the park. I hope he got bounced. This is a great policy with enforcement.
  19. I really hope they hire GCI to do the same treatment they did on Ghostrider to Apocalypse. Retrack the whole thing a theme it to a junkyard/Car shop were the trains are now themed to cars and the story is you are taking the cars out for a test ride and it gets wild. Also Six Flags has now trademarked West Coaster Racer and Maxx Force. I'm agreeing with the second comment. Let GCI work on it like they did Ghostie at Knotts. Apocalypse used to be a great ride. I was in my top 10 wood. I could easily marathon it, especially at night. That was great! Right now, the first half is good. After you come out of that last tunnel - it's brutal. I've always said it must be the sun. Inside the first tunnel turn, it's as "smoooth as a baby's butt." That part of the track is never exposed to the sun. I think this ride could easily be restored to it's former glory...
  20. ^ & ^^ That's great news that 2 coasters I love, are finally back in operation. Unfortunately, I'm no longer there. The problem with Rev was the lift chain broke. I can't wait to get back and ride them both again. I wish they took the VR off Lex. One can only hope...
  21. Nice job for not letting me ride Lex this visit. I wish you knocked off the VR!
  22. 15 rides on Goliath???? You must take some advil for the helix headaches... No problem - I love it. Definitely my fav. I can easily ride it twice that amount and have in the past.
  23. I found the location of the fireworks mortars. They're behind the big loop on Yolo coaster. They're on the cement back there. That's a strange location for them in my opinion. The fireworks according to my email from the park will start at 9:15. The park closes at 9, and YOLO always has a line. Not sure how's that going to work. Finally they got Goliath working this afternoon. It didn't open until around 2:30 which was killing me. It ran good after that time, and I got 15 rides.
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