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  1. The Dancing Tamales and three Mexican Men on donkeys were indeed removed. They were the last remnants of the old Fiesta Train ride from the late 60's/early 70's era. It's possible they were removed for political reasons, they were racial stereotypes.
  2. At the park now! New Diamond Elite VIP Card!! Aquaman update! Turntable should be added just on the other side of the hill! New VIP cards look great! Diamond Elite Members who DID NOT pause their memberships at any time during the pandemic are automatically upgraded! I will follow the progress on Aquaman and post updates as they become available.
  3. ^This. Unfortunately, SFSTL seems to be of less importance to SF corporate than other parks in the chain.
  4. SFOT is pushing back Aquaman Power Wave until 2022 as well, even though the ride was basically complete except for the queue and loading station. The reason for this, however, seems perfectly understandable. The new park management has made what, in my opinion, is a wise decision. They're adding the turntable loading station as well as an extra ride vehicle to increase capacity. This involves removing that section of track along with the footers and replacing them with the turntable itself. The loading station also has to be re-designed to accommodate the turntable apparatus. None of this woul
  5. Any word on Catwoman Whip? Specifically, when will they begin construction?
  6. Looks like Aquaman might be getting that turntable and extra car after all!
  7. That's interesting, signage and audio announcements in the park still indicate 2021.
  8. Here are some pics from the Texas Thrillseekers nighttime Cliff Top Tour!!
  9. Here are some pics of the Texas Thrillseekers Behind The Scenes tour of Poltergeist!
  10. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster at SFFT! That's me in the front seat!
  11. This past Saturday- October 24th, The Texas Thrillseekers were invited on a behind the scenes tour of Superman: Krypton Coaster by park President Jeffrey Siebert! Here are a few photos from that tour.
  12. Here are a few shots of me riding Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster with my friend Mike. NOTE: All photos are by Nick Carlos, TTS staff photographer. Wave Breaker is good Intamin family style launched coaster! Those trains look cool! Over the water! Mike's arms weren't long enough to reach the hand grips! lol
  13. Texas Thrillseekers were invited to a special Orca trainer VIP presentation. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. Here are some photos of the Texas Thrillseekers (TTS) ERT on Texas Stingray during our recent SWSA event. I'm in all of them, I'm the guy with dark hair and glasses. Texas Stingray is possibly the best GCI I've ever been on. The ride is fast and furious with great pacing on all the elements! At the end of the day, Ray Gonzales and the staff at SWSA surprised us with gifts of Texas Stingray wood! It's leftover wood from Texas Stingray made into souvenirs! NOTE: On-ride photos are by TTS staff photographer Nick Carlos. Trains look nice! This would be me! The dispatches were great! E
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