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  1. You would win that bet! Mid to late summer is the best bet for Aquaman based on current construction progress.
  2. Latest Aquaman construction photos. Splash pool is coming along nicely and the turntable seems just about ready. Themeing and queue line will be last. Possible mid-summer opening! Pirates Of Speelunker Cave queue theming looks good!
  3. I, along with a friend, will be spending four days at Disney World next weekend, during which time we hope to try out all the latest attractions. Needless to say, Rise Of The Resistance will be foremost on our minds. We're staying on site at Disney's Pop Century resort. I will be posting plenty of pics of our trip.
  4. ^ I will be in Orlando at Disney World during the opening weekend of this eagerly anticipated new attraction. But I look forward to riding Pirates upon my return.
  5. New park updates! The area around Rodeo is fenced off with a sign that reads "park pathways have been adjusted for future projects". Hmm, wonder what those future "projects" could be. Latest Aquaman and Pirates photos. Looks like the Aquaman turntable apparatus is taking shape!
  6. Right now it's hard to say. They were going to open Pirates sometime in April, but I'm not sure if that's still possible. I'll see what I can find out this Saturday when I visit the park.
  7. I will be out at the park this Saturday, I will get as much info as I can.
  8. There are reports on FB about this, supposedly the ride caught fire.
  9. The hard hats were working on splash pool construction which is the yellow area on the other side of the fence. The turntable was originally not going to be used with this version, but the pandemic work stoppage gave corporate time to re-think the wisdom of having the ride operate at reduced capacity. They came to their senses and the turntable is now being installed. They were shooting for a Memorial Day opening according to previous park president Ron Mckenzie, but that may not be do-able at present. I will continue to post updates on work progress as well as a ride review when it does finally open.
  10. At the park now. Uploading some new images of Pirates Of Speelunkers Cave and Aquaman: Power Wave.
  11. ^ There's no way that boy should have been allowed to ride this. He is clearly too big for those restraints to hold him. The ride ops should have realized by the way those restraints were fitting him that it wouldn't work.
  12. These links are essentially worthless as nothing listed is currently available.
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